Amanda Bass

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caption=”Amanda Bass, 20, is regional field director for Georgia Campaign for Change.”]

Amanda Bass tries to inspire young people to get involved in politics, paraphrasing something photographer Gordon Parks said about using a camera: “You have to have a reason to pick it up. You have to have a story to tell.” As the regional field director for Georgia Campaign for Change, this 20-year-old says you have to believe in what you’re fighting for.

Amanda believes in her cause to register voters in Georgia so much, she once chased down a bus. She was waiting for a man to finish registering when his bus started leaving. She ran to climb aboard and asked them to wait two minutes for him to finish, and they did. But that is just one of the many people she’s registered, on football fields, in beauty shops or outside stores, while working for Barack Obama’s campaign.

Until election day, it’s crunch time for Amanda and her staff. She says it’s late to bed, early to rise and lots of coffee. She oversees voter registration efforts for 18 Georgia counties by organizing phone banks and planning events. She also hasn’t gone anywhere in months without a voter registration form. She says she even hands out forms through her car window while getting coffee through the drive-thru.

Update: Watch the Live interview

FYI: Until election day, I will be interviewing Young People Who Rock Politics! We will hear the views of different parties and platforms to ensure we are representing this generation’s diverse viewpoints.

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  2. Jim says:

    This analogy is for all the young, well-meaning, but gullable voters..

    Analogy: (Replace $250K with 4.0 GPA).. Imagine if you worked very hard to “earn” a 4.0 GPA, but the school president has a policy mandating that students earning 4.0 GPA’s must “give up” (re-distribute) their 4.0 GPAs (and accept 2.0 GPAs), so that all the lazy students (er, I mean, “less fortunate” students) who made F’s can bring their GPAs up to a 2.0? – Is that a fair plan? That’s Obama’s plan

  3. Camille says:

    I agree that it is a good thing to get young voters involved like myself. I am 23 years old and i have never voted, and i am excited to vote this year. My happiness turned to confusion when i learned today 10-21-2008 that here in Lake county IN, they are not including the votes for this entire county and that nobody will be able to vote. Because of the fraud issue. I feel that this is not fair i didn’t partake in that horrible act. They just crushed me for being able to vote for the first time in my life, and to be apart of history. This year is very important where the economy and the people are at stake and we need a leader to untangle the strings of whats been going on in America. This is not fair at all and i hope that they will change there minds because this is my right as a citizen to vote here in the U.S.

  4. Camille says:

    of course i am going to make sure this is accurate information but this is what i have been told by some one trying to vote in my county.

  5. surprise, surprise, surprise................ says:

    Does she work for ACORN or La RAZA ? Would love to see how many of her registrations are legitimate……this election is wrought with fraudulent registrations and ballots …..mostly due to incompetent, untrained and sleazy “community organizations” working for the Democrats …registering fictitious names, cartoon characters, dead people and illegal aliens is all the rage …..

  6. TMcE says:

    I think you are doing some amazing work! Georgia needs it the most!

    However, I do want to know, What do you plan on working on after November 4, 2008. What do you plan to do if Barack Obama doesn’t win?

  7. Lynn says:

    A very inspirational story! Way to go Amanda. Thank you for being patriotic.

  8. Lynn says:

    And….as far as Jim goes…..who’s really gullable Jim????
    You’re buying into the McCain rhetoric….you’re very contradicting.

    Obama ’08

  9. Eric Albertson says:

    Eric Albertson
    185 Asbury Ave. Westbury, New York 11590 (516)334-2340

    To: Barok Obama & Jack Cafferty
    From: Eric Albertson
    Date: 10/22/2008 10:25:45 AM
    Re: Create tens of thousands of new jobs

    I think it would be wise for you to integrate the following concept into your campaign agenda:

    Take one billion, more or less, from the seven hundred billion to subsidize the following:

    The replacement of all out of date home gas or oil and hot water heaters to modern efficient units.
    Instillation of solar panels on all homes that request them.

    These subsidies would start with the lowest to the highest income applications.

    The efficiencies of the new units would greatly decrease pollutant gasses.

    The solar panels would diminish the use of fossil fuels decreasing pollutant gasses.

    Implementing this concept would create tens of thousands of new jobs.

