Taylor Crabtree

[cnn-photo-caption image=http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/03/31/art.ypwr.crabtree.jpg caption=”Taylor hopes to send 30,000 teddy bears to children in hospitals across the U.S. by September”]If you’ve been in the hospital or had a family member or friend there, you know how lonely and scary it can be. Once visiting hours are over, the levity and the hugs stop. But, if it were up to Taylor Crabtree, the hugs would last all night.

When Taylor was 7 years old she started TayBear. Like many little girls, Taylor and her friends made hairclips to sell for extra money. She didn’t just go out and blow the money, though. Instead, she used it to buy teddy bears for kids in the hospital with cancer and chronic blood diseases.

Taylor’s goal was to buy 50 bears for her local hospital. But, she couldn’t resist the letters from kids (and kids at heart) asking her for more bears to hug at night. Now, at 17, Taylor has donated nearly 21,000 teddy bears to Hematology/Oncology departments across the country.

Update: Watch the CNN.com Live interview

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  1. rmichaels says:


    Did you purchase all of those bears, or did someone/a company donate them to you for giving? When Hurricane Katrina hit, my kids wanted to send “snuggle buddies” (stuffed animals) and blankets/blankies to the kids who had lost their homes. I had no idea how to go about getting donations for something on that scale. I felt bad that I didn’t know how to help them put their dream into action! And I know they would love to donate bears to kids in the hospital, too. I’ll be interested to read more about how you got started.

    Thank you!

  2. Bud says:

    If I had an address I could send fifteen or twenty?
    good-clean…some just need a child’s love.


  3. Bud says:

    If I had an address I could send fifteen or twenty?
    good-clean…some just need a child’s love.


  4. Chichi says:

    Is faith part of the motivation? Do you think is good idea to include message that Jesus loves the kids?
    Just a thought.

  5. wayne sumstine says:

    Question for Taylor Crabtree. I have a few hundred brand new beanie babies of many different species. If I donate them would you be able to dispense with them as you do with the bears?

  6. Jack/OK says:

    I just went on the net and found a webpage for this organization and address for those who are interested. taybearhugs.org.
    993 South Santa Fe Ave #C339
    Vista, CA 92083

    Just wanted to pass this on.

    Thanks Taylor for doing this wondering work. Not many your age or of my age would get this involved. Thank you again.

  7. Steve Baldwin says:

    This is admirable. I am a cancer survivor and would love to help Taylor bring joy to children with this disease. Please ask her to contact me and let me know how and what to donate.

  8. Taylor Crabtree says:

    Thank you for your postings. Great questions and I’m excited about getting to answer them this Friday on CNN.com.

    Any questions that you might have about my project is very welcomed. I’d love to hear from you. This is all very exciting!


  9. Jay says:

    Thats is such a beautiful thing….God bless

  10. Lynda Duke says:

    Taylor – you are one of the Heros of this nation – you may not have saved lives – but you’ve fed the soul of little children. You are my hero! Jesus said: What you do for the least of these, you do for me. You have given a lot, and I hope you continue. We need this all over the country. You are a special young lady, and I hope you go far!

  11. zig says:

    so you did 21K and you want 30K? thats an awsome goal, if i can get some type of andress im sure i can get you some more, id like to help as much as i can =)

    Thanks you for your hard work
    Eagle Scout Patrick
    P.S Thank you agian we need more people like u around

  12. FS says:

    With all the so called role-models like Britney and Paris, it’s nice to see someone who is a true role-model and that all kids should strive to be like. Not necessarily follow in Tyler’s steps, but have the willingness to help others, a passion to do good and as parents nurture these traits early on.

    Great Job!

  13. Gayla Flowers says:

    You rock! Your dedication and compassion should be rewarded. I admire you for continuing to support this cause for children for so many years. My cousin’s son, Liam, age 4, is currently battling medulloblastoma (brain tumor). Our entire family lives 2 hours away and can’t be there for support on a daily or weekly basis. Liam LOVES mail, so we send him cards, etc. almost every day. Would you be able to send a bear to him? Please let me know. THANKS and may the Lord continue to bless!

    Gayla Flowers

  14. Shel says:

    While the thought is really wonderful, I have real issues with anything the excludes a large percentage of the population. Including a message of Christian faith does just that. Also, let’s be honest, a seven year old did not start this program. It’s not realistic.

