Harout Samra

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/10/12/1ypwr_haroutsamrav1.jpg

caption=”Harout Samra, 25, is chairman of the Florida College Republicans.”]

Harout Samra considers himself the embodiment of the American dream. With parents who immigrated from Lebanon, Harout says he grew up with everything his parents didn’t. Now 25, this law student cites his upbringing as the reason he became an active Republican.

As chairman of the Florida College Republicans, Harout coordinates the college outreach efforts for the McCain campaign. He plans events that are “Gen Y” friendly like political debates, rallies or tailgates. He also speaks in support of conservative viewpoints across the state.

When asked to explain why young people should and do care about this election, Harout says, “These are our friends who are going to Iraq. These are our jobs that are being lost because small businesses can’t afford to pay their taxes. It’s very important to each and every one of us to have our say.”

Update: Watch the CNN.com Live interview

FYI: Until election day, I will be interviewing Young People Who Rock Politics! We will hear the views of different parties and platforms to ensure we are representing this generation’s diverse viewpoints.

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57 Responses to Harout Samra

  1. Fouad Scandar says:

    Can you explain why the American voters do not correlate between Mr. Obama’s association with shady characters and him saying the truth?
    I do not care how good his plans, because I do not believe him.
    Are we finally going to put unpatriotic first lady and socialist (may be even a communist) president in the White House, just because he sound good, or because of his charisma?
    History tells us that were how Hitler, Mussolini, and Castor came to power and look what the left their country with!!!!
    Is that our turn? Is that what we want our U.S.A. to be?

  2. Gmart says:

    Smart guy. Do we think he is heading into politics as a career?

  3. Dan Jackson says:

    The democrats are so out of touch with main stream America that they need to register every child they can. They did this four years ago and still lost by a record 3.5 million votes. This time around they created a cult like superstar aura around their candidate to get these people to vote. Thank god for acorn now even Mickey Mouse can vote for the most unqualified candidate in history.

  4. Cecilia says:

    As a mother of a college student myself, I very proud of what you are doing. Keep up the hard work. My daughter is a registered republican and sometimes feels intimidated on how the democrats take over college campuses. Thank you for having the courage to speak up.

  5. Hominidx says:

    Exactly what comparisons are you making with Hitler? What evidence do you have? Do you even understand what socialism means?
    And shady characters – how about McCain’s? Compared to any of Obama’s connections, they’re practically the devil.

    To Harout:
    Good for you – I disagree with your candidate, but it’s awesome you’re being involved. More than most people.

  6. David Nauri says:

    Harout and Fouad, can you both tell me why the base of your Republican party seems to be afraid of Arabs? And how the republican party has fomented, flared and fanned Arab hatred and made Arab a dirty word, and yet you you are part of this party? Does it not worry you that McCain has: A) no touch with our younger generation what so ever, (and yes to me that starts with knowing how reboot your PC)? He has 0 (zero) economic policy and is completely and utterly out of touch with what is happening to small businesses? Can you also tell me your TRUE gut feelings of the following scenario: McCain has a heart attack or cancer recurrence, Palin assumes office. Do you really believe she would be able to do her job? She doesn’t even know the capital of Jordan or Syria. Personally, I would rather return W to the office than have her. One idiot running the highest office of this country and most important job in the world is enough. By the same token I don;t want Joe Six pack performing any brain surgeries. Is it too much to ask we have clever, intelligent people running our country instead of a buffoon and a man about to expire?

  7. Mark says:

    Go Harout!!! You are a true American.

  8. Jay in Ga. says:

    Obama’s grand mother says he was born in Kenya.

  9. Dana Bandera says:

    Fact: If you decide to run for president one day, I will totally vote for you.

  10. Bryan Jerden says:

    I am a Obama supporter who thinks that this young guy is great ! Yes I realize that he is a McCain supporter but that is what America is all about. What is Interesting is the comment made by Mr. Scandar who compares Mr. Obama to hitler and says that Ms. Obama is a communist.

    Is Obama really a terrorist supporter? Is Michelle really a communist? Both of them worked their butts of in the american dream, highly educated in american honored schools with known history for community help- here in america.

    Agree with McCain- great, disagree with Obama fine, but as americans we need to respect each other,

    Good for you young man- from an Obama supporter

  11. Pfemm says:

    wow. Fouad. I detest these sorts of hateful statements. It’s unnecessary.