  10. Tauheedah says:

    I think that Amanda’s efforts are truly amazing. I also think that she has a very bright future. At 20 yrs old, she is the field director for the Georgia Campaign for Change. If she continues at this rate, imagine where she’ll be at 25yrs old and then at 30 yrs old. Way to go Amanda!!

    Jim, first of all, you spelled gullible wrong, so I guess you would be among the “lazy students” averaging below a 2.0 in college.

    Obama plans calls for anyone who makes LESS than $250,000 to have tax breaks…95% of the American people fall within that bracket. So are all those people lazy? Anyone making over $250,000 will see an increase in taxes…which is only 5% of the American people.

    This is a very fair plan that the American people can benefit from and it is a plan that can help get our economy back in order. If Obama do not implement this plan, we will more than likely become a third world country where we will have a small percentage of rich people at the top(controlling all the resources) and large percentage of hard-working people who are poor at the bottom…STRUGGLING. The middle class would be nonexistent.

    Obama’s policy will seek to work from the bottom up, instead of the top down. Do you really want someone to be president who do not understand the issues and who does not even know how many houses he own? How can we trust McCain to guide our economy when he does not have a grasp on his own financial assets?

    By the way, I am a 24yr old graduate student. Young People Rock!!

  11. john says:

    now this is what can happen when woman stop being feminist we can all come together women and men.

  12. Carmen Mclean says:

    As a teacher, that comparison (marks and money) is totally unrealistic and ridiculous because that doesn’t happen in real life. If you are going to make comparison, please pick something else, not marks. Carmen McLean, Ontario, Canada.

  13. kari martin says:

    yay! amanda I’m so proud u keep doing what u believe in

  14. GS says:

    Jim’s comment is completely irrelevant to the topic of the article. If it was JImBob who was a McInsane supporter registering people then it would be ok? This wonderful girl has done something that a lot of “4.0 GPAS” would never take the time to do. Having people register to vote does not necessarily guarantee that they will vote for Obama. It’s giving them the opportunity to exercise their right to vote for whoever their choice may be.

  15. JoD in Atlanta says:

    Response to Jim-If that is your analogy for Obama’s plan, it’s clear you don’t understand his policies. Maybe you should give his plan a second look?

  16. Jen says:

    Maybe we should ignore Jim. He is but one of many cowards who are so afraid of losing what they believe is their right to supremacy because these are one of the people who are finally starting to realize, that they were never supreme to anything or anyone. These are the people who have led this nation by preying on the fears of others. Now they have nothing but their own fears to live by. Yep! the cat is out of the bag Jim!

  17. SHARON says:


  18. Teri says:

    Lynn, Lynn, Lynn, who’s the gullable one? It appears that you’re buying the medias rhetoric. Obama will destroy this country.

  19. Not Jen says:

    Check your rhetoric. I don’t think he ever said anything about “supremacy”…I think he’s just concerned about the right to his own paycheck, without the government’s inefficient, grubby hands reaching into his back pocket. The gov’ts sole responsibility is to protect us from attacks (the military) and dispense justice (the legal system). I have no doubt that the founding fathers would overthrow this current abomination of a government…not matter who’s at the helm.

  20. Sarah says:

    Way to go, Amanda Bass! You are a Rockstar!


    And to “surprise, surprise, surprise”: You will be surprised, surprised, surprised when you wake up on November 5th and call Barack Obama President 🙂

  21. CryptiCop says:

    To TMcE – Amanda took time off from her liberal arts education to do this. She’ll be returning to school after doing her part to bring about badly needed change for our generation.

  22. CryptiCop says:

    To TMcE – Amanda took time off from her liberal arts education to do this.

  23. rickEy Lumpkin II says:

    Great Job registering all those people in GA. I know you’ll be happy when this is all over and you can get some rest and a regular sleep schedule. Can’t wait till you visit LA again!!

  24. Harvard Love says:

    Hey Amanda (RBS Love!!!)

    I think you’re doing amazing and your work is going to pay off in November. You are a wonderful example to young college students everywhere!

    Rooting for you in Harvard Mass (you know who it is).