  15. Marie-Claire says:

    Hello – I have many beanie babies sitting in rubbermaid boxes in my attic. I would be happy to donate them to your cause. Please email me and let me know if you would like them.


  16. Luna says:

    Just wanted to comment back to “Shel” who appears to be quite negative in nature. First of all, is it not only entirely possible for a seven year old to start such an effort but it is also rich in spirit and of heart. Perhaps your negativity regarding the matter robs you of seeing that. As for the Christian faith comment; that was simply another posters suggestion, not what this young lady does. I recommend that you use some of the time you spend making negative comment, helping someone in need like this young lady does. You don’t have to be a seven year old to start a movement of kindness!!

  17. a b says:

    Shel does not believe a 7 year old did not start the program. I believe she did. My daughter was 4 when she began her cancer treatments. She had bears that her grandmother had crocheted. She talked to her grandmother who made dozens of bear shells that the children stuffed and sewed (with the help of an adult if the child could not sew) closed.

    Children are thoughtful and do want to share. They can start such programs and carry them through. Our daughter could not drive to the store to buy the yarn, but once there she selected the colors, put them in the basket, and paid at the counter. Then she helped pack the box to send to her grandmother.

    Cheers to you Ms. Crabtree. Keep up the good work.

  18. Mick says:

    Hey, Shel, don’t be so cynical. Seven-year olds have compassion and can show real caring. No doubt Taylor has family members who helped make her vision a reality, just like everyone else of any age who turned a vision into reality. The fact that she stayed with it and has made a real difference in the lives of so many is the story and the inspiration. That she had adults around to help out and not just pat her on the head and allow her dream to fade is no doubt a worthy story in its own right.

  19. Erica says:

    Great story! Thanks for doing what you do Taylor. You are an inspiration to all of us.

  20. mike arnold says:

    I think it’s refreshing to read about a young American that is doing something for someone else for the sheer joy of it. She is a credit to her age group when so many are only concerned with themselves.

  21. Poky says:

    Taylor, I do the same thing in Milwaukee, WI for the Children’s Hospital and their Crisis Center who see kids before they go into the foster care program due abuse and other neglect. I am glad that others are doing this, as I love doing every year myself. I am lucky that my co-works are great supporters and always come through to meet my goals. Last year we were able to give 703 bears to children who needed a fuzzy friend. As you wrote when you get the cards from the kids and thank you notes from the nurses you try to get more and more every year. A few things I found that helped is ask local stores as they will give you a discount if you tell them what you are buying the bears for and who they are going to. The best idea is to tell everyone you know that you do. With the CNN exposure I hope you go above and beyond your goal.

    Please keep up the great work, as it means so much to the children who get the fuzzy friends.


  22. Kyle/ky says:

    Ms. Crabtree you are a wonderful inspiration with a caring soul for these children in hospitals. If the possiblity is there to make a donation to your efforts, please post information of whom to contact to make a donation. I’m proud to see such a yound lady that cares about seeing a smile on a childs face-Thank You. Your parents should be very proud of you! Keep up the great work!

    Shel- negativity/jealousy is not needed.

  23. Kristin says:

    I think what your doing is great Taylor! Ignore the ignorant people like Shel. It doesn’t matter if your helping 1 child or several hundred, the point is you care enough to help.
    May God bless you and guide you in your future endeavors!

  24. Kaylan says:

    I agree with the lady on the site that said she also wanted to do something similar but didn’t know how to get so many donations. Many hospitals need toys for children who are in the hospital for a long time. Birthday gifts and holiday gifts. They would really need stuff donated direct from the store, not from someone’s home as some children suffer allergies or are in sterile environment. A good idea is to buy stuff online when there are sales and have it directly shipped to the peds ward at the hospital. Just send a call or note in advance to let them know you are shipping donations direct from the store. But I think it would be nice to know in this story how she gained so much money to get so many donations. The idea is not new, just the method of getting so much money to finance the charity project. 🙂

  25. Elizabeth Campbell says:

    Taylor: 04/03/2008

    The world needs more acts of kindess. Your example show to the world the grace of our wonderful God. Your example shows how all of us as common people can make a diffrence if we dedicate ourselves to someone else other than ourselves, and set aside our needs long enough to see past our own selves.

  26. Tim from Toledo says:

    Nice to see that someone is recognized as “successful” because she has a big heart, rather than a big checkbook.
    Good for you Taylor – your kindness is admirable and inspiring.

