Christian Siriano

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caption=”Christian Siriano, 22, is the youngest winner of ‘Project Runway’.”]
Yup, we know he’s “fierce”. As the youngest winner in “Project Runway” history, Christian Siriano both embodies it and has inserted the word into our pop culture lexicon.

At 22, Siriano’s winnings equipped him with $100,000 seed money, a new car (you can imagine what he calls it), a spread in Elle magazine and the opportunity to sell his line on Beating out people twice his age, he rightly deserves the “fashion prodigy” label. His ripe ambition as a teenager took him to the Baltimore School for the Arts and the American Intercontinental University in London to study fashion design, after which he worked with the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen.

Despite the recent whirlwind of attention, including a “you’ve made it” spoof on Saturday Night Live, Siriano says he’s humbled by the buzz. He doesn’t take for granted the fact that he had no job or no money just months ago. Now that he’s made obvious the word critics use to describe his first show to debut in New York during Spring Fashion Week, he’s working on the collection.

Update: Watch the Live interview

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  1. D Cook, Sacramento says:

    I miss you this season on Runway, and can’t wait to see what your new line will bring us. Best wishes.

  2. Jim from Hakodate says:

    Looking like that, I don’t think he’s going to live long enough to become an old person who “rocks.”

  3. Pat Howlett says:

    Will you be designing anything for age 50 + women that is still stylish and youthful but yet age appropriate for those not willing to appear too mature? almost every model and catalog of designs uses very young and skinny women, therefore it is hard to judge what would look good on those of us in this age bracket. we want to have fun, too!

  4. D'Maria Scaglione says:


    I rooted for you from the very beginning. Your saucy and adorable attitude screamed FAME. I wish I could adopt you, because I am old enough to be your mother. (or Aunt or even Grandmother-LOL). What inspired you as a child. Did you have dreams back then that you see coming true today? Is there a certain inspirtation for your designs?
    I am a Children’s Author. I wish that you could read my A Unique Bunny, about a disabled little loppy eared bunny who rises above all circumstances–who never stops –no matter what anyone thinks about her. Google my name D’Maria Scaglione. I am a disabled author who also has dreams. I wish you the best in life. You are an awesome young man. I love Project Runaway. Even though I could never design a hankie, it is such an inspiring show! FIERCE! You rock!
    Take care,
    D’Maria Scaglione
    PS. Chris do you have a website?

  5. kelly says:

    i WILL buy something from your line! youre great and have awesome hair ;0)

  6. ben alibasah says:

    I saw your pieces on the last season of PR and I think you are amazing! I also can’t wait to see your next line this year. Congratulations on all your hard work!

  7. Katherine says:

    I loved the gender-bending outfits on PR–totally my style! 🙂

    Hope you are doing well and likewise, cannot wait to see your new line!

  8. melinda says:

    you are totally awesome. i love to watch you work and design things. you have an amazing taste in are my favorite on that show.

  9. Jan Hall says:

    Hey we big women want your fashions, too!
    —your fan Jan

  10. Kelsi says:

    In a nation of image obsession and instant gratification, what are you planning to do to top your experience on “Project Runway” and keep the name Christian Siriano on the mouths of every fashion-conscious shopper?

  11. Maria says:

    I admire him. His parents must be very proud of him.

  12. Runway Fan says:

    I have been a fan of the show since the first episode of the first season. Even though I liked some of your work on the show – you really won me over when you broke down and cried when Heidi announce you had won. Good Luck to you!

  13. John Pesa says:

    Christian was great. It’s hard to describe but he has a gift. When you would watch his eyes when he was watching the runway models, the time he was giving them a critique, it was clear he was in this zone, this total aura of the outfit.

    I was impressed with how he was less interested in pretending to be an egotistical capital “D” designer and how he offered in an abstract but clear way to help the models dial into the situation, almost like a director does in helping actors dial into a role. What was great was watching how people would “get” his ideas visually or verbally. People’s eyes would be like they went to a new wonderful place and were really interested to look deeper and see the different levels of expression, craft, shadows, textures. What is great about Christian is that he seems to want you to enjoy yourself when he ushers you through this journey.

    In the end, clothing design is about offering people options to express themselves with themselves and in with their surroundings. Just like a good comedian cracks us up with their observations of every day life, a good fashion designer can offer glimmers of fun and coolness while providing the functional aspects of their job. When you think about it, most of us wake up and go to work and then spend time with our friends and family or ourselves. When people are in a place that they don’t enjoy, they usually don’t express any joy or happiness in their outer appearance. If someone is a beach guy, their favorite outfits are their beachwear. So if someone shows up to work with a cool outfit, it is an expression that they enjoy work or their colleagues at work and it is a time where inside their shining. That Nina lady does this gesture where she takes her two hands with her palms facing towards her and does this little circle in and out from her heart outward when she talks, I think she is trying to communicate trying to bring the coolness inside out and the outfit is sort of a blossoming of that inner expression. When you see the faces of the models blossom through the outfits it is really seeing the outfit as a conduit for that feeling inside.

    I would say to Christian that the muses have found you worthy and are using you as a conduit and as long as you are cool you will be plugged in to that source of inspiration. As you grow and enter different chapters of your life, your expressions may change and you should be open to that, but don’t loose that coolness. Think about that high school prom dress and that girl who was a bit shut off to your gifts at first. I honestly felt that you were trying to walk that razors edge of trying to offer your gifts while being respectful and open to the person who would wear it. You put your ego aside to a point where you could give her your gifts as well. Don’t be stubborn to the muses the way that that girl was stubborn to you at first, it just blocks the creative flow.