  25. Jamara - Liberal in Los Angeles, CA says:

    I think it’s great how young people are involved regardless what party they support. You’re doing amazing work and all Americans should take a note. Just remember, there will always be haters!!!!!! God Bless!!!!!

  26. Kory Kantenga says:

    Miss Bass,
    You are truly a visionary. Ignore the negative comments. The author seems to be inept at making a case for his disagreement with Obama’s plan (he merely opposes redistribution altogether on ideological grounds). The diversity of tax exemptions available in this country provide loop-holes for the filthy rich. It’s not anyone’s fault that they fail to use them.

  27. sagewhistler says:

    Jim, are you saying that 95% of Americans earn less than 250,000 a year because they are lazy? That is just idiotic. The middle and lower class are the backbone and legs of this country. Break them and the rest of the body isn’t going anywhere.

    Aside from that it wouldn’t be as if the big businesses and moneymakers are going to suddenly become poor, so no, it isn’t like lowering your GPA to 2.0 to suit the masses. You’re still rich or well off. What part of that don’t you get?!

  28. Brother Philly Love says:

    This is GREAT !!! Stick with it… No matter how hard it might get…
    Stick with it… I did the same things in the early 70’s. It helped me for many years to come.



  29. Chica says:

    Out of respect for this woman, and for the sake of your site in general, please edit carefully!

    Her name isn’t ‘Amamda’!

  30. Sharon L says:

    Go amanda! I think it’s fabulous to see young people getting others interested in elections and politics!

    Surprise Surprise Surprise,
    Ballot fraud and voter registration fraud are two different things…Funny, Acorn flags those suspicious registrations for investigation…and eight dishonest employees out of 1300, hardly an issue… also Micky Mouse, or Jimmy James won’t show up at the polls…
    oh and check the link bleow, the Republicants are truly guilty of voter intentional registration fraud, All Obama did was donate, MCcain was a key note speaker for ACORN two years ago, he loves them…surprise, surprise, surpirse!,0,3842357.story

  31. Not you either says:

    October 22nd, 2008 2:55 pm ET

    Oh are you talking about the way Bush dug in our pockets?

    Check your rhetoric. I don’t think he ever said anything about “supremacy”…I think he’s just concerned about the right to his own paycheck, without the government’s inefficient, grubby hands reaching into his back pocket. The gov’ts sole responsibility is to protect us from attacks (the military) and dispense justice (the legal system). I have no doubt that the founding fathers would overthrow this current abomination of a government…not matter who’s at the helm.

  32. Paul says:

    I think this is fantastic. Youth being passionate about politics is just what America needs.
    I have a hard time understanding the 4.00 to 2.00 analogy. I thought taxes were always about sharing with others. The trickle-down effect has not helped our economy very much.

  33. Darien says:

    Hey Surprised, i work for and with Amanda Bass in my free time. I also helpesd stand outside of stores to help people get resistered. Just because it happenend somewhere doesnt mean it happens everywhere. Amanda took a semester off from college to do this great service for the people of Georgia (where she’s not even from I mite add). This girl works nite and day to fight for what she believes in, so dont discredit her work because of the lack of integrity of others. In the past month she’s become a good friend of mine, so before you discredit her work, What have you done for the person your voting for?

  34. Grammer Check says:

    Tauheeduah, 24 yo grad student? really? “If Obama do not impliment….” check your grammer a little better – it will help you get a better job when you start working.

    I tell you what, when you are making over $250K a year like I do, with a family of four, three of which are in college (Colgate, Auburn, & Masters College) and a group of people you do not even know can band together and force you to pay them an additional $25K a year (money that could pay for a year of college for my son) – then you can talk to me about what is fair.

    I pay over $100K in direct taxes right now. When you add in the sales taxes and employee taxes that number grows to almost half a million dollars. I employ 20 people that pay taxes. I am part of the 5% that pays 70% of the taxes in this country.

    I have been putting off retirement because I enjoy my work and I feel like I have a responsibility to my employees and their families.

    If Obama is elected, my decision will be made for me by people like you. I will retire and will close my company. I have been smart and have planned so my income will remain the same – except one thing.
    Like most of the “rich people” that support Obama, I have trusts and my children have trusts.