  27. leslie says:

    well my name is leslie, im from laredo,Tx
    and i was just wondering does it feel rigth to give kids
    bears.Like for them to have someone to hug at nigth. I mean how do you do it Do you have to ask for permission before giving them the bears or you just go and give it to them,

    sinceraly, leslie c.

  28. Lauren says:

    This is great! Can I send you a few bears for donation?

  29. Rachel from Minneapolis says:

    That’s a really inspiring story.

    Another option for those who want to help children in hospitals is the charity Child’s Play, started by the creators of the webcomic Penny Arcade. They work with hospitals to set up Amazon wishlists of toys and games for young patients, so that donors can buy the toys/games online and have them sent directly to the hospital. Check it out at http://www.childsplaycharity.org.

  30. Da Lawya in NYC says:

    It is wonderful to see someone doing good for these sick children. I hope that CNN posts where people can send bears, but I hope you have storage, because you will be getting more than 30,000 . . . If people have money to donate I would suggest they also give to Shriners and other charities that support children’s hospitals – there is a medical insurance crisis in this country. As for the Jesus (pro and con) comments, the most important thing is that people show love for one another and take care of one another. When people help each other the “why” doesn’t matter; that is a personal matter. But whatever you believe, try to help anyway.

  31. Amanda says:

    What an impressive young lady, most people, of all ages, just say they want to help people and then never follow through with it. I’m astounded that anyone would criticize her for spreading a Christian message with her bears. Does it really matter? What she does comforts children through a painful and frightening time in their lives, I think that’s something someone of any faith or none would approve of.

  32. Steve Amnott says:

    I’m 53 and have been in the hospital 3 times and was on disability for 3 years, basically confined to home. Do you think at some point down the road people con fined to their home could get bears like Meals on Wheels only “Bears on Wheels” instead.

  33. Rachel says:

    Thinking of others is rarely seen now. I think more people should make the time to do the little things that make a huge difference. kudos.

  34. MackVivi says:

    For everyone who wanted a Christian message attached to these bears…let’s remember not everyone is Christian. This kind act is not about “spreading the word of Christ” it’s about caring. Why complicate it by alienating people of other viable and genuine faiths.

  35. MackVivi says:

    Da Lawya in NYC said it better than I did. Thank you.

  36. eric lance says:

    Finally a heart felt story. Makes me feel good there are people out their of young age that care with such love for people.
    Im so tired of the politicans, rock stars, and their plights and et al where i worry of the next generation growing up in this cockeyed world,
    Im hip but i wonder. I guess its the informative world we live in

  37. Kim says:


    This is a commendable achievement.

    Whether or not the inspiration is due to “Jesus” as some have suggested below your intent is still honorable.

    Thanks for realizing the effect that one person can have on the community; if only there were more people as aware and thoughtful as you the world could be a much more beautiful place.

  38. Tammy says:

    Hey Taylor!
    What you are doing is super! Kids of all ages DO come up with ways to give to others. I know of a young lady when she was 12 had a “needed items” drive for pregnant teenagers. Having a caring, and sympathetic attitude towards them she came up with the idea all on her own; her parents fostered her plans and helped out in ways that allowed her to accomplish her goals. That’s a good thing, we parents should be doing. I am so glad to hear there are “real” kids and “real” role models like you out there. Keep encouraging others with the wonderful giving you do.

    To everyone else pay it forward, it doesn’t have to be on a large scale!! My son gave a simple coupon for a meal he wasn’t going to use to a person in the line behind him that seemed to not have enough money for a whole meal. That’s it; and what a wonderful feeling to see that kindness out there in a real tough world! We need more people like Taylor and her bears! KUDOS again.

  39. Danyell says:

    I am so amazed that you are doing this for the children. I have wanted to do things for people so many times and seem to just be delayed. Wow! You are truly making a difference that will be remembered. Thank you for your inspiration. love Danyell in Vegas

  40. Jackie Ramirez says:

    Wow! I think thats amazing! God Bless you!

  41. David Glubok says:

    Taylor, You are an incredible girl. Your generousity and tireless assault on a problem would be admirable in and of itself. However, when you add in the fact that you are directing your acts of kindness towards children who you most likely will never meet, your actions leap across the threshold from “admirable” to “inspirational”. The answer to many of our country’s problems will not be found through a government that seems too bogged down in administration to be an effective problem solver, but rather through big hearted individuals like yourself who see a problem and go after a solution.