    I am a registered independent and I’ve looked at both candidates. I’ve listened and read as much as I can about this election. I’ve always voted and this in my eyes is one of the most important elections in our lives. I feel like this election will be one of those turning points in history. and Not because Obama is black, but because the American people/country are on the cusp of change. We need to change the way we live, the way we look at the world. Thus far in my life, America has become more of a land for excess, bigger is better attitudes, materialism… more money, more cars, more everything. Having more isn’t bad. But we are getting lazy in the process and because of that we are falling behind in the world.
    I feel that McCain could be a good president, a man with a history, a reputation, and a record. But the thing is from my stand point… he appears not be running a very good campaign. His VP pick was absurd. And more so now because of the way they have been treating her… sheltering her as much as possible. They say she is ready but don’t let her do anything significant. If she is as ready as they say then let her be a normal VP candidate.
    McCain also seems to be more inconsistent than I would have thought. His ads are negative. They have been trying to push guilt by association and the “he’s a terrorist” attitude. But in a recent rally McCain {Twice} defended Obama as a decent man when confronted with hateful comments even though it’s his own campaign ads and VP that are trying to put those fears into people’s minds. The idea of trying to frighten people into voting for you is not good. There are so many more important issues on the table.
    I feel like he comes off as condescending and arrogant because he also sees the contradictions and seems frustrated that it is going like it is. his campaign is a runaway train. I think he trusted people in his campaign to help him win but in the end most of those choices are not what he would or wants to do and may inevitably be the campaign’s ruin.
    America is different since the last election. We are changing. I’ve never known so many of my peers to care about politics and this election has them registering for the first time.

    And no I don’t agree 100% with Obama either. But in the long run I believe in what he says and all you have to go on during an election is to trust that the candidate of your choice will stay the course they laid out for themselves during the campaign.

  12. Joe says:

    Typical republicans no facts or logic just your Fox news Rush Limbaugh Rhetoric. It is ppl. like you who are ruining this country.

  13. yvonne**KENTUCKY says:


  14. Terry Mc says:

    You guys are too young to be so dogmatic and to ignore reality. John McCain is too old to be president and he’s a war-monger. Sarah Pailin is just dumb. For you to be so young, you should be smarter. Smart enough to see what danger the two of them could cause in the White House. It’s a shame to get brainwashed so young.

  15. john says:

    Herout, or whatever your name is,…

    You don’t seem like very bright guy. “our friends are going to Iraq because your republican president started a war on a false premise…
    McCain wants to stay in Iraq foe 100 years if necessry, that’s what he said and you want to vote for him becuse our friends are going to Iraq…
    that’s brilliant. Knowing you are a republican, I shouldn’t expect much brains out of you..

  16. stickks says:

    Anyone that thinks John McCain could be a good president is crazy. Take alook at who he has as his VP?????She is an out of touch tv reporter wannabe that has yet to answer a question directly from a reporter or anyone for that matter!

  17. Denial says:

    Fouad, you sound like an imbecile. “These are our friends who are going to Iraq. These are our jobs that are being lost because small businesses can’t afford to pay their taxes. It’s very important to each and every one of us to have our say.” Yes, your friends, who are being sent to their death, were sent there by your party. Your party has single-handedly destroyed America and is in the process of turning it into a jungle.

  18. Anita says:

    I am not a Democrat but in this election i will definetly vote for a Democrat for Barack Obama!
    he is the one that we need in this country! In change we can believe in!

  19. Harvey says:

    I feel so confused. Don’t get me wrong, My political views are firmly grounded. That, in its self, should frighten you. Maybe my participation is futile. I wish you all the best.

  20. Harvey says:

    I’m sorry if you find me uninteresting. Take care and good luck.

  21. Donald Washington says:

    Republicans are the only ones in history to loss thousands of jobs opposed to creating them. This last administration has lost more jobs than the great depression, and still counting. 800,000 this year alone, but republicans can care less, as long as they stay rich. The republicans are for the RICH and the RICH only! This country has been going downhill in every aspect for the last 8 years and it’s a shame its people dumb enough to still after record breaking jobs loss, hundreds of thousands innocent Iraq’s dead, record breaking Foreclosure, record breaking gas prices, social security, taxes all destroyed the American dollar down, the stock market gone, the price of food, 9/11, Katrina anything you could possibly name the republicans have failed, including our military and foreign relations with other countries. EVERYTHING they have done has failed who in their right mind would still vote republican and why???

  22. Elle says:

    You go Harout! Good luck with your efforts. Go McCain/Palin. I actually expected a democratic activist considering that this is featured on CNN. Florida’s a key state and God bless you for doing your part to make sure that the “right” party is voted into the White House!