    So through tax free investments and annuities, I will still be rich. But the people like you that are out to get the rich people and redistribute our wealth???? Well like I said, the system (McCain or Obama) takes care of it’s own. All that you will get is a loss of taxes in the amount of $500K or so a year and 20 families on unemployment (another cost to you of $500K or so a year).

    Your brilliant economic plan of taking from the rich and “spreading the wealth” has evidently backfired. Now all you have to show for your zeal is an unexperienced man leading the free world and a net loss of over a million dollars a year – just from trying to over tax ONE PERSON !!!!

    How are you going to spread the wealth when all you have to spread is a bill for a million bucks?

    Evidently you are not a grad student in economics – – –

    good luck !

  35. Darien says:

    McCain is LAME!!

    OBAMA ’08!!!!!

  36. Just Wondering says:

    The 4.0 v. 2.0 students story is soo wrong. Saying a teacher could just do that is soo wrong also.

    First the classroom would have to be a democracy (it is not). Then the teacher would have to have the 95% of the classroom that is getting 2.0’s get together and VOTE to take away the 4.0 students grades (after all, they are only 5% and majority rules remember?).

    The 4.0 students usually are the tutors for the other 95%, but a good teacher would be able to motivate the 95% with slogans like “unfair”, “greedy”, “privileged”, “entitled” – kind of like driving a wedge and creating a class warfare thing.

    The teacher would have to be a good talker especially if that teacher never really taught before – – –

    Also, the whole “take away the 4.0 and spread them to the 2.0” deal, as any third grader or grad student can see, only works once. There is no way the “privileged” 4.0 students are going to do the extra work next year when they know the teacher is just going take them away anyway, right?

    Also, there is no motivation in a class room society to take the extra time to be a tutor when their is no extra reward… SO what is the smooth talking teacher going to do next year in order to get the 95% of the classroom up to a 2.0 since he has lost his 4.0 students?

    Maybe this is just a very nuanced scheme to get the teacher of the year award and next year is someone elses problem.

    It kind of reminds me of the story about the smooth talking man that convinced the cafeteria to give 95% of the students free lunches and not worry, because they would pay them back later . . .

    Clearly the dear girl is doing a great thing in encouraging people to register to vote. It is every American’s responsibility to educate themselves and then to go out and cast a vote for the person they believe will best lead our country. However it does a great deal of harm to our world if people are simply handed a form, told to sign, and then Hollywood, or Rappers, or elites with agenda’s are the ones
    that influence them how to vote.

    It is especially bad if the new people that have not bother to vote before are swayed by others to vote for the inexperienced teacher just because that teacher promises he will take from the rich and give to the poor…

  37. Darius Ford in GA says:

    Ive been doing a lot of volunteer work with Amanda the past month. She is amazing. She is very passionate about what she does, even risking her own safety at times. She will be a future leader of this country. OBAMA 08, Amanda Bass 2028

  38. SuzyQ says:

    This is AWESOME AMANDA!! Keep registering voters!!!

  39. Jae says:

    I can’t believe some of the posted comments here.
    This is a young lady doing a very patriotic thing ,going out into the community and getting people registered to vote. Leave the politics alone for just one minute and congratulate her for doing an awesome job. She isn’t just registering Democrats for goodness sake!

  40. Wake Up America says:

    THANK YOU ‘GRAMMER CHECK’ and JIM…… I get pretty discouraged when I read these blogs, I’m glad to see that there a couple of people out there whose brains are still functioning. I’m so tired of everyone wanting to punish the people who have gotten ahead in their lives. This idea that the ‘rich’ should ‘redistribute’ their wealth is ridiculous.

    Neo-Socialism….The new term for the next president of the United States, Barack Obama. We have heard of NeoNazi, NeoConservative (Neocon), well now we will have Neo-Socialist. Senator Obama’s tax plan is a hint of Stalinism. Do you all remember Stalin from your history books? His plan?

    Raise taxes on those who are “rich”. Those who are making $250,000 or more per year will get higher taxes. Problem: His definition of rich is a little distorted. Senators of the US Congress have an annual salary of $169,300. The annual salary of someone from the House of Representatives is $165, 200. In his plan all of Congress is exempt from higher taxes. Does anyone find this disturbing? He does not consider himself wealthy? Problem: If someone is making over 1 million dollars, these taxes aren’t going to affect them. This tax will hurt the small business owing family; the back bone of American business. They will not be able to higher more people due to higher taxes. If the taxes get too much then they may even have to close or sell off to a corporation.

