Stephanie Mockler

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption=”Stephanie Mockler, 20, got the racing bug when she was 6 and went on to become a record-setting driver.”]
In real life, her first car was a Volkswagen bug when she was 16. In her racing life, Stephanie Mockler was driving quarter midget cars, tiny racecars that children can drive, at the age of 6. Now at 20, she is a record-setting driver.

Mockler became the first female to win a USAC Ford Focus Midget Series when she finished at the Indianapolis Speedrome. She is also the eighth woman in the United States Auto Club’s history to win a feature race. And she is the youngest female to ever win a USAC main event.

She gets the whole “Danica Patrick” thing a lot. Patrick is a 25-year-old Indy Racing League driver. Mockler is quick to point out that not all racing is the same and that she hopes to take the NASCAR track. But one thing between them is the same, “When you put on the helmet, you’re just another racer.”


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30 Responses to Stephanie Mockler

  1. susie willaims says:


    I had high hopes for D Patrick but looks like she is staying where she is. Nascar has come a long way in popularity but adding a female that knows what she is doing would make a hugh difference in the fan base. I love Nascar as well as some of our friends but there would still be that him/her issue to bet on and topic of conversations that would lead to a true fan base for you. I wish you the best. I will watch for you to come up in the field and if i can see where you are racing close to Missouri I will come watch you. Thank you for entering racing and thank your folks for letting you.

    susie Williams
    Lebanon Mo

  2. red says:

    hey susie! congrats on your success in midgets: those things always sound like a herd of angry bumblebees to me at the track! do you have plans to move into other classes in future and if so, which one do you feel would be the most challenging? finally, maybe a bit about life on the road, at the tracks would be interesting, especially to folks who have no track in their are or who haven’t gone to a race at a local track! too many race fans forget that the local track is THE best place to watch any racing — hands down!
    again, good luck in the future and remember: race hard, be safe, have fun!

  3. red says:

    whoops, sorry! i meant “stephaniee” but someone was talking to me about another person — named ‘susie’ and my fingers got way ahead of my brain.
    my apologies, stephanie! — red

  4. Jessika Kynett says:

    You go girl – we’ll be rootin’ for ya.

  5. carvin says:

    Good luck with NASCAR. I’ll wait for that day.

  6. larry hajduk says:

    steffi, is a remarkable young talent, very proffesional yet down to earth, i hope she can find the financial support to continue her racing career,she truely deserves it!

  7. Nicole K. says:


    It’s very refreshing to see a young girl so interested in auto racing. And so good at it! The days of it being a man’s only sport are behind us! Keep up the good work!

    However…Danica isn’t someone you should idolize. She sends a very bad message and using her image and not her skills as a driver to attract fans. You wouldn’t see Dale Jr. in a bikini in Sports Illustrated…so why Danica? Racing isn’t about sex appeal…it’s about RACING. Don’t fall into that trap, sweetie! If you want someone to look up to…even though you’re taking the NASCAR route…pick Ashley Force.

    Good luck in everything you do!! =)


  8. Kelly says:

    I took my son to see you race two years ago at ORP (formally IRP). We watched you move from the back of the pack and finish in the top four I think. I’m sure if you’d had just one more lap you could have won the race! He was so impressed at your driving ability and he didn’t beleive me until the next day that you were a “girl”. We are moving up from quarter midgest to a mini-sprint this year. What advise do you have for up and coming drivers like my son and any words of wisdom for the parents?

  9. Paul says:

    Stephanie: Congratulations on chasing after your dream, I think it’s great! Out of curiosity, have you ever considered getting into rally racing? Good luck with your career!

  10. jason says:

    I am also a driver in a national series and was wondering how you managed to find the support. Do you personally handle your sponsors, a friend do it, or did you hire a ‘agent’ type person? I am having little to no luck even getting companies to return a message or reply to proposals at all, its very hard to keep at it.

    Good luck in the next season, I think women are totally capable on the track and hope to see more taking the steps.

  11. Dwayne says:

    Stephanie: Keep following your dream. Nascar is a great sport to race in. It would be nice to see a girl kick some of those guys back side. Looking forward to seeing you in the big league one day.

