Alexander Heffner

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption=”Alexander Heffner also hosts a radio show, broadcasting from Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts.”]
This year, 44 million Americans ages 18 to 29 will be eligible to vote. The youth vote will account for about a quarter of the entire electorate, which means the candidates are focused on getting young people to the polls. So is the founder of Scoop08, Alexander Heffner – but in a different way.

Heffner, an 18-year-old high school senior, organized 300 student volunteers from high schools and colleges from diverse regions and ideological backgrounds to work on what he calls “a new kind of newspaper.” Each student is dispatched on issue-based rather than horse race-focused beats, like “Libertarian Party,” “Rhetoric” and “Social Networking.” The idea behind Scoop08: young people covering the issues in a smart way, but also in a way that they would tell their friends.

Scoop08 is all about young people, but Heffner realized that help from the pros only makes the youth push better. The newspaper’s advisory board is stellar: Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, National Review founder William F. Buckley and Judy Woodruff of PBS, to name a few. At Scoop08, they know and respect the rules and norms of political coverage, and know how to break them.

Update: Watch the Live interview

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7 Responses to Alexander Heffner

  1. Jessica Cole says:

    What is the future of Scoop08 after the 2008 elections? Will you use your newly-formed coalition of young, intrepid reporters for another cause?

  2. alex says:

    yeah heffner!

  3. Sherry Hollingsworth says:

    Thank God! Finally, American youth are coming out in great numbers this election year! Being a child of the sixties, (peace brother), I wondered if our American youth were sleeping, lazy or simply just didn’t care. A few years ago on a business trip Germany, German youth knew more about what was going on in America, Iraq and in the world economy than ours did. Did you ever watch Jay Leno – “news from the street”, I know they find the dumbest young humans breathing air, but this show IS watch internationally and IS an embarrassment to the county. Maybe Jay can find some light out there. GREAT NEWS! Keep it up.

  4. js says:

    Knowledge is power…and apathy is the enemy….

    This could be the most important election for change in our lifetime, yet most under 30 can’t even say what each politician stands for, with all the mudslinging, namecalling, etc….

    It is EXTREMELY important for young people, especially in states which have yet to vote in their primary to REGISTER TO VOTE if there is still time as either a DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN….most primaries are closed, so if you register INDEPENDENT you will not be able to vote…..

    Make sure your voice is heard….it is one thing to rally for a candidate and another thing entirely when this is translated into ACTUAL VOTES…

    If your voice is not heard, then politicians will simply feel you don’t care and then only care about whoever voted for them, i.e. elderly…….

    Why do you think Social Security, medicare, and medicaid is such a priority, yet job training, education, green energy, climate change is not????

    Change your future!!!!

    Obama ’08

  5. wow says:

    historically the youth vote doesn’t show up….i don’t see that changing this year…

  6. Carole Kealy says:

    This site is wonderful for any youth or college age individual to be influenced by
    their peer group accomplishments! I am immediately forwarding this blog to
    my son who is a broadcasting major @ UCSB!

  7. B. Smart says:

    This is the beginning of something BIG.

    OBAMA 08.

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