    Raise taxes on Big Business. Businesses who are corporations will get higher taxes. Problem: Big Business will not get hurt by this. They will not see a dime come out of their pockets, which sounds good until we hear why it won’t effect them. Once these taxes go into effect the big business will raise their prices on the lower income and middle classes. There by causing inflation which in turn hurt the small business family because they won’t be able to compete. Big Business also will not stay around in this country if they have to pay higher taxes when the Peso is so cheap.

    Raise taxes on Capital Gains. Problem: This will not cause any revenue because the stock market is down. No one will get Capital Gains, and those who are still lucky enough to get any will fork most of the bill thereby maybe losing equity, hence the cycle starts all over of layoffs and no production.

    Mandated Health care system. Supplying all people with health care sounds great. But who pays for it? Doctors? Lawyers? Congress? Hollywood (give us a break)? No. The Middle class. People need health care. But this is not the way to solve the problem. It is Democratic rhetoric. It is a ploy to get the vote.

    He has a plan that will not “spread the wealth” as Senator McCain misspoke about. His plan will “redistribute” the wealth. This is the new socialist regime. Stealing from the rich to give to the poor sounds noblish and all Robin Hood humanitarian but will cause Big Business to leave and Small Business to fail. What a Stupid Amerikan, comrades. Don’t spread the wealth, spread the news: Neo-Socialism is on our doorstep. (thanks GOZHERT)

  41. KATTY says:

    that ‘s a good for young people like my self to support for change

  42. John from Chicago says:

    Why are you so passionate about this campaign?

  43. Face says:

    It should be illegal for people or organizations to pander voter fraud in the name of registering voters. Everybody knows they can go to the DMV or Post Office to register to vote, we don’t need hucksters getting out the fraud. This practice should be made entirely illegal by making only the showing up in person at a Post Office and filling out one form that is not to be removed from the premises. Until then, our democracy is a sham. We should also have a National I.D. and that should be presented at the polling place in order for the registered voter to vote. Get rid of absentee voting, it is fraudulent as Mickey Mouse would tell you.

  44. john says:

    Jim (first comment) you’re lame! Very dumb example.
    And by the way most colleges now base class grades with respect to the average score of that class (usually B-) irrespective of the actual corresponding grades.

  45. Tauheedah says:

    Grammer Check,

    You’re right, I am not an Economics major. I am getting a masters in Social Work with a concentration in Marriage and Family therapy, which makes me ALL the more concerned about the people of America.

    Apparently, you are not an Economics major yourself. And apparently you have not read the Obama’s tax plan. So since you have not taken the time inform and educate yourself on what you will pay WHEN Obama becomes our next president, I decided to bring the plan to you. (You can thank me later)


    “Middle class families will see their taxes cut – and no family making less than $250,000 will see their taxes increase. The typical middle class family will receive well over $1,000 in tax relief under the Obama plan, and will pay tax rates that are 20% lower than they faced under President Reagan. According to the Tax Policy Center, the Obama plan provides three times as much tax relief for middle class families as the McCain plan.

    “Families making more than $250,000 will pay either the same or lower tax rates than they paid in the 1990s. Obama will ask the wealthiest 2% of families to give back a portion of the tax cuts they have received over the past eight years to ensure we are restoring fairness and returning to fiscal responsibility. But no family will pay higher tax rates than they would have paid in the 1990s. In fact, dividend rates would be 39 percent lower than what President Bush proposed in his 2001 tax cut.

    “Obama’s plan will cut taxes overall, reducing revenues to below the levels that prevailed under Ronald Reagan (less than 18.2 percent of GDP). The Obama tax plan is a net tax cut – his tax relief for middle class families is larger than the revenue raised by his tax changes for families over $250,000. Coupled with his commitment to cut unnecessary spending, Obama will pay for this tax relief while bringing down the budget deficit.”