  42. Alexander the Great says:

    I’m noticing a trend of adults who have a hard time accepting that anyone they consider young can actually make a difference in the world. wether it be a young superdelegate or a young arms dealer there seems to be some quick judgement that theyre somehow inept incapable or underqualified. the youth of this nation scream to be heard. there is so much adolescent angst and passion that is turned into negative behavior by an adult world that seems compelled to hold them down. adolescence is a made up concept andthe underachievers of this country are testamentto the results of treating an adult like a child and judging them as “too young” for success. there are 9 year old africans with more life experienceand responsibilty than the average american adult and i dont see why just because thegenerations before didnt get to meet their dreams they insist upon projecting their fears and their upbringing onto the next generation. in all your wisdom and maturity please wrap your head around the idea that some youthful vibrant fearless people who have been alive for less years have power desire and ideas that are revolutionary. accept it , embrace it be proud that your children outsmart you. we wouldnt be anywhere if not for the fact that there is always a new crop of youth to make things better. its time to say goodbye to the shackles of modernadolescence andreturn to the days where we encourged growing up and proudly believe in the abilitiesof our nations children as we hand them the future.

  43. Pamela says:

    Great job Taylor – you are truly an inspiration.

    Dear Poky,

    I also live in Milwaukee, WI and would love to help you provide bears to the Children’s Hospital Crises Center. My first job out of high school was working at Children’s and so it has always been near and dear to my heart. Could I possibly get information on how to help you? Thanks.

  44. Maria says:

    Please help this girl continue to bring smiles to sick children…You can donate safely thru PayPal on her website…I did:)

  45. Judy says:


    In this world of everybody out for themselves, you are an angel of giving. Those teddy bears have probably meant the world to some poor child who is in the hospital, afraid of all that is going on. You are truly a wonderful young lady and you are destined to a life of happiness because of your unselfish ways.

    God bless you sweetheart!

  46. c says:

    I think it a wonderful story.

    Too many stories of kids gone wrong.
    Kudos to Taylor and her big heart-

    I have a Junior girl scout troop that may be interested in helping.
    Does she need help?
    How get in touch?

  47. Kimber says:

    ‘Shel’ must not know many children. Taylor, you really do rock. What a thoughtful thing to do for children! I used to work at Children’s Hospital Boston, and I saw how afraid some of the kids were everyday. You wil be rewarded.

  48. jesse says:

    be careful, teddy bears are known to become contamanated and spred infectious and contagious diseases. A teddy bear is like a sponge when it comes to collection of bodily fluids, germs, and viruses.

  49. Betsy says:

    I normally wouldn’t comment on a story like this but I would like to thank Taylor. My mom received a bear when she was in the hospital with terminal cancer. It was such a nice, comforting gesture at such a terrible time. I cleaned out a lot of things but still have the teddy bear.

  50. Bill McDonald says:

    “at-a-girl” to Taylor Crabtree…
    She is a shining example that the young generation
    is not lost! Her big heart and deeds continue to help
    the weak and infirmed.

  51. Michelle O says:

    This is great work that you are doing! I would like to know what inspired you to donate bears to children in hospitals? Was there a specific event or someone that you knew that prompted you to do this? Have your friends at school started volunteering more after seeing the benefit of your work? In a time when most teenagers are quick to move on to the next big thing – what keeps you motivated to keep your cause? You are doing a great thing!

  52. Kathy Love says:

    What a wonderful idea.

    I would like to help in your cause..How do I donate ?


  53. Jeanne says:

    Just read the great article and thought I share what we do here. I work at a local hospital in Green Bay, WI and every March our hockey team, the Gamblers, has a Teddy Bear toss. Between periods the people attending the match toss new stuffed animals onto the ice. The hospital has volunteers that collect them from the ice and get them ready to deliver to the hospital. This year was the biggest ever. We should have enough bears to last most of the year for the hospital and attached clinic. We even give them to Pediatrics that have blood draws. An added joy for these pediactrics is that some of the Gamblers bring in the animals directly to the patients.

  54. Steve says:


    You are doing a wonderful service to the community. Little gestures like this goes along way in helping those that are in need of a lift while battling life threatening diseases.

    Keep up the good work

  55. Mike Sullivan says:

    This is a great story. Period.

  56. Lia says:

    Wow… what an angel you are Taylor starting this at 7 years old! More 17 year olds should be like you! I’d love to donate if there is a way…God bless you sweetie!

