Kelly Evans

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caption=”Kelly Evans, 23, reports on the economy for the Wall Street Journal.”]
Like many families, Kelly Evans’ considered talking about money taboo. To them, financial news seemed lofty and inaccessible.

Fast-forward to 2009 and you’ll find her talking about money everyday as an economics reporter for the Wall Street Journal. “Its my job to take wonky and opaque figures and make them understandable,” she says. When she started 18 months ago, there were only rumblings of a recession. Now, this 23-year-old is pulling long days and nights breaking down staggering numbers to connect the dots for the rest of us. “I take really jargon-heavy reports and turn them into ‘No one is ordering U.S. products. So that’s why U.S. manufacturing jobs are being cut. So that’s why your cousin is out of a job.’”

Kelly sees the extreme shift in the economy firsthand, and knows that her generation is feeling it big time. She advises young people to focus on skills, rather than resume-building. “The people that are thinking ahead are those who will emerge on top when things come back around, which they will.”

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  1. Sammy says:

    I’m not sure I understand how she “rocks?” She’s an economics reporter for the Wall Street Journal, she breaks down jargon heavy reports and reports them in laymans terms, isn’t that her job? I don’t see how this is above and beyond what the youth of America do. If that’s the case, then I deserve an award for holding down a steady job for through 2 recessions, staying out of debt, keeping a clean criminal record and not having children outside of wedlock.

    Kelly Evans, you seem like a nice girl, but you most certainly do not rock.

  2. Kram says:

    WSJ must’ve paid for this page.

  3. Haters says:

    It’s an accomplishment for anyone, let alone someone in their 20s to write for a major publication. Kelly my question to you is: do you think the recent $787 billion dollar stimulus package will actually effect the kind of long term growth the President has spoken of, or was it more of a stop the bleeding measure?

  4. Scott says:

    Sure is a lot prettier than Suze Orman

  5. imelda vera says:

    Hello Kelly Evans. I am single and living with my parents. I am looking into buying a condo or house for the first time. I gross about 32,00 per year, I have a little over 10,000 in school loans, my credit score in fair between 620-699. I owe under 1,000 in credit cards, I have about $3000 in savings. I don’t have any car payments. I wanted to know if I should take the risk of buying.

  6. Will says:

    Kelly, you DO rock, and Sammy’s a knucklehead.

  7. Christina says:

    I think you rock! It is a major accomplishment to write for the Wall Street Journal, esp at the age of 23. I can see how you are an inspiration to many. Keep up your great work!

  8. Isabel says:

    Kelly, You are impressive. I wish I had accomplished what you have at 23, or at 55 for that matter! I will be interested in following your career.

  9. Josh says:

    She talks about money in an ordinary, commonplace, boring manner? Or maybe you meant she talks about money “every day”? YEAH I’M THAT GUY.

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  11. Austin says:

    great girl , like your enthusiasm,like be goodfriend,come on girl

  12. Madeline says:

    She’s a 23 year old journalism graduate writing about economics for the Wall Street Journal. I can’t help but wonder what this Sammy or Josh did when they were 23? It’s an amazing accomplishment to write for the journal, and at such a young age to boot. It’s easy to look past that, but think about how many people have to spend years upon years in school to do what she has taught herself to do. Maybe if more people had her drive and initiative at 27 or 35 let alone 23, we could figure out this mess we’re in a lot quicker.

    Long story short- Kelly Evans does rock.

  13. Ems says:

    I would have loved to see what qualifications she has…degree? work experience? something. I mean, she could well be brilliant, but I wouldn’t put it past the Journal to toss a cute young face in front of a monitor just to boost readership in the under 30 (not to mention male) crowd.

  14. Dave says:

    There was a time when reporters for major papers like the WSJ had to have EXPERIENCE. Now, apparently, you just have to be willing to work long hours for low pay, and be able to write reasonably well.