    Hmmm…let’s see…I don’t think I read anything about you having to “pay over a $100K” under the new plan. I also don’t think I read in the Obama plan about you paying “70% percent of taxes” in the top 5%. I think you’ve been listening too many Sarah Palin and McCain rallies..or using FoxNews as your primary source..LOL. But, educating yourself on the facts, instead of the Republican rhetoric is a beautiful thing. ; )

    *Note that he said you will pay 39% lower than the tax cuts your buddy Bush proposed. Under the Obama plan, your children will still get to go to college.

    Please feel free to check my sources on Barack’s website. What better way to know his new economic and tax plan than to hear it from the man himself!

    One of my duties as a future social worker is to make sure that social programs are funded. In the Reagan era, social programs were cut drastically. We saw huge budget cuts from the social programs and we saw Reagan lowering taxes, not b/c he cared so much about the American people, but b/c he did not want see the tax revenue spent on social programs. Ronald Reagan was one of those “pull yourself up by your bootstraps, even if you don’t have boots” type of guy.

    Also in your free time please google “Working poor suffer under Bush tax cuts.” This article says that “The Bush administration and Congress have scaled back programs that aid the poor to help pay for $600 billion in tax breaks that went primarily to those who earn more than $288,800 a year. To offset the loss of the tax revenue, the administration has amassed record federal deficits and trimmed social spending. The affected programs — job training, housing, higher education and an array of social services — provide safety nets for the poor. Many programs are critical elements in welfare-to-work initiatives and were already badly underfunded.”

    So let’s see that’s Reagan and both Bushes who have adovocated to reduce the costs of social spending. Let me remind you that when the Clintons left office, they left with a surplus. Bush is leaving the office in a deficit.

    I’m afraid the American people do not have to be an economics major to see the crisis we currently face. Maybe you could benefit from a few classes in social policy.

  46. YourNextdoorNeighbor says:

    to all of you saying Obama OR McCain is going to destroy your country…….

    i hate to be the bearer of bad tidings…..

    W. has already destroyed it… are bankrupt.

    next year will be the worst in your history.

  47. Andrew N. says:

    So proud of you!!! And of your dedicated work Amanda. You are an agent of change; you are an excellent catalyst of reform. May God bless you and bless your parents. I am sure all your hard work will be crowned with the ultimate success of victory. Thank you for your devotion, faith and love.

  48. Tom says:

    Way to be a worker bee! Way to be a drone! Way to believe that the upper class knows what is best for the rest of us! McCain Rocks the Vote! Obama dances on Ellen! Just like regular drones! We are gonna change the system through our orderly compliance. yay stupid!.

  49. you're all nutbags says:

    Great……another idiot college student helping to register illegal aliens and crack addicts to vote. Do they allow anyone to get a college degree these days?

  50. Young People Rock Love says:

    I just have to say it’s inspiring to see people like Amanda going out there and working so hard for things they believe in. People of the older generations come with their own sets of biases and jaded perceptions about not only the world but about young people as well. It’s not the older generation’s fault- that’s just how it is, and seeing someone not only break down those stereotypes but actively work towards a better future is inspiring in ways that I cannot describe.

    The fact of the matter is, the youth are inheriting this country. Old McCain fanatics can say what they want, but most of them only have another couple of presidents before they’re in the home. They will not be actively participating in this country, and its unfair that some of them work so hard to uphold values that are/will be irrelevant to them within a few short years.

    Oh yes the youth are inheriting the country, as well as all of the burdens, prejudices and mistakes that those before us have made. The good news is that we can change it, and if everyone took a cue from Amanda Bass, we can live in a country that truly demonstrates how it is the best country in the world.

  51. Ellen Wood says:

    Hi Nicole. You’re doing a great job, thanks! But WHAT ABOUT ELDERS? Is there someone at CNN who reports on what elders are doing to be involved in this campaign? See

    for a video on a grassroots movement of Young Elders – aged 53 to 94 – in northern New Mexico. Can you forward it to some of your colleagues? Thanks.

  52. Abebe says:

    She really rocks, keep it up…I hope she will run the same race as Obama.

    I am sure my kids are going to be with you when they are born and ready to vote &/or stand up support for you.

  53. Jada says:

    This message is to “You’re all Nutbags” — Do you have a degree? If so, I agree…they do let ANYONE get degrees these days and if you don’t…go get one!