  57. Linda from Yakima says:

    We share the same last name! I hope we are related as I would be so proud to call you “family”. You’re doing a wonderful thing – God bless you!

  58. tricia says:

    jesse- a little soap on gentle cycle works like a charm!
    Taylor- I just showed this article to my two young daughters showing them what a real hero looks like! God Bless!

  59. Taylor Crabtree says:


    Thank you for all the comments. I’ve been reading each post and it’s exciting to read what people are thinking. I’m not surprised or offended by the postings about it not being possible for a 7 year old to start and run a business. I’ve been hearing it for over ten years now. I’ve been told NO by so many adults over the years I really couldn’t begin to count. In the beginning my mom would have to wait in the car when I went to talk with a business owner or sell hairclips because adults wouldn’t speak directly to me if she was in the area. Adults like talking with Adults. My parent’s concern has always been with my safety but TayBear has always been my concern, my decision and my dream.

    But TayBear isn’t about me at all. It’s about the kids that get TayBears. TayBear is actually pretty simple, make money to buy teddy bears and get them to kids that really need the love and comfort. Fighting cancer is scary for an adult. It’s overwhelming for a child. I have met so many amazing and brave kids that and they are the reason that TayBear continues. The letters, stories and hugs that I’ve received have touched my life. How can I not keep going. I’ve had over 1,500 kids that have helped me with my project over the years. That’s 1,500 kids that wanted to help others. It’s an amazing world.

    As for religion, TayBear is non-demoninational. Kids fighting cancer (and their families) come from all different types of faith, race, and income. What they all have in common is sadness, fear and hope. TayBears do come with a poem that was writen by my Sign Language Teacher which talks of comfort and love. Each TayBear is named and hugged by one of my kid helpers before it is sent to a hospital. Each TayBear comes with love.

    I really do need donations and 100% of every donation (minus PayPal charges) goes right to buying our TayBears. http://www.taybearhugs.org. When I sell hairclips (after giving speeches) then 97% goes to TayBears and the rest is spend on supplies and shipping. I hoping that I will get sponsored by a big shipping company.

    I really do need help with my project but I mostly want people to get involved in their community. Make a change. Think outside your life to see what you can do to help others. Something little, something big, but something.

    I’m excited about my interview with CNN.com tomorrow and I hope that the focus on community service will motivate others to action.


    Taylor Crabtree

  60. Rene Caron says:

    Not to pop anyone’s bubble, but Teddy Bears and similar fuzzy stuffed toys are a haven for dust mites, pollen and all kinds of microbes that can play havoc with a child’s immune system. The only way to make them safe is to sanitize them with vapor steam or extreme heat weekly. I doubt if that is being done.

    There are hypoallergenic toys which are safer for children. I urge people donating toys for sick kids to give only brand new, certified hypoallergenic toys. Even these need regular sanitizing. Never give a sick child a second hand fuzzy toy. Second hand soft toys are positively loaded with dander, allergens, bacteria, viruses and molds.

  61. Crystal says:

    Taylor – what you are doing is absolutely amazing. I had my son in November of 2004 and in December, not even a month later, he was in St. Francis hospital in Wichita, KS 2 days before Christmas. A group of people were going from room to room on the pediatric floor giving a stuffed animal to each child. Even though my son was not even 4 weeks old they insisted on giving him a stuffed reindeer. It was very moving knowing there was someone out there that cared enough to do something for infants/children they didn’t even know. I can’t explain to you how much it touched me. Just know that every time you give a bear to a child you are touching that family more than you know. You are an amazing person! -Crystal Andover, KS

  62. Jana, in Ca. says:

    Hi Taylor:
    What a remarkable young lady you are! I hope you have all the success in the world, it sounds like you are on the right track. I wish EVERY person your age would read what you have done. Keep doing what you’re doing, don’t let up, don’t stop. YOU are an inspiration. This country and the world needs more people like like YOU, TAYLOR CRABTREE.



  63. Lifeisgood says:

    very talented. awesome.aspiring.

  64. Mark says:

    For everyone who wants to donate small or large, it’s pretty easy if you have a PayPal account. Just go to the website, click Donations, and Make a Donation. You can take it from there!

  65. Taylor Crabtree says:


    Thank you so much for all your postings. I wanted to answer a few questions.