  12. Joe Somebody says:

    I love Ford Focus. I think it the best car in the whole world.



  13. Katy says:

    I’m so proud of you, Steph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe my niece is a CELEBRITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Aunt KK

  14. Marty yates says:

    Have you been approched by any Nascar teams yet? Do you think you are ready for Busch or Sprint. If not what are you going to do now to get ready?

  15. Ann says:

    Good for you Stephanie!
    I hope you make it to NASCAR, it would be great
    for the sport. I have a neice that started in the
    Crazy Kids class at 9 yrs old, and she is still
    driving and doing good…
    I’m headed for Daytona 500 and hoping
    Earnhardt Jr brings it home…hope to cheer
    for you someday!

  16. Debbie says:

    Stephanie- as huge supporters of USAC my husband and I wish you would stay in open wheel. Since your dad drove open wheel what does he think about you going to NASCAR? NASCAR may have more money available to their drivers but I honestly think the IRL drivers are more skilled and the racing is much more competitive. Sarah Fisher is a great role model for an up and coming driver. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

  17. NASCAR_Dad says:

    I agree with Nicole K. Danica sold out for quick money by deciding to promote herself using the fact of her femininity to generate income– ie, posing for SI in a bikini, like Nicole mentioned. She lost all respect from hard-core fans of the sport, of both sexes. As she mentioned, does Dale Jr. do promos wearing bodybuildi9ng briefs and flexing his biceps?

    So keep your shirt on. 🙂 Never be photog’ed (knowingly that is) in anything but your racing gear. Basically, do what the guys do– any time you are on the TV, be seen in your gear. If you do promos, do not wear anything but gear. Does Dale Jr. do promos in anything else? I rest my case.

    See you… but not in the SI Swimsuit edition… 🙂 and good luck, and for God’s sake, do not get whacked out there… can’t race if you’re dead, right? So race hard, but race smart.

  18. Johnny B says:

    Wow, you are something. Not only are you taking a huge step for women, but your also helping the image of young people today. I am 20 as well and find it amazing you are doing as well as you are. Keep up the good work!! And if your single… come find me, I aint doing so bad myself, we could make a great team ;^)

  19. Janet says:

    An even better role model would be Shirley Muldowney or Janet Guthrie. While neither could be considered contemporaries to Stephanie, both have set milestones in the racing world.

  20. Aunt Cindy says:

    I’m so PROUD OF YOU. Keep it up and I might just go back to the big Oval at Indy..


    Aunt Cindy

  21. Stephanie K says:

    U GO GIRL!!!

  22. Lucy says:

    You sound like a well grounded young lady and a very talented racer. I look forward to following your career. Remember to drive your race – in life and on the track – and keep true to what common sense and a level-head tells you. Most of all, have fun!!

  23. Jenna says:

    Congrats Steph! We miss you here at Northern ! You’ll have to be sure to get us your schedule so we can roadtrip down at some point =)

  24. aniaj says:

    amazing girl/..thats what we call girl power, from race, and everywhere..there every girl showing up to their very best to be known=) girl rocks..stay beautiful girl=)

  25. Favorite Cousin Sarah says:

    Congrats Stephy!! Your awesome.. You have come along way since the days when i used to go and watch you race. hah. love you<3

  26. Jimi says:

    Hey Stephanie,

    Congratulations on your victory and for bringing such a positive light to this sport. I represent a well known high-performance automotive company and we are interested in talking to you about sponsorship possibilities for the 2008 and 2009 season. Please email me at if you’re interested in talking further. Keep up the great work and i hope to hear from you.

  27. Kathiy says:

    Way to go.
    Watch out Nascar!

  28. crushinfamy says:

    We certainly could use more motivated young people in this world!


  29. Kelly says:

    Wow…. This is pretty cool to read all the support you have out there. You’ll havegood days and bad days/ and sometimes good seasons and bad seasons. Just keep doing what you love and don’t loose track of YOUR goals.

    Love ya

  30. johnny says:

    yLfnnI Thanks for good post

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