Lauren Wolfe

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caption=”Lauren Wolfe is president of the College Democrats of America.”]
To a lot of law school students, the Democratic National Convention is something to tune into in between study sessions. But Lauren Wolfe will be front and center in Denver. As president of the College Democrats of America, she will be running her own convention within the convention.

About 600 college students from 250 schools are registered for the CDA National Convention, which aims, among other things, to teach students campaigning skills. Speakers like Howard Dean, the DNC chair and former Vermont governor, will be on hand to energize the young party leaders. They are also rallying around what Lauren says are their main concerns this election year: affordable college education, health insurance and the war in Iraq.

By virtue of her position with the CDA, she is also a superdelegate. As for one day running for president of the United States, she says, “I like politics, but it’s not something I’m going to jump in anytime soon.” Lauren is just focused on inspiring young Democrats this week and finding a job for after graduation when she gets back home to Michigan.

Update: Watch the Live interview

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13 Responses to Lauren Wolfe

  1. SteveC says:

    Ahh to be young, naive and a Democrat. Just wait until you get into the real world , earn a paycheck and pay taxes. You’ll then realize that only the ultra poor and ultra rich can afford to be Democrats. Good luck with that.

  2. Rebecca Wilson says:

    As a Michigan resident and a recent college graduate, i’d be interested to hear Laura’s thoughts on the democratic mismanagement of her home state, Michigan and major City, Detroit. What kinda of reflection does it have positive or negative on Obama who also has relatively little political experience (like Kilpatrick and Granholm) upon entering office.

  3. April W says:

    It’s interesting to me that the “experienced” leaders are the one’s that have led us to the economic and global destruction we’re in today, yet people continue to harp on experience as a factor when questioning Obama. It’s important that we look at the wise decisions he’s made in regard to the war, health care, and the economy in his short time on the world stage. We can look at McCain’s long history and find a longer record of error! We must stop using familiar jargon because others have passed the term around, facts speak for themselves. Kennedy and Clinton both were accused of being too inexperienced, which is why, Rebecca, we as voters have to base our decision on an individual’s history and not the actions of others in the same party.

  4. DannyW says:

    As a response to SteveC….republicans constantly respond to democrat tax plans by saying, “if you want to pay for our taxes, go right ahead”. Nobody wants to pay taxes, but taxes are a responsibility. They pay for our services…health care, fire and crime protection, public education, medicaid. These are things that EVERYONE has a right to. And things that EVERYONE should therefore have support. it’s like jury duty. No one likes it, but it’s our civil duty. If you’re so unhappy about paying taxes, how can you support a plan that give MORE breaks to super-rich people? By taxing those who earn more than $200,000/year more than those who earn less, doesn’t that alleviate the burden on the middle class??

  5. Albert says:

    I live in the real world, hate paying taxes, but realize that it’s not just about me. Drinking the cough syrup can be a little unpleasant, but at the end of the day it will make you feel better. Our tax money goes to important things! Taxes are a reality. Go live in a cave if you don’t want to pay taxes. I wish Americans (maybe people in general?) would give more consideration to the bigger picture instead of walking around with blinders and a mirror infront of them.

    And a Q to Lauren….What are your thoughts on the Hillary Clinton supporters who are saying they would now rather vote for McCain? What , in your opinion are the reasons they support Hillary, but not Obama?

  6. TaylorA says:

    To SteveC…to be young, naiive, and a Republican, you really have to know your facts from fiction. To say that you have to either be ultra poor and ultra rich to pay taxes is ludicrous!! What about the middle class? Why not tax the rich people more than what they deserve? America is struggling right now with trying to survive. What about the hard working man who has to work two or three shifts just to make a living, and once he has done it, he hardly has any money left to support his family, becuase of the high taxes that he has to pay for. Are you in either of the categories of being ultra rich or ultra poor? I don’t think so.
    To Rebecca Wilson…why woud you even compare Obama to the past presidents? He is a fresh new face, with new ideas. Even though he may be inexprienced and have no POW background, I believe that his ideas are wonderful and he speaks with wise understandings of the issues that the Amercian people need to hear. He speaks about the struggling every-day American and how he would like to help us. He focuses on the war, but he does not forget that the American people are struggling. I would like to vote for a president that can handle two situations at the same time, instead of focusing on one thing, and forgetting about the others (the American People).