    TayBears are specially made for TayBear. They’re unique because our bears actually lay flat on their tummy. So when you hug them, they’re looking right at you. Each bear comes with their own name, a t-shirt that has a poem about bear hugs and each bear is given a hug by one of my kid helpers. EVERY BEAR COMES WITH LOVE.

    I greatly appreciate the offer to send me bears that have been gently loved. But I can’t accept. As another posted mentioned, the immune system of many of the kids that get TayBears is very delicate.

    What the hospitals have asked of me is to only send brand-new bears. We take extra care to minimize any health problems because they are stuffed bears. At times, certain children were given a TayBear and it was handed to their parents to hold for a awhile. I’ve even seen TayBear sitting on top of the plastic bubble surrounding the kid’s bed. Not one of the 21,000 TayBears I’ve donated has been refused. The kids so greatly appreciate getting them. You can’t believe the feeling you get when you hand them a bear and the first thing they do is give it a long hug. You can read some letter’s I’ve received from my website. It’s amazing what a Teddy Bear can do to give comfort.

    For those of you that would like to help and have gently used stuffed animals… I donate to my local Police Department. Police Officers sometimes give a stuffed animal to a child involved in family violence, a car accident, or other scary moments. That is if they have one to give. Call your local Police Department first but the one in my area has always been very happy to receive donations. There as so many ways to make a difference.


    Taylor Crabtree

  66. kerstin says:

    Hi- Im very inspired by your efforts Taylor. Im a 29 year old, living in new york. I just read about your business, and am so happy to hear about your efforts. When I was in second grade I broke my arm, and had to spend several nights in the hospital. (I know it wasn’t cancer, but when you are little hospitals are an extremly scary place.) When I got to my bed it was all white with a green care bear sitting on the bed. (it was the one with the four leaf clover on its belly.) To this day I still have the bear, and will never forget it. It was the only thing I could talk to when I was terrified. I wish I could thank the person 20 years later, and let them know what that bear means to me. What you are doing is amazing, and I wish you much luck! Congrats!

  67. John says:

    I know Taylor personally, she’s a great lady with a lot of potential :o)


  68. Dawna says:

    Taylor…I think it’s great that you started TayBear when you were 7 years old. I’m a 4-H leader and we have 4-H members as young as 8 (and even younger if they’re Cloverbuds!) that participate in community service projects. Our 4-H club was involved in a similar program and delivered “ouchy bears” to a local hospital. With the privacy rules we were not allowed to give the bears directly to patients, but we delivered them to one of the ER nurses. What you’re doing is a great example to other young people. Keep up the good work!

  69. Aggrivated and Appalled says:

    With everything going on in todays world I would expect that few things go unnoticed by the general public. As a mother I was watching Nickelodeon with my young children and this little boy band Naked Brothers came on singing about how they dont want to go to school and that it sucks. Now a mother this really made me angry that these impressional=ble boys are allowed to air this type of song expecially when the school drop out rate is the highest it has been in a long time. What kind of things is the media teaching our children. I have now made it a point to not allow my children to watch this channel and am debating on whether or not to shut the cable off all together. I am disgusted in the television media that they would allow this to be aired. These little boys need to be taken of the air and sent back to school.

  70. Kalli says:

    I think it is beautiful what you’re doing for these children. To imagine how lonely and ill the kids feel when visiting hours is disheartening and with the teddy bears your provide in their arms, they probably feel a lot more safe. Thanks for all you’ve done!

  71. Kelsey says:

    i think that its really insparational to hear that you spent your own money for others, which is something most people dont do. Also, to top it all off, its really interesting that you starting this at age seven. that is really something any kid doesnt do. but, like many others who have read this or received any of your kindness, i thank you.

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  74. parkerinthehouse says:

    It would really be cool if the teddy bears were U.S. made. It would be a shame if China gleaned any benefit at all by manufacturing toys, made by children, in questionable factories, with dubious dyes, paints and possibly dangerous materials. Just a thought.

    By the way, great endeavor.

  75. parkerinthehouse says:

    To Mac and Shel and other people of faiths not Christian: the beautiful thing about Christians is they are the original sharers. Sharing knowledge of one’s Savior or professing one’s Christian beliefs is not meant to be an imposition; it’s a position. We are not all in the business of preaching to anyone as much as we are in the business of just being a Christlike (as possible) example. The issue more to the point is: simply knowing that a gift came from a Christian heart is not a confrontation. It’s just who the giver is. And of course, not all givers are Christian and not all Christians are givers.

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