Noah McCullough

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caption=”Noah McCullough, 13, wrote ‘First Kids: The True Stories of All the Presidents’ Children.'”]

Did you know that Sasha Obama’s real name is Natasha? That her sister’s name, Malia, means queen and calm in Swahili and Hawaiian Those are just a couple of the many facts 13-year-old Noah McCullough knows about the soon-to-be “first kids.”

Noah followed up with his first book on presidential trivia (yes, he is just 13) with his latest presidential history book, “First Kids: The True Stories of All the Presidents’ Children.” This whiz-kid historian put together information on all 43 presidents’ kids, from the games they play to their likes and dislikes. He discovered the White House, equipped with a movie theater and a bowling alley, is a cool place to grow up. Noah says all first kids are unique except for the fact that their father was put in charge of the Free World.

Noah himself has clear plans to run for president in 2032 when he is 37 years old. But, he tells us, “From writing the book I learned that the pressures of being a first kid affected some of the kids in a great way but for others the pressure was too much. If I have kids I will make sure they’re OK with it first.”

Update: Watch the Live interview

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37 Responses to Noah McCullough

  1. Bret Carroll says:

    Hi, I had a very avid gov’t teacher in high school… he made us memorize alll of the presidents in order my freshman year. I think I have one that will stump you.. no using the net to look it up, k?
    Years ago, here in Wichita, a president got stuck in a bathtub in a hotel, which led to having a street named after him. Who was it?
    lol … good luck and thanks for your time.

  2. John Schuette says:

    What president first used the term Grand Old Party what was the occasion and what party as he refering to?

  3. r lewis says:

    who was our first president and how lond did he serve. oh and to give a hint gw is not correct.

  4. Matt says:

    Which president most likely owes a great deal of the success of his career to the breakfast cereal Wheaties?

  5. Stefano says:

    Question on Presidents.

    Which president remarked of his favorite play, “I think nothing equals Shakespeare’s _Macbeth_”?

  6. potus says:

    Who is buried in Grant’s Tomb?

  7. Ed Waters Jr. says:

    Which president was sworn in by a Notary Public? And who was the Notary Public?

  8. Michael says:

    Which President approved the use of germ warfare to ethnically cleanse America?

  9. rocker419 says:

    Which 4 presidents were assassinated in office?

  10. Marc V. says:

    Bret Carroll, I remember that tid-bit from my history teacher in 6th grade. Wasn’t it Taft? William Taft?

  11. Janice says:

    what happens if…

    Before Obama can be sworn in, something happens and he cannot be president-like a stroke or something…Bush is still in office…

    Does Bush continue on until another election can be held? Does Biden get sworn in, replacing Obama? What’s the “protocol”?

  12. Steve says:

    Who was the first community organizer to be elected U.S. President?

  13. maria says:

    What was the name of the school where Amy Carter went? and what was her first boyfriend’s name

  14. Chantal says:

    I think this is awesome! Finally someone with an awesome interest in history. In June 1945, which soon to be president witnessed the signing of the charter of the United Nations, hoping to establish peace?

  15. Denver Peg says:

    Are you presently preparing for the presidency? In what ways?

  16. Marty James says:

    Dear Noah, can you answer this question: Which US president in modern history was the only one to refuse to be played like a marionette by Israel’s special interests?

  17. Mark Brandon Anderson says:

    who was the first prezident to have an affair?

  18. Greg says:

    Who was the tallest President?

  19. April says:

    Where did the phrase “separation of church and state” originate?

  20. Greg says:

    Which President was the only one to have a child while in office?

  21. Tom Wiseman says:

    When YOU run for president, what current party would you side with? Or, are you anti-bipartisan?

  22. Donna Strickland says:

    Do you know which of the presidents is said to be delivered by an angel/ghost midwife?

  23. K Smith says:

    Here’s an easy one. What was Grant’s real name before calling himself Ulysses S.?

  24. Donna Strickland says:

    Which president was not married?

  25. Rex says:

    What one political or personal defect hampered James K. Polk’s execution of the Mexican-American War?

    Analyze Benjamin Harrison’s execution of the Pendleton Act.

  26. kelly says:

    did a president really (not saying washington) cut down a cherry tree??

  27. kaylla says:

    That is really awesome you made a book on presidential facts. I was wondering how do you plan to get to the stage of running for president? I am really interested in reading you book. It seems really cool. What made you decide to create a book?
    Student from Ms.Britts class

  28. Ms. Hoover's Fourth Grade class in Austin, TX says:

    When you have met former presidents, have you noticed if they share any characteristics or qualities?

    Have you learned any new Presidential trivia lately?

  29. Gene Vallee says:

    After listening to this young man Noah, damn I wish he would of ran for President, he made more sense and sounded more intelligent than all of the other candidates.
    Good luck Noah in your future endeavors. It did my heart good to see a young man like yourself really doing something in making our country a better place to live.
    Gene Vallee

  30. Isabella says:

    i think thats so cool that someone our age is being so…. mature and intrested in something like that. im 13 too and seriously people, lay off a bit, theres like 26 questians and he ant answeer them all! 😀


  31. Francisco Muro says:

    you know our future is in the hands of the young,you go on and hold on to your dreamsNoah.reach for the stars.dont let any one stop you.

  32. Chris Ogado says:

    Just a suggestion, please check your facts before you go to print. I am a Swahili speaker and ‘Malia’ does not exist in the language. A Queen is called ‘Malkia’. …..unless in Hawaaian?

  33. Jessica says:

    This is wonderful! I’m having the kids study all-things-presidential, as well. We’re homeschoolers, on an Obama mission, I guess.

    when I’m not partying here: the momversation

  34. clif says:

    That is really cool that at 13 he can write two books.

  35. tyler says:

    i didnt know that the white house was so cool. i alwase thought it was just for goverment buisness.

  36. chris says:

    go for it, but i remember having alot of ideas as a kid. things change, but i hope it works out. R

  37. Ironhorse94 says:

    Which party do you like better? Also It is cool that at age 13 you know all these fun facts.

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