  23. Jenna says:

    Factcheck.com…please, I don’t care what your affiliation, go there to check out the facts for yourselves instead of regurgitating the talking points and propagating the lies. When you are in the voting booth, vote for the candidate…not the party. Otherwise you are the problem, not the solution.

  24. Lorna Davila says:

    I thought that senator mccain was very rude and was in-derectly calling senator obama and others idiots

  25. Kelly says:

    I dont blame the Republicans for our country going down hill. I blame all the bloodsucking people on welfare and the illegal immigrants that continue to pop out one baby after another at tax payers expense.

  26. P. Scott says:

    I am a Democrat – Obama supporter – there is no way for me to really believe in McCain and Palin… I do not think they are even on the same page… McCain is an angry man, who is frail and does not inhibit the qualities of a leader. A maverick he is… one who will not see other views… closed-minded… then we have Palin, God forbid something happens to McCain (not unlikely, if we look at his health record)… can you McCain supporters really see Palin as our leader? no…. no…. no… no way. I will do all that I can to make sure I do my part to make this les of a possibility.

    However, I do commend the young republican for his stand… pity you are on the wrong side… you would have been a true benefit to the Democratic party……….

    Goodnight, and thank you for reading…

  27. Jamal says:

    This is ONE young person who really does ROCK!

    All too often, and, quite frankly here, I’m talking about the young people who are rabid supporters of Senator Obama, these folks are scary with their foul language, their reverse racism and their threats of physical violence IF Obama does not win the election.

  28. Jimmy says:

    Can anyone explain why McCain had that big note Book, for notes or to read notes someone prepared for him. Not good.

  29. HK says:

    Important issues to me are
    1. Education
    2. Healthcare
    3. Economy of course
    4. Civil Rights

    1. Education: So far, Bush’s the No Child Left Behind Act uses standarized tests as the only measure to “ensure that oiur kids are learning” The law itself is fine but many of our diverse learners need other ways to show how they learn.McCain supports the law, which is fine, but voted againest efforts dto fully fund its testing mandates in 2001 and 2006. Mccain also supports the expansion of private vouchers as a way to drive public schools to “improve”– Doesn’t realixe that schools are run on property tax dollars–maybe he should visit some of the inner city schools to see what the environement of these schools iis really like

    2. health; McCain’d tax us on our employer-paid health insurance benfits. This is a lose-lose situation. What is you needed to have an emergency surgery or had a history of poor health? The $5000 he’d supposed give you sounds good, but you’d have to spend a lot more than that.

    3. Neither were that specific about exactly what the plans are except that they are bpth supposedly focused on helping hte drowing middle class.

    4. Civil Rights– Obama was a bit hesditant/unclear abotu Roe-vs-Wade and I’m dissapointed that Biden is also against legalizing gay … marriage (no, I’m not gay) but beleive that this is purely a civil rights issue

  30. Debra S says:


    Good for you. There aren’t enough republican supporters in schools today. I was so angry to find out that my special need son is taking a current affairs class, where he teacher is telling him all about how Obama is the “right” person. He has felt conflicted because I support McCain and try to teach him my ideals. If religion should be taboo for the classroom of high schools, then liberal politics should be as well. Colleges are a different forum and more conservative views should be spoken.

  31. Maggie says:

    After watching the debate I saw this on fact finder regarding what Obama said regarding the details of U.S. troop presence in Iraq. The following was copied and pasted for the fact finder page:
    (Fact Check: Did Obama try to seek a delay in U.S.-Iraq talks? The United States and Iraq are negotiating a status of forces agreement, which would spell out the details of U.S. troop presence in Iraq after the U.N. mandate establishing their status expires at the end of the year. They are also negotiating a longer-term strategic framework agreement, which would define their political, security, cultural, and economic relationship). My statement, There were a lot of statements leaving the public wondering if what Obama said was truthful. I talso seems that all the analysts were mostly in favor of Obama and did not seem to want to give McCain any credit. CNN appears to have mostly democratic analysts and commentators like Cambell Brown. I t does not seem fair to the Rubublicans listenin g to all their negative statements.

  32. Rob says:

    Go Harout. Im voting Democrat because I think its the way to go in this election and we need Mac out of there. Hes way out of touch with the issues.