    She’s 23 now, and she started the job 18 months ago… at the age of 22, or maybe even 21. She couldn’t possibly have the experience to really understand the things she’s writing about.

    And people wonder why newspapers are failing…

  15. DK says:

    To Imelda

    “I owe under 1,000 in credit cards, I have about $3000 in savings.”

    You might want to fix that inefficiency first.

  16. David says:

    She does her job; good for her. But you shouldn’t expect a cookie for that.

  17. Ali says:

    Can’t help but wonder–if she weren’t pretty, would this article have gotten written? Would she even have a job, much less at the WSJ? Just what ARE her credentials other than putting complex issues into plain English? (Not ALWAYS a good idea–there’s a danger of oversimplifying. For example, the U.S. has run large trade deficits for 30 years, so why is it only NOW that “my cousin” is out of a job?)

  18. matt says:

    imelda vera:
    I’m not Kelly, but NO! It’s a great time to buy, but in your current situation, it will turn into a nightmare. You gross 32K, and owe ~11K. Your income to debt ratio is already scary. I’ll assume for your sake that the 10K was in school when you didn’t live with your parents, so the 1000 of credit card is after that, that means you’re already living beyond your means and you live at home (again, I’m assuming rent free). You don’t have an adequate savings amount (closer to 1month of savings as opposed to the 3-6 month cushion you would want) and you don’t have a down payment. I would say get rid of the credit card immediately, and bulk up your savings then, when you have 3-6 Plus a 20% down payment, you’ll be sailing and this won’t be a nightmare of a situation. Bottom line, take advantage of your parents generosity, and prosper from it.

  19. Kelly says:

    Geez, give the poor girl a break! What’s the problem; that she’s young or that she’s accomplishing something that most would’ve tried and failed? Viva la Kelly!

  20. Matthew says:

    Wonderful, a young lady is doing her job.

    I can relate to the posts that congratulate her for working for a big name publication at such a young age. That is wonderful. Is she that talented or is she lucky?

    Don’t concentrate on resume building, but on learning skills? How about using the resume to document the skills one has learned?

    I agree with the post by Dave on March 23rd. Economics professors and investment analysts with more experience doing the job than years Kelly has in her life don’t fully understand it. And I hope that the readers of the WSJ do not need someone to break down the link from US product demand tanking to US jobs being cut. Please tell me she doesn’t get paid for common sense. Oh wait, maybe in this day and age its not common sense.

    Oh, and by they way, I write this as a 29 year old that commanded troops in the military at the age of 22, has managed to stay out of debt, create for the system not just take from it and bring some smiles to peoples lives.

    CNN, please pick young people that rock harder.

  21. Jim says:

    I agree with Sammy. Kelly Evans isn’t really that impressive. Show me some young scientists, researchers, engineers, and innovators. This nation thinks science and engineering is uncool and nerdy. That’s why we’re starting to fall behind some of other developed nations in scientific breakthrough and research. Finally a president (Obama namely) realized this. We need more scientists and engineers, and we need to honor them more and inspired more people to become scientists and engineers. Remember how NASA and the popularity of NASA inspired a period of great technological advancements for the mankind.

  22. TVW says:

    I’m sorry; I don’t see the correlation between family issues regarding the taboo of personal finance with the family, doing financial analyst work professionally, and how Kelly is “rocking” aside from the fact that she’s cute. The article references personal finance discussion issues with her family and then jumps into how she’s a financial analyst. If we’re giving out awards for doing your job, then I guess I rock too and my accomplishments should be profiled. Seriously though, there’s nothing truly extraordinary about Kelly. There are hardworking people whom are much more deserving of a profile by a major network.

  23. ben says:

    And people wonder why newspapers are failing…
    if you think newspapers are failing because they hire young people, then you really havent put much thought into your comment. looks like we all get our news from and other INTERNET based media!!!!!!

