Noah Gray

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caption=”Noah Gray, 16, is the founder of Virgin Voting.”]

You know what they say: You never forget your first time. Voting, that is.  Noah Gray can’t vote because he¹s only 16, but he founded Virgin Voting to encourage other young people to take their first-time voting seriously.

In this historic election year, Noah doesn’t care who 18-year-olds vote for — just that they vote. So, he’s giving them an incentive: a video contest. Young people compete for a prize by producing films that call on other young people to take to the polls.

A film created by Noah himself can offer participants inspiration. He put together a documentary that’s been shown in high schools and has received short film awards. It not only includes interviews Noah scored with major candidates and their surrogates during the primary season, but interviews with first-time voters about the issues important to them.

Update: Watch the Live interview

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22 Responses to Noah Gray

  1. Deko and Posh says:

    We want to know what Noah thinks about our government. Is it corrupt? And is Socialism really a bad thing?

    L8R…Deko and Posh

  2. VivienneG says:

    It’s so great to hear something positive happening for a change, especially from the younger set.

  3. Ashley says:

    Being only 17, I think that it’s really great that someone in the younger age group is doing something great like this.

  4. Jay Curt says:

    The next major financial crisis that will make the current economic crisis seem like nothing, Social Security. Few people realize that the goverment uses two different accounting systems to record social security and balance the national debt. This means that while the social security people claim that extra funds are being saved for the future, the balance the budget people are using the extra funds as part of its revenues. Their is no real Social security trust fund.

  5. Eugene says:

    Virgin voters? I love it.

  6. Nancy G Turner says:

    Noah, I’m so proud of you; it’s refreshing to hear about a 16 year-old American stepping up to the plate challenging 18 year olds to get out and cast that “Virgin Vote” AS SOON AS THE LAW ALLOWS. Many in this age group will be joining the Military Services and protecting the rights of all of us to to do just that. May God bless them as they go to the polls and vote.

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  8. Boryana Petrova says:

    It is good to hear that a 16 year-old has such an interest in inspiring young people to vote. However, this inspiration is “yes” – going to influence some people, who really are concerned about who the next president of the US is going to be; and “yes” – these influenced, young people are going to influence others (same age), who do not understand that much of politics, and are in fact going to vote just because someone close to them thinks that a particular person in good enough to win. The whole idea of inspiration is somewhat “ok”, but even though I am 19 years old, I do not think it is a good idea to inspire YOUNG people to vote. In other words, whoever is concerned about the future of the country, should aim for their voting right without being asked or pushed to do so.

    Boryana Petrova

  9. Eileen Chong says:

    Wow. I am beyond impressed by how work you’ve done. You’re only 16, so when did you start all of this?

    Way to be inspirational to teenagers everywhere. Makes me feel like a bum, but awesome work!

  10. Kennith says:

    I am presently in the Island of St. Lucia. CNN has never been so interesting. I rush home every day just to follow up this exciting new polictics with Obama and Mc cain. However, the thing that makes is so special is the way the cnn team is like a family,

    I now prefer to watch cnn than a great movie.

    By the way there is an Island song about Obama. It is the best.

    4th Nov.2008 is a day to remember.

    ps Anderson is hot.

  11. Kennith says:

    Just so you know Kennith is a woman’s name. Could you guys say hi to me…..i look at your programm every day. Kennith Foster

  12. Solomon Eyah Gindeh says:

    America has but finally done it. If the world or even America had looked at tiself from a different angle, now is the time to tell ourselves that America truelly stands for what it preaches to the world; and that is a true Democracy.
    I am in no other way able to show my appreciation for this historic election of an African American to the white house, than to write a poem (BARACK OBAMA), which I will like you to read out to the world out to the world.

    B -Bringing Dr. King and other Giants dream to life
    A- An African American’s Victory Dawn’s a new day
    R- Raining in every heart, a true meaning of hope
    A- Ageing the true American history from a starting page
    C- Call it a change, but no better word than a Challange
    K- Knowing all that the world has got afoot to manage

    O- Oh America, you have but finally proven a people
    B- Bringing to reality the true meaning of “We The People”
    A- After-all, African and the world atlarge makes the People
    M- Mankind should have no better meaning than one people
    A-America, you finally delivered, God bless the Eagle

    By: Solomon Eyah Gindeh
    Guinea, Conakry
    West Africa
    Cell: +224 64 53 82 90
    November 05 2008

  13. doug says:


  14. doug from East Middle says:

    It’s nice to see that we young people are making a change in the world. We can finally let our voice be heard.

  15. Josue from Ms. Britt's Class says:

    I want to know what Noah thinks about the government? Is it corrupt?

    I am impressed by how work you’ve done. You’re only 16, so when did you start all of this?

  16. rafael says:

    I think that it is important that he doesn’t choose a side that he only cares if they vote.

  17. Ricardo from Ms.Britt's Class says:

    That’s a good idea because some of those votes can make a difference.

  18. kayla says:

    What does Noah have to do with voting? Back then we did not the chance to vote.

  19. kayla says:

    Noah was a guy who did not have a clue about anything. LOL I don’t think the Bible is true but do you seriously think there is a “God” out there?

  20. kayla says:

    Is anybody there

  21. katie jo kerrick from coach k's class says:

    Look i have noah gray in my english class at school. He is a very driven young man. He has great intentions and cares about alot of touchy topics. He is a great guy who has been very fourtunate this year. Noah gray has his flaws too though. But of what he has accomplished… i am proud of him and i am proud to know him on a personal level. He is an amazing kid who has alot of intelligence and talent.

  22. Kimberly says:

    I know him! He is a very nice and smart person. If you ever get the chance to work with him, go for it.

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