  33. SC says:

    Pfemm, I agree whith most of waht you said but I am afraid if Obama wins our country may not be ready for the changes he will attempt. He talks a good game but there are just too many things pointing at him and his asscication with fradulant registering. I say some examples on TV and one even registered over 70 times at the encouragement of the democrats assistng with the registration. If you watched the debate I am susre you saw where Obama did not back down from the accuation of donating money and association with ACORN and the fraud going on with them. 800,000 dollars is a lot of money thrown into someting like this. I have not seen where Mc CAin as been associated with anything of this nature. This type of behavior I pay close atention to because it tells me waht Obama is capable of behind closed doors. There have been other sticky situations.

  34. Rob says:

    Macs by no means innocent with his ties to Liddy, Rick Davis and the rest of that bunch he should be ashamed some of his past acquaintances.
    He brought Ayers in the debate tonight and Obama didnt breathe a word about McCainiacs associates.

  35. Rob says:


    You say that Yvonne and then you put ‘vote McCain’. Give me a break that guy is in favor of the war in Iraq and this whole mess is partially some of the stuff he took part in. That guy recieved earmarks from oil companies I mean the list just goes on an on.

  36. Rob says:


    You should be putting your efforts in trying to end the war and ‘our friends’ could come home instead of being in an endless war.

  37. Monroe W. DeVos says:

    Kudos for doing what you are doing! I’m for Barack Obama but that is what is great about this country. We have the opportunity to express and work for our political beliefs without fear of reprisal.

    Keep up the good work but keep an open mind that there are elements of both parties who can bring great success to this country.

  38. Sherrie says:

    Way to go Harout. I am so glad to see that another young person is speaking out in support of John McCain.
    I work with many young people, and my son is college age, and they keep me informed on the thoughts of our countries younger voters. I’ve seen too many of them that are uneducated about the candidates and are voting like this is a popularity contest or something. If they see Obama higher in the polls, they assume he is the better choice and they pick him. Some are voting for him just because he is younger. I hope that in the next few weeks more people, young and old will educate themselves and make their choice based on knowlegeable facts. I respect if their choice is Obama, but I’d hope they would find McCain the better choice.
    As for those who made comments about him being a warmonger, McCain doesn’t want war any more than anyone else does. We don’t want our people going to war and dying, and what President wants blood on his hands? I come from a very loving family. My husband is a veteran and served in the first Gulf war when our son was only 4 months old. My father, grandfather, 8 uncles, many cousins and friends served our country in wartime and peace. Every generation of my family that has been in this country all the way back to my great(times 6) grandfather, John Hart who signed the declaration of Independence, has fought to preserve our country and protect our people. None of them ever wished to see combat, but they served willingly. Some came home from Viet Nam and took a long time to recover, many stood as honor guard at funerals. We know war is an ugly thing. My family still goes on to serve. They made a choice to serve. They didn’t ask any questions about what they might get into. They know that whatever there Commander in Chief asked them to do, they signed on the dotted line to do just that. Their Commander would send them doing whatever he thought was best for our country.
    The minute they singed up for service, they became a hero in my eyes for the willingness to stand between my loved ones and any harm that may face our country. Never knowing most that they may sacrifice their life for, but being willing to do it anyway. God bless our military. John McCain is wise enough to know how to get out of Iraq with out letting all the progress that has been made in that country fall to terrorists. We all need to realize it wont happen over night, Sen. McCain has been kept away from home during war and won’t keep anyone longer than needed.
    I also believe that Sen. McCain will stand firmly for family values. We need to promote the family unit, not tear it down more. Families need to be balanced with parents in the home. Before I go further, I know not every home with two parents is perfect, but we need to get back to instilling values in our familes. There are too many moms trying to raise kids on their own, and kids get left with no parents either because Mom is working a lot, or trying to also have a social life – trying to fill the void left without the help and companionship of a man in the home. Young men are being raised with no example of how to be a man, because too many men are checking out, being unaccountable. Please don’t misunderstand, these are just a few examples. I am not trying to stereo-type anyone. I know there are great single parents, great adults that came from very broken families (my husband being one). There are exceptions, but we all know that facts show that an in tact family with a father and mother is the place where children have the best chance! So…..no I do not want to see marriage re-defined for anyone. I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals. I come from a large family, and a couple of family members practice gay lifestyles. I love them dearly, one is like a sister to me. I don’t believe that what they have in their relationship can be at all equal to marriage between a man and a woman. They know how I feel and we respect each others differences.
    Please educate yourselves people before voting. I’m learning more everyday about both candidates. I’m from IL. and our state has one of the nations worst economies, this is under the leadership of Il. Dems. and Obama being one.
    As far al all the Palin bashing, just look at the good she’s done in Alaska. Yes, she is ready to be V.P. and has much more experience running a govornment than Sen. Obama. Check her record against his, don’t take my word for it.
    God bless both candidates, I agree more with Sen. McCain than Sen Obama. McCain gets my vote.
    God Bless America, and a special blessing for all you do in serving our countries interest Harout.