  24. LCG says:

    To Imelda
    How will you pay for your mortgage if you loose your job? If I were in your shoes I would first work towards saving for a 9-12 month emergency fund and then save for a good downpayment. Once you have these two in place, then start shopping for that condo.

  25. Noel says:

    My apologies Will, but you’re wrong, and Sammy and Dave are both right. Just like them, I too, am waiting to be impressed…

  26. martin francis says:

    newspapers are failing because there is no much re-sale for newspaper

  27. jman says:

    No need to put others down where acklwoldgement of success is deserved. Why do you attempt to redirect the spotlight on yourself or claim superiority over Kelly?

    She’s a young girl who’s doing wonderful work and on a good road to a successful life. Are you jealous she did it in a shorter time frame than you did? Are you just ingorant to what else she COULD be doing?

    I know plenty of 20+ year olds who live at home still, never finished school, don’t hold steady jobs (let alone a prestegious one at the WSJ), and are still into the drinking, drugs, smoking, and promiscuity lifestyles of their adolecence.

    Simple fact is, many people don’t understand financial jargon (hence H&R block, TaxCut, TurboTax, Fidelity, HSBC, ING, and other personal financial industry companies existance). However, I can also see that most of the people who don’t understand this jargon may also be be reading the WSJ. But whether they read it or not, why bag on her for doing her job. At least she HAS a job today.

    To all of those that can’t find anything nice to say–you remind me of my 2 year old son when he hits other kids because he doesn’t get what he wants at the playground. Learn some social skills/manners. In short, grow up.

  28. martin francis says:

    like in developing countries,groceries should be packed in folded newspaper bags..hand made.
    then you would see increase in newspaper subscriptions-

  29. Katie says:

    Sammy, your comment is nasty shows that envy is green. I think she rocks
    and her achievement for a 23 year old is fantastic.

  30. Brittany says:

    FYI Dave, even if she turned 23 the day this article was published, there’s no way she could possibly have been 21 18 months ago when she started with the WSJ. Regardless, it’s foolish to assume lack of experience based on a person’s age. Did you read any of Kelly’s articles? I’d say this would be the deciding factor in determining whether she knows what she’s talking about or not. I’m sorry Dave, maybe you did, but couldn’t understand it yourself. Did you just assume blindly?

    “And people wonder why newspapers are failing…”

    Not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you Dave?

    Newspapers are failing because of the vast amount of information available online. A daily periodical contains a mere fraction of what can be found on just one news website, and you have to pay to have it delivered daily. It is much preferable to navigate to a news site to read news as opposed to daily searching through a mess of creased paper that will end up in a landfill, or consuming more energy by being recycled, than it takes to operate a computer for an hour.

    By the way, I’m a 1985 model. Feel free to dismiss my opinion now.

  31. Clair says:

    I don’t think she rocks either. Long hours are inevitable in any entry-level job and without experience in the financial industry, it seems unlikely that she truly knows what she is talking about. Even the Wall Street Journal is cutting their expenses in this difficult economic time by hiring those right out of college instead of experienced financial experts.

  32. Dwayne says:

    I have to agree with you Sammy. She seems to have landed a good job, but I’m not sure how this profile stacks up against past ones that involve overcoming leukemia and donating kidneys. And based upon the quick sample of her keen analysis – the US trade deficit is in fact down and therefore does not explain why my cousin is jobless.

  33. anonymous says:

    All who respond negatively to this article needs to see the forest through the trees. she is an accomplished writer at a young age, if you have a problem with that, there is probably something missing in your life. don’t take it out on her or the article. give a hand to the economy and get your priorities, motives and emotions in check. Well done Kelly. It is people like you who will get this train back on track and lead the next generation…. and the people on this post, even if they don’t know it.

  34. Gary Cheshier says:

    Obviously her wonky and opaque family must have instilled in her the knowledge of which columns the credits and which columns the debits go in…or maybe it was how to invest her allowance…or how to work her way through college…or perhaps they where wealthy enough not to have to worry about such trivialities. Such a great smile though.
    Keep the chin up…I am sure Cramer will have you on soon.