  54. kofi agyemang from Ghana says:

    Mandy, you really rock and i hope you will continue with the good work.
    Be focused and when people doubt you take it as only one of the challenges of leadership.

  55. Evelyn says:

    Hey Amanda keep it up that way an you will go farther!!!!!…..I totally agree with you about young people getting interested in politics… we are the future of our countries and the hope of our nations…people like you were born to mark a change in the destiny of a nation…I encourage you to keep on like that….you will surprise us!!!!

  56. Matthew Pederson says:

    i think it’s very important for kids to get a good grasp on politics. It will help kids understand the issues that are going on in the world. It will also make kids into future voters.

  57. Professor says:

    I am a 30-year-old, African American, full-time single father. Professionally, I am Psychologist & Adjunct Professor in the Atlanta area. I applaud Amanda for impact she is having with other younger voters. To place one’s education on hold to pursue a passion for change, is truly an indescribable venture to me. Although I am 30-years-old now and no longer consider myself to be a part of the youthful population, I am just as excited to see the next generation still engaged into ideologies that do no surround just the next new rap artist. Raising an energetic 6-year-old “little man” on my own, I am truly encouraged that my son’s generation has a chance to thrive because of the efforts of young people like Amanda.

    Amanda, I am proud of you and continue to keep up the good work.

  58. Steve Stout says:

    Amanda, you are awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing because America needs more people like you. You are an inspiration!

    Jim, your GPA analogy is the stupidest criticism that I’ve seen of Obama’s tax plan so far. What part of “95%” do you extreme right wing lunatics not understand?

    And furthermore, Obama’s tax plan doesn’t even go as far as Sarah Palin’s windfall profits tax on oil companies that “redistributes wealth” from those oil companies and gives each citizen of Alaska $1,000 just for being there. But I forgot…that’s not socialism because Palin is a “reformer” and a “maverick.” And finally, you misspelled “gullible.”

    In conclusion, Jim, you’re making the internet stupider, so go put on your dunce cap and sit in the corner.

  59. ellie says:

    amanda, you’re an inspiration to us all.

  60. Mark says:

    It’s so inspiring to see people my age making such a difference. Here she is, involving herself in the community in a way that makes such a vital impact. Sometimes I feel too cowardly to really pitch in. Right now I’m concentrating on traveling, meeting people, and discovering what America has to offer. I’m learning a lot about natural and cultural beauty. I don’t know if anyone is interested, but I do have a semi-professional blog that’s filled with pictures and stories about the adventures of my girlfriend, my dog, and me on our road trip. It’s a project that’s dear to my heart. I hope it leads me down a path of selflessness so that soon I can do the kind of community work that Amanda Bass is brave enough to undertake.

  61. Deko and Posh says:

    You go girl! We need everyone to vote, especially all of young voters, we need a change and we are the future. Good things you are doing.

    L8R…Deko and Posh

  62. Peer says:

    Hey Amanda! We miss you in AC. See you next semester!
    But until then, keep up the inspirational work!!!

  63. doug says:


  64. doug says:


  65. Elizabeth says:

    I think that it is wonderful that Amanda Bass is willing to take away from her time and help and inform kids about politics.

    Middle School Student

  66. Karen says:

    I think Amanda Bass is right. Young people should get involved in politics, instead of going for someone because their parents are voting for that person, vote for someone because you think that will be the better president.

  67. Patricia says:

    To all the people that are using this as a forum for their own political posturing…shame on you. I too volunteered to register voters but unlike Amanda I am a 55 year old mom with two sons in college that I am supporting myself. I was amazed at the number of people that were not registered to vote because they either didn’t care or because they felt their voice didn’t count. What I did discover is that so many young people, my sons included, were among the ones that were truly concerned about the direction our country is going. They are our future people! I also was very honored to work with a lot of young people, and guess what? They were intelligent and informed as well as inspired and dedicated. They motivated me to give up my weekends after working 50+ hour weeks to get out the vote. So to Amanda….I am proud of you and your dedication. Keep up the good work and best of luck to you.

  68. Roy says:

    I thought the blog was about young people doing things positive. Not about political statements.

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