Operation Fairy Dust

[cnn-photo-caption image=http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/05/26/art.fairydust.ofd.jpg caption=”Operation Fairy Dust helps high school girls prepare for prom night when they otherwise couldn’t afford to do so.”]Prom. They say you never forget the day, good or bad. The date. The hair. The makeup. The dress.

But many young girls can’t afford to get all dolled up. Enter Operation Fairy Dust. Founded in 2002, this group was built by young female professionals and graduate students in New York City. It provides high school girls with makeup, accessories and prom dresses, if they can’t buy them on their own.

With sister organizations around the country, these groups sustain themselves with donations and second-hand dresses. The young women who run the group wear tiaras and are as cheerful as they are kind-hearted. They can’t promise a good time, but they can provide the means to have a fair shot at having one.

Update: Watch the CNN.com Live interview

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13 Responses to Operation Fairy Dust

  1. Heder says:


    What kind of feedback all of you receive after the aimed girl’s proms?

    18, Brazil.

  2. Cristina says:


    What they are doing is very unusual but I find it simply inspiring.
    How did they come up with this idea? What were their objectives?

    22, Philippines

  3. Marisa Olson says:

    Are all the people that work with you employees or volunteers?

  4. Marisa says:

    Rock isn’t the word…….you guys are awsome…………I think this is a great idea that could benefit many girls throughout the country………are there any plans to expand this program to reach other parts of the country?? world???

    YOU ROCK ON ROCKSTAR…….keep up the good work!!!

  5. Nick says:


    What makes getting a dress from fairy dust any different then going to the salvation army or a second hand shop?


  6. Rosemary says:


    This is an amazing opportunity for high school girls.

    How do you get funding for this magical event? Do you have sponsors? Do you have employees or volunteers only?

    Keep up the great work. Prom is such a special night. It is great that you help it happen for so many girls.

  7. Valerie Bachus says:

    How can I donate my dresses to you?

    Thanks you for your organization and for the story!

  8. Melinda Andrew says:

    I love this story. It gives me ideas how I can help someone out during
    prom season.

    I hope to read more about your organization.

  9. c says:

    I love it! The idea to create this foundation is amazing. It is every girls dream to go to prom and have a new dress, get your makeup done, hair and nails done. But in all reality a lot of girls in the country arent able to do this because their family isnt in the financial position to spend money on something that isnt a necessity. Thinking back to 2002 when it was my prom the tickets were $100. Then you have to pay for all the other stuff as well. A girl can easily spend $500 in preparing for prom.


  10. Ethan says:

    I can think of money better spent on other things.

  11. Camian, Albuquerque NM says:

    I laugh, because I noticed that the two “negative” comments are from guys. I don’t blame the boys for not understanding, prom is a girl thing. I like what Fairy Dust is doing and commend their efforts!

  12. Michelle from Colorado says:

    I truly applaud your efforts.
    Prom is like a passage from high school into the real world. It is from the fish bowl to the pond. Females are so burdened to “look their best”, and this outfit helps on the most visual and subliminal levels. That is true ingenuity. That is true understanding. Good for you!

  13. Tina says:

    To Whom It May Concern:
    My name is Tina Auguste of Irving, Texas. I am a hair stylist/owner of the first African American Luxury Spa in Dallas called Unique French Touch. I have four lovely daughters ranging from the ages of 4 to 10 years of age. My salon that I worked so hard to build was recently raided by Federal Agents and local police officers. My children and I were held at gun point while my items in the shop was confiscated by agents. My patrons in the shop had their identification taken and their cell phones confiscated. All my personal belongings such as ID, bank receipts, cell phone, computers, bank cards, credit cards, and check books confiscated. I have requested the reason for such harassment with no answer. I want to get representation but to find out my bank accounts have been frozen even the children’s personal savings account for their college. Therefore, I do not have any way to gain representation or feed my children with no access to my accounts. I have spoken to the local NAACP and Urban League to no avail. The investigator has threaten to take all my babies and place them into Foster Care and I cannot have that happen due to I have friends who are Social Workers and I hear the horrific stories from them. If you have any direction at all please contact me via phone: (469) 583-8224. This email was sent out via library computer if you are wondering.

    For your review my personal background

    Devoted Christian who holds a Bachelors in Accounting and have done accounting for 8 years and hair on my off hours. I decided recently to open up my own Luxury Salon for the classy African Americans, but I think someone did not like that. Also a mother and father (father does not want to take part of his children’s life) of 4 wonderful little girls who I cannot allow to be another statistic in this judicial system. I have never been in trouble with the law so this is absurd to me. Please assist in any way that you can.

    Your loving single mother, sister, friend,
    Martina Auguste
    July 30, 2008
    (469) 583-8224

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