  35. Ashley says:

    Dave, you get an F in logic.

    1. You have to start getting experience somewhere and kudos to her for it being with a respected, well-known publication.

    2. Because she’s had 18 months experience, she can’t possibly know what she’s talking about? That’s silly and ignorant on your part and shouldn’t be explained further.

    3. Newspapers are failing not because of young reporters but because people are trying to save money given the economy.

    In case you forgot what was happening in the economy, maybe you should read Kelly Evan’s articles.

  36. James says:

    I can TOTALLY see how she rocks. First she is from a generation that all got trophies no matter if they came in first place or not. Second, she has only experienced a market that has trends upwards. And lastly, she is working long hours for low pay.

    Kelly, if you want to continue being a young person that rocks, remember this:

    Second place is nothing more than first loser!

    What comes up, must come down, usually overcorrecting on both sides.

    Welcome to the workforce.

  37. Andrew says:

    Dave, young people with college degrees or above have better uses for their skills rather than making copies and brewing coffee for their experienced colleagues for decades, waiting for them to retire before they could actually do something useful. We’re moving past the days when clocking in and out like a zombie for decades means you’re automatically more qualified than somebody clocking in and out like a zombie for a shorter amount of time.

    I’m only a few years older than she is and I have to explain all sorts of things to relatives. Yeah, they can make a budget but they’re lost when it comes to deciphering the differences between stocks, mutual funds and ETFs.

  38. AF says:

    Correcting TYPO
    >>>>> It’s an accomplishment for anyone, let alone someone in their 20s to write for a major publication. Kelly my question to you is: do you think the recent $787 billion dollar stimulus package will actually effect the kind of long term growth the President has spoken of, or was it more of a stop the bleeding measure? <<<<<

    Really, because for a publication like that, if the accomplishment is too good to be true, it probably is. Its about who you know. She likely knows someone high up in the organization. Its not about smarts, there are tens of thousands of smart and motivated (albiet unconnected) people around.

  39. Michael says:

    Kelly Evans is perfect for the new “FOX-Wall Street Journal”. There used to be a time, “pre-FOX”, when the WSJ had great articles and reporters. It is now filled with writers like Ms. Evans who are not well versed in the actual issues, and believes her audience is a bunch of 3rd graders. All one has to do is read the “garbage” that she writes to prove my point. I have now been reading the Financial Times as well as the New York Times Business section in order to have a better understanding of domestic and global economic issues.

    Kelly Evans Does Not Rock.

  40. YR says:

    Yes, you really do rock. Like everyone else said it is no doubt an accomplishment to work for the wall street journal. You must’ve worked hard to get here and it is really sad and shameful that people can find a negative angle to this and then have to courage to write it. I’m sure you won’t get discouraged and continue working hard and reach heights others can only imagine.

  41. Gerard says:

    Kelly, the haters are just jealous. I respect WSJ and your job there speaks to your cred as a journalist. Way to go!!! Next stop…CNBC!!!

  42. Sandra says:

    How demoralizing that CNN is recognizing a 23-yo newbie reporter whose writing pales in comparison to my 16-yo high school students.

    How in the world do you make these choices, anyway, CNN? For all we can gather, you’ve chosen a pretty girl whose face may rock, but whose work certainly is nothing special. Please search harder for your next profile–I’m sure you can find qualified, interesting, worthwhile men and women whose work actually does rock.

  43. Erik says:


    I’m quite certain these are not the reasons papers are failing. If anything, wouldn’t people willing to work long hours for low pay HELP papers succeed?

    The question of whether she rocks or not is debatable, though.