    Karl Marx said that an artist that is treasured is “One with themselves, and one with the marketplace”. At your age, I would imagine that it might be hard to dial into things like the corporate office cube culture, but they need people like you to drop a little sunshine in, and approaching this wouldn’t come from a perspective like you’re all a bunch of loser dilberts, but from finding the coolness that exists under the surface. I would say don’t stay on the fringes of society, but take a bite and delve into the places the you think don’t appreciate designers because they are the ones that most need that lift. In the movie “Easy Rider” these biker hippies asked the character played by Jack Nicholson “Why do these people not like us”. Jack Nicholson said “They don’t like you because you represent freedom and it reminds them that they aren’t free.” I would say don’t hover too far away from the norm all the time because it just reminds people that they could never pull something that cool off, so offering little dosages of coolness might help step closer to the really fierce stuff.

  14. k schroder says:

    Christian from the first time I watch you on Project Runway I knew you would win. I just love what you have to offer. I even got my husband to watch Project Runway. Your a great and fierce person, don’t change!!

  15. laura says:

    What are the best clothes to wear for a pear-shaped, petite (5’3″) 30 year old woman who still wants to be funky and stylish?

  16. Mark RamseyMD says:

    To Jason Mraz,
    As a gay man, your homophobia is even more toxic to you than it is to others. As a gay man, I’m telling you to get over yourself- it’s not all about you. As a doctor, I’m telling you- get help.

  17. Ann says:

    Christian, you are “FIERCE”. I was channel surfing one day and ran across Project Runway and was instantly hooked when I saw your designs. You are an amazing designer and I love your attitude. Keep up the great work! Stay focused because you’re one of the best. P.S. I’m still loving the hair.

  18. Alex says:

    Where do you get your inspirations from when designing a collection? What was it like, working for Westwood and McQueen? Do you plan to do other lines, besides fashion?

  19. Natasha says:

    Christian, you are brilliant!!!!!! Your designs are unique and unforgettable!!!! Please don’t let the vulgar comments on this website get to you, you know that you are FIERCE and the BEST!!!!

    Keep surprising us………

  20. Denton says:

    That’s a guy?????

  21. chris says:

    Hey, how do you plan to get your work out where you want it to be given the roster of former Project Runway winners current status in the fashion industry. And, when?

  22. Tina Valentinetti says:

    yes please design jeans that fit just right & dress pants for the working women. I watch the show when you were trying to win. I thought you had great style. All the best in the future. The key to sucess is to give back.

  23. Erika Sherman says:

    He Is FIERCE! Rock on my young idol!

  24. Nadine Kamah says:


  25. Elaine says:

    I’m old enough to be your mama, but I was glued to Project Runway every minute you were on. You can make me laugh. Your designs are way out there for me, I prefer Jillian (sorry, it’s true.) But I think you should do stand up!!!

  26. Ricey says:

    I saw Christian today walking down Broadway in NYC and he was on his cell phone! I just stood there for like 10 seconds as he passed by hurriedly. I should’ve asked for a pic or something =( He is pretty awesome.

  27. mary says:

    As a now successful designer, what is your advice to someone who is just starting art school with a desire for fashion?

  28. Kelvin says:

    Just wanted to say that I admire the show and you are a very good inspiration I hope to see many of your designs in my favorite retailer soon. It makes me feel so good to watch someone fulfill their dreams. Word of advice, you always do you! Again congratulations…

  29. sue tolkkinen says:


  30. Kentucky Girl says:

    Christian, you are gorgeous! There, now that that’s out of the way, have you ever considered having your own reality show? Your charisma and personality would make you a big hit.

    Who wouldn’t want you in their living room as often as possible?!?!

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  32. Stefan says:

    How do you stay so flamboyant after all your success?

  33. annie says:


    You really stepped up the bar with your designs last season. The designers this season are definitely having a tough time reaching that bar that you have set.
    I am really looking forward to seeing how your career develops. I did not know you were an AIU grad (so am I) — congratulations and I wish you the best.
    Brillant and innovative!!!!!!!

  34. Hayley Cheyenne says:

    I love Christian! Matter a fact, hes guest appearing on Project Runway (the newst season) right now helping all the other old winners from project runway choose a winner for this episodes contest.

    I love Christian X100. My mom and I both love watching the old episodes just to see christian, he is such a great designer! I hope i meet him someday 🙂

  35. wilfred says:

    Your simply the best!

    In The Netherlands I followed every episode op Project Runway! Thanks

  36. Philip Maddatu says:

    Hi Nicole!


    Excellent work on Project Runway. You deserve every accolade. My question is: what now? Do you have see yourself turning your “fierce” designs into a huge fashion empire? Are you ever going to branch out into men’s clothing? Besides fashion, is there anything else you could see yourself in?

    All the best to you and your triumphant success into the world of the fashion elite.

    Philip Maddatu
    Toronto, Ontario

  37. Jill says:

    Siriano’s eye for fashion is FAR beyond his years! He IS fashion genius!

  38. simpsonteam says:

    There IS hope………..

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