  39. Lawrence Lugar says:

    Rock the Republican Par-tay

  40. Derek Columbus says:

    “keyfak ya habibi”(How are u dear?(Lebanese arabic dialect)). Obama is a proto-marxist, who has been mentored and influenced by men who fundamentally viewed or view the US as a uniquely evil entity, that has to make amends to the world. Most Americans hold centre-right views on most of the issues. Obama has far left impulses, which he clevery masquerades as mainstream. People are mad as hell, and are in the mood to punish Republicans as they perceive the Republicans to be responsible for all the curent woes. Voting for Obama would be throwing the baby with the bathwater. A President Obama would fill the most powerful positons in the US with men/women who are anti-US, or hold views, if translated into policy and implemented would ultmately weaken the US. John McCain is a pragmatist and would be a good leader.

  41. Ash says:

    I think it’s amazing how one great story can be bashed because of the party he represents. This isn’t a football game. This is two men who want to stand up, run OUR country and do what is in OUR best interests. OURS. Not YOURS. I think it’s funny how people have to put a name with a side.
    “He’s republican. Same ol’, same ol’.”

    Really? Then why even have an election.
    Because you “fans” have already made the process worthless.
    Keep your nasty comments inside the local sports stadium.
    When you come out, wash your mouth, and respect the rights of the people around you.

  42. Deko and Posh says:

    Sounds like you are doing great things, we just wanted to say we were very disappointed with McCain last night. He sited three different times that Down Syndrome is the same as Autism. He is so wrong and this is proof that the Republicans and John McCain don’t give a damn about autism. Shame on him!

    L8R…Deko and Posh

  43. Betsy says:

    I want to stress that yes Obama is a great speaker and he really knows how to win hearts by saying all the right things. How blinded we all are. We do not see his associations and the business he recently conducted with ACORN and how about the guy who bombed the US , hes friends with. I don’t care if he was only 8 yrs old. It would have been ok , but Obama still associated with him in his 30’s. My mom always say to me “Let me see who your friends are and I will tell you who you are”. Well people we are in big s–t trouble if Obama gets into office. Than what? Are we going to become Socialist. I am middle class and I do not want a rich mans money, Unless I make it myself. And taxes, Companies are going to freeze hiring due to taxes. So Obama I like what you say, but I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you. And I was a Democrat, but not now. Sorry!!

  44. Laura says:

    Harout, you did a great job standing up for the ‘often ignored’ Republicans (especially the young ones), in an anti-republican media climate dictated by Democrats. I ‘ve been surprised to see the amount of animosity that has existed in this campaign particularly with anyone who disagrees with Obama.

  45. lebparis says:

    im ashamed that my fellow lebanese Fouad can be this silly with his arguments about Mussolini and Hitler.
    But thats the immigrant syndrome where you try to be more American. Stupid lebanese are backing Mccain.Unfortunately they are very good at that. In France, the lebanese who hold dual citizenship mostly christians vote for the right wing Lepen because they try to be more french than the others.

  46. Kimber Lee says:

    Good for you Harout! Your voice should be heard, however, make sure it is not at a “pro-American” McCain rally because you may hear someone yell these popular Republican rally chants; “kill him”….”he’s and Arab”….”not a real American” and my favorite….”he’s a terrorist” in YOUR direction. Watch yourself in the DEEP south and some parts in the Midwest. Some ignorant people would still identify YOU as a “terrorist” only because of your name and outward appearance.



    Ron Paul ’08 for President

  47. Jamara - Los Angeles, CA says:

    Even though I don’t agree with your candidate choice, it’s great that you’re involved and all young people should.

  48. Larry Owens says:

    The true reason why Barack Obama is leading John McCain in the poll is because the whole nation realizes that John McCain has chosen to use WMD “Weapons of Mass Deception” to win the election. Example spread the wealth around, he has no problem spreading the dying around in Iraq, but his love of money is so great he is not willing share the wealth with those who are dying so he can be wealthy. John His campaign is full of WMD “Weapons of Mass Deception”. Smoke and Mirrors, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, McCain!

