Catherine Cook

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption=”Catherine Cook, 18, is seen here with brother and cofounder of, Dave Cook, along with their brother Geoff Cook.”]

The story of Megan Meier is unforgettable for me and many of our viewers, no doubt; a 13-year-old girl who killed herself after being harassed online. As I kept reporting the horrific details, I wondered about a solution. It turns out 18-year-old Catherine Cook was thinking the same thing.

Catherine started, the third largest social network in the United States, according to Hitwise, a competitive intelligence service. Reaching out to young people online, she decided to spend the month of June educating and acting to stop cyberbullying. So far, some 200,000 teens have pledged to “think before they click” and learn how to respond if they are the target of a cyberbully. Catherine hopes to have 1 million people sign the pledge in 2008.

“While nothing can bring Megan back, knowing that 1 million young people will take a pledge against cyberbullying in her name gives me hope,” says Tina Meier, Megan’s mom.

Update: Watch the Live interview

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14 Responses to Catherine Cook

  1. Marian Merritt says:

    Hi Catherine,

    Playground bullying is nothing new. But the growth in cyberbullying has surprised most of us adults. What factors are most responsible for the growth of cyberbullying? And what role should parents and schools play in helping to stop it?

    Best wishes,
    Marian Merritt
    Symantec/Norton Internet Safety Advocate

  2. jason shackelford says:

    So now that Missouri has cyber-bully laws, obviously someone is the great “Bully Decider” who gets to call out what is and isn’t bullying. I’m sure that position will be used to subjectively bully people who the “Bully Decider” deems to be in the wrong. When our founding fathers were making laws against murder, I don’t think they ever imagined that someone would be held responsible for someone else’s death because the person was suicidal and they called them a doody head and upset them and made them finally do what they were obviously 1 upsetting situation away from doing anyways.

  3. Emily says:

    Hey I think this is a great concept I am going to add it to my wesite for other teens imput. Cyber bullying wow you’d think its hard enough dealing with regular bullying.

  4. Michael says:

    Bullying – Cyberbullying, will always be around. Has anyone turned on a radio station and listened to any DJ. That is all they do is bully other people to get laughs and call-ins. Bullying will always be around. Instead of preventing bullying, why not try building esteem.

  5. Francesco Sinibaldi says:

    I call you, my dear….

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    Francesco Sinibaldi

  6. Danielle R Stewart says:

    It is so inspiring to see someone so young stepping up and making a difference. The children of the 80’s and 90’s are truly the leaders of the future that our country needs. It amazing that it took and 18 year old to help get the wheel in motion. Older adults really need to take heed to these young adults and maybe even start taking some notes.

    Danielle ( )

  7. TEXX says:

    Cyber bullying? Are you serious? If i call some one fat and the go kill themself because of it should i be held acountable? What about the women/girls who throw their food up because some magazine told them to look like paris hilton? Should the magazine be held accountable for their health issues? The answer to this is simple NO !!! People have the right to FREE WILL.

  8. Darryl Hiil says:

    I will contact and ad the to my site.

  9. Francesco Sinibaldi says:

    At the first opportunity…

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    I’ll love you my

    Francesco Sinibaldi

  10. Francesco Sinibaldi says:

    Collection of flowers.

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    Francesco Sinibaldi

  11. Ms Blu Skye says:

    I am very disturbed that CNN suppose to be fairly represent both sides. However the analyst let the republicans not answer the questions. We have not yet heard the moderator challenge these idiots trying to say this women is ready to be commander in chief. Do you all think the republican people are idiots. Do we really have to go to the internet to get the truth and not trust CNN? Come on CNN. It does not matter what party you are really for but don’t be so obvious. Tell your republican reporters that when they are interviewing a republican and they dance around an answer, they need to hold them to the hook and make them answer the question. So far, every answer to the question about Sarah has been diverted to Obama. They are giving Obama more energy that they realize. They keep saying his name instead of speaking about their choice.

  12. PJ says:

    What do you young people think about Sarah Palin Daughter being pregnant as a MINOR and why does the law not apply to an ADULT called Levi Johnston goes free and is not charged like other young adults as a RAPIST, and have to go thru life as a CHILD SEX OFFENDER. Or is he one that it’s who you know not what the law says. YOU HAVE SEX WITH A MINOR SOMEONE UNDER 18 YOU ARE A RAPIST, CHILD MOLESTOR AN SHOULD BE LABELED LIKE EVERY OTHER YOUNG STUD IN AMERICA WHOM WAS CHARGED AND HAS TO LIVE WITH IT THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. CNN WON’T SAY ANYTHING. SO SPEAK UP.

  13. Daniel Mauer says:

    Sara Palin, what can I say. Due to the sole fact that she is a hockey mom makes me want to vote for her. She is down to earth, knows what the people want because she is part of the people. Bring the objection that she has no experience and I say look further down the ticket at the other Presidential nominee and by that standard i say she has more than adequite credentials. In a time as uncertain as today with US economic issues and world-wide securities issues, there can be no better ticket than a veteran president with a great military background and a young VP that can say no to the corporations while bringing a vitality to the market. So as a nation, lets all drop the gloves and get this country fighting in the right direction again.

  14. Frank Perez says:

    Wow it’s embarrasing how low these republican(hooligans) are jabbering. These speakers dont even stand a chace against we democrats. We need to attack them with the same dirty tactics that theyre using low blows.

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