  7. Kim luzzi says:

    National security — yeah, we need to be back in Afghanistan and not be fighting a war that has nothing to do with national security. And the billions we are spending on this war. THis election is also about the morality of helping people who can’t afford health care. Helping people put a roof over their head and food on the table for their family. Not about cutting taxes for the rich and inflating our deficit with this ignorant war. I do not trust McCain. His angry scares me. Not to mention his transparent pandering with this Sarah Palin disaster. SHe scares me too. Anyone this rigid, there will be a backlash. This investigation she is under scares me. She takes matters into her own hands for her own means. And I feel I can say this because I am a woman, having 5 kids, one with special needs — how on earth could she be our VP, and gosh forbid President???!!! Babies need their mothers, particularly the first couple of years — especially babies with Downs. I do question her family values! Kim

  8. LMAO-These people are living in another decade says:

    8:41PM Texas- Are these people for real? They are so out of touch with society. Mitt Romney’s speech was so completely lost in another decade! Huckabee while amusing made no sense!
    Can someone explain to me why every single person at the convention has gray hair, bleach blond hair or a man in a suit! This party is not reflective of society! By the way media does make up the story they report the story, try vetting your pick -you have no one to blame but yourselves!

    Has the RNC been asleep for the last 20 years ?????

  9. Kent, Illinois says:

    Congratulations on everything you have done and continue to do. It is a shame that we still have so many Republicans in this country. How bad does it have to get before they realize how they have been duped by Big Business and Big Oil? It is people like you that push forward and put out the message of real freedom and power to the people.


    Obama/Biden 08

  10. Solomon Oduh says:

    Beware of the Republicans! Beware of the Republicans!! Beware of the Republicans!!! This guys keep decieving themselves unnecessary, Americans don’t be decieved by those wild wolves without human feelings. “WE DON’T WANT GEORGE BUSH’S 3rd TENURE” Go to Louisana and see what I’m talking about, this country waste $10 million every month for nothing;all in the name of war, God will never forgive GEORGE BUSH and decendants for the pain he put this country through. For McCain, he looks like a monster and don’t know what it is this country needs, I don’t even know that Sarah has a child with special need and still wants to be a VP God forbid!!!!!!! Americans be alert cos no one knows what tactics this wild animals without human sympathy has in their dirty and filthy minds,
    Solomon NC

  11. Rolan Duvvury says:

    I am a fourth year dual degree student in architecture and civil engineering at Georgia Tech. I have written a short symphonic work for Senator Obama entitled “A Time of Hope.” It is scored for symphony orchestra and can be viewed here:

    Please take a listen.

    Rolan Duvvury

  12. Ash says:

    Yeah, beware of the republicans.
    I am a 24 year old female.
    I weight 140 lbs.
    And I’m pregnant.
    I’m scary?
    Check out the welfare mom with 8 kids.
    She votes Demacrat-
    She likes the government to take care of her bills.
    Be afraid of her.

  13. Elbert Cole says:

    The Truth IS that through all the negative media coverage by fox news Biil O and Shawn H , it seems that they really came out on top. The top of losing end. People are tried of the same stuff being drilled into their heads daily by the lost boys. We need some fresh ideas instead of all that drama. My friends, we are not children looking at Mister Roberts on TV, and that is how I fill when I watch and listen to Paw Paw. I am an intelligent educated person who do not to want to hear negative thoughts about someone. They can only assume what that person is saying and that assumption is always wrong. What we hear from reporters are their opinions not the people of this great nations. Be careful as to these opinions by folks who care less about america and more about their jobs and the amount of hits they receive on the computer. You know it and so do I, that they are distoring the truth to the highest level. I would not be surprised if a sign goes up stating Sarah Palin for President and Joe The PLummer for Vice President for 2012 on billboards Nov 5.

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