Molly and Carly Houlahan

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caption=”Molly and Carly Houlahan started Hives for Lives to donate money to cancer charities.”]
I met Molly and Carly Houlahan at Service Nation in New York recently. Before they even told me their story, I could tell these were special girls. And their story only made them more so.

When these sisters were 9 and 11, their grandfather died suddenly from throat cancer. It was devastating to them because he was so young. They wanted to do something not only to remember him, but to make sure others would not be stricken by cancer like he was.

They started reminiscing about their grandfather’s love for his bee hives and the harvest he completed ever year, when they realized they could sell honey and donate the procedes to charities that help fight cancer. They started Hives for Lives with 23 hives, selling raw honey at farmers markets, craft stores and Whole Foods. Five years later, they have donated more than $150,000 to cancer charities.

Update: Watch the Live interview

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22 Responses to Molly and Carly Houlahan

  1. Bonnie says:

    I bought this honey just because I needed it. When I got it home and read the story behind it I was truly touched. Having recently been diagnosed with cancer myself, I could only marvel at the wonderful thing these girls were doing to honor their grandfather. As long as Whole Foods keeps selling it, I’ll keep buying it. It’s more expensive than the other brands but it is also the best tasting Honey I’ve ever had. Knowing that I am helping these girls in their cause only makes it better!

    I wish them much success in life!

  2. sal Ober says:

    Very serious that story. we must be waked up to this reallities.
    Nice text.

    see you


  3. Melissa Cedeno says:


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  5. Gustavo - Brazil says:

    When I watched the video about these young ladies I got very impressed about their lovely attitude. In fact, it is amazing to know how we can be useful for others who don’t have any choice in life. I mean, who needs hopeness and have almost nothing more.

    So, thank you for presenting me something real that I needed to hear.


  6. Kaylla says:

    That is really awesome! I one day would also like to support the cancer charities. How did you start the hives? It is great that you did that because it encourages other people and me.
    Ms. Britt’s student

  7. Hannah says:

    I think what these to girls did was amazing!! It was so great of them to sell honey to help their grandfather and other people!! I am very very amazed at what they did!!!!

  8. Hannah says:

    I think what these to girls did was amazing!! It was so great of them to sell honey to help their grandfather and other people!! I am very very amazed at what they did!!!!

    Ms.Britts student 😉

  9. undre says:

    I think this is a good way to remember and honor your father. I also think it is great that you use that money for a cancer fund.

    Ms Britts class

  10. Carley says:

    I think this is a great idea. It shows that even young children can do things to make a difference.

  11. Carley says:

    I think this is a great idea. It shows us that even young children can do things to make a difference.

  12. allison c says:

    I think their story is amazing!! Even though I am scared of bees, I want to know how I could help to make sure people do not get struck by cancer because my grandfather had cancer but he had surgery to get it removed before it got too bad. The only problem was he didnt want to have surgery. After the surgery, he was in the hospital for over two weeks< but he is ockay now.

  13. alan from Ms. Britt's Class says:

    I think that what these girls did was a very caring thing to do. I’m sorry about their grandfather though. I never knew people would use honey to get money to donate to charity. It sound like a really fun and easy thing do.

  14. Hilario says:

    Wow.. that is an amazing story but I need to know if sometimes you think of spending the money for your self cause probably around that age, kids with that much money will probably waste some for themselfs. Thats a great thing so thanks for the money you send to help people.

  15. Tiffany says:

    I think it is a great idea young people want to get involved in their communities and projects that help others.

  16. Isela from Ms. Britt's Class says:

    Girls I really admire you for doing something very nice and for saving lives .I think that you are a super heroes. I also think that you deserve something special.

  17. mallory says:

    I think it was really cool what you guys did. My granddad passed away at the first of the year from lung cancer. I just hope that someday that doctors find a cure to cancer with the help of people just like you.
    Ms.Britt’s student

  18. rafael from Ms. Britt's Class says:

    I think that it is great that they help cancer charities because there are some people who don’t have that opportunity.

  19. Trevor says:

    I think it was a great idea because it inspired me because 5 years ago my Grandma had cancer in her leg and my other Grandma is battling lung cancer and this her second time having it in her lung. I think that more people should do more for people that need help.

    -Ms. Britt’s student

  20. maureen says:

    These girls are deffitly special and indeed a role model to all kids. I can only think what wonderful parents they have, they where of course their first role models.

  21. GMC says:

    It is awesome to see young people making a difference and following their passion.

    Way to go girls!


  22. Brielle says:

    This concept (selling honey for charities) was in an episode (or rather, several) of the ABC show “Pushing Daisies.” I wonder who influenced whom, because it seems quite unlikely that these ideas developed independently.

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