    Larry Owens
    Middletown CT

    Rachel Maddow
    Morning Joe
    Count Down

  49. Charles says:


    I realize you’re of Lebenese decent, and that your parents came over and opened businesses and worked hard, which gives you a certain conception/understanding of the “American dream”. And I believe that is a valid view of the Ameircan Dream- it’s beautiful!

    HOWEVER, your interview had the tone of “my people came here and made it with hard work, without any ‘handouts’ “. This tone implies that you view others in this country as failing to achieve the American Dream because of laziness and apathy, and that many Americans (maybe you’re saying Democrats) sit around waiting for handouts. This is what I THINK I’m hearing from you.

    Therefore, I encourage you to take a critical look at American history and what it’s meant to some subpopulations of Americans, Native Americans and African Americans to name a few. The reality is that America was built on government supported slave labor (yes, often ignored, but it’s true), by withholding the rights of these groups to own land, to read, to vote, to go to certain hospitals, to go to college, for men to be a part of the traditional nuclear family, the right to be free, and to ultimately pursue the American Dream!

    And I’m not talking ancient history…have at look at the dates of the Emancipation Proclamation, then look up the Black Codes, then look up the convict lease system, jim crow laws, brown vs board of education, followed by the voting rights act OF 1965! Read about the 16th street church bombings, learn about Caesar Chavez and Dr. Martin Luther King and what they went through, and the civil rights movement in America (which also impacted how your family was treated when they migrated, and the rights they enjoy), read about the Tuskegee experiment etc, etc, etc Have a look at these, then talk to families who are truly, directly connected to this history and listen to them (granted-all Americans are connected to the history, but the need for change was not a matter of life or death for everyone- talk to the “life-thirsty people”) . Listen to their stories (I like to record them)and they’ll tell you how their connection to this history has impacted their communities and neighborhoods, and their interaction with the government, their political lens, and ultimately their view of the Ameircan Dream!

    I can tell you’re smart… so if you’re also inquistive, you’ll have a look at the historical trajectory that has caused some to believe that true change (even in the whitehouse) is essential to assuring that all Americans (not just a privelaged few) have the ability to live the dream.

    God bless you my friend!

  50. Wake Up America says:

    It’s great to see a young person rallying for the GOP…… Keep up the good work! DEREK IN COLUMBUS has hit the nail on the head…. I couldn’t agree with you more!

    And why does everyone want to talk about how ‘inexperienced’ Palin is? The only thing Obama has done while in the Senate was write a couple of books about himself…. how is that going to help our country? And just because he can give a good speech doesn’t make him qualified either. Wake up people. Obama is all smoke and mirrors.

  51. Melissa, Los Angeles says:

    @ Charles my parents did the same when they immigrated here in the 70’s. With hard work and frugal spending both I and my brother were able to attend college. It’s 2008 moving to 2009 – enough of the excuses.

  52. aram says:

    i know him. he is a family friend

  53. Renee1 says:

    Harout Samra, american by way of Lebanon. Let us hope that if you ever run for office that is not used against you. Republicans sure do seem to have a problem with Arabs. For everyone who keeps saying this kid is a good kid, just because he is Republican and then makes a comment like the reason for our problems is because of Foreigners, and welfare. Harout is a FOREIGNER, he may have been born in american but his parents were not, therefore in my eyes he is a FOREIGNER. And to Harout Samra anyone can do all this talk if you really care about America and what to show that your truly down for America join the Service. GO NAVY!!!!

  54. D. Floyd says:

    Samra should realize, it’s not the tax’s that are killing small bussines, it’s all the big tax breaks given to the big bussiness. They can afford to make products and services cheaper and force out the little guy.

  55. Margo Georges says:

    Dear Harout, Just heard your interview with CNN. SO PROUD OF YOU. We are also from Lebanon and proud to be Republicans. We have worked hard for the last 30 years and saved our money and bought a few rental homes. Did not go on fancy vacations nor buy BMWs but rather saved so that we can realize the American dream and enjoy the fruit of our labor. The last thing we want is to socialize this country and take our hard work from income and capital gains and pass it on to those that either dont want to work hard like we did or that squandered all their money. If this should happen, we will cut our business in half and lay off employees and then sell off our homes and move our money out before any tax changes are put in place for capital gains. Keep up the good work and God bless you.
    By the way, for those worrying about the big guys not paying taxes, please check out, from a credible source how much taxes they actually pay, you will be astounded.

  56. doug says:


  57. Sam S. Davis says:

    Haout – You are totally on point! Good job!

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