  44. dave says:

    Imelda, I would definitely advise you to consult a real financial professional. Kelly Evans is NOT a professional. She’s simply looking at current events and “translating” them to those who don’t understand the complex jargon. Yes, her service is appreciated but I am not terribly surprised.
    I repeat…she’s 23 years old…NOT A PROFESSIONAL. Her advice is as good as mine or anyone else’s. Please seek a financial professional who can better asses your situation.

  45. Alex Sim says:

    Thank god, for www – reading blogs and posts are the only thing that makes me laugh these days! Really! 🙂 Some comments are hilarious.
    Kelly, you’re doing great for a 23…! I haven’t seen many 23 doing anything overly productive lately (I accept that as a norm). May be there’s a little bias from a fellow economist here. But as long as you’re good at what you do – people need you!

  46. Ashley says:

    I think those of you that disagree with Young People Who Rock may be looking at it the wrong way. If someone wants to be a journalist, working for The Wall Street Journal is a big deal. If you are at all familiar with this industry you would know they were #1 until recently to USA Today. For someone who is just starting out I would say this is an accomplishment and it sounds like it would be interesting esp now.

  47. DaveO says:

    Kelly, jump ship while you can. There aren’t any people who work for newspapers that “rock”.

    Newspapers are good for three things:

    1) Recycling into USEFUL paper products

    2) Kindling for fireplaces

    3) Bird cage liners

  48. Scott says:

    Most of us would never accept a recent graduates take on the economy and interpreting “wonky and opaque figures”. Is this country running out of inspirational 20 somethings?!

  49. Sammy says:

    Allow me to explain. There’s nothing wrong with Kelly, she just doesn’t rock.

    I too work in the financial industry taking complexe financial rules and regulations and finding a way to quickly and easily explain them to clients on a day to day basis. I also spent an entire year working with local governments as an advisor, helping them rebuild their country. On days we didn’t spend out in the hot summer sun, I created presentations that were reported daily to Generals and high level diplomats…and yet, I do not rock. I’m just an average guy trying to serve my country, take care of my guys, hold down a job, pay his bills, live his life the best I can.

    I do not rock. I’m just fortunate enough to have had a quality upbringing. Sorry Kelly, but you still don’t rock.

  50. Boo Taubman says:

    Hi Kelly. I’m a single parent. I’m considering buying a first home. I gross about $44,000 per year. My credit score is 720-799. I owe about $4,000 on my credit cards. I have about $12000 in savings. I don’t have a car. Do you know the time?

  51. Shalin says:

    I’d have to read some of her work to really give a comprehensive review, but I’m glad that today she has this spotlight. Perhaps someone who is at least curious about how learning a thing or two about the marketplace and economics affects their financial health and career…

    It would be something if there were “Young Money Nerd” clubs to educated younger workers (age 15-25) about money…I know I’m trying with a group I’ve started…

  52. Liz says:

    Sorry, Sammy but she does rock and you sound like you have a big ole chip on your shoulder along with a bit of jealousy.

  53. Derek says:

    Yeah, ummmm, you do not rock.

  54. NYer says:

    Sammy – your a joke… sounds like your a 40 year old who needs a hug.. LOL

    also.. we dont care what you do. I work for financail industry

  55. Don says:

    Apparently if you’re young enough you just have to be reasonably successful to rock. People who are bright privileged and gifted do not “rock ” by succeeding. If they want to rock they need to give something back to society. I think an eighteen year old who got C’s in high school and has no hope of paying for college who finds and holds a decent full time job rocks.

  56. Mr Smith says:

    Ms. Kelly, you DO, indeed, rock!.
    Mr Sammy, if he has done the work he speaks of, and is under 25 years of age, also rocks!
    It doesn’t mean there aren’t others out there that Rock more.. as I think is what Mr Sammy is getting at. However, there are not that many people your age, who are willing to take on such a challenging job.
    Now, this report should have focused on what you have brought to the job, that is so unique, that makes you unique and therefore Rock.
    Keep up the good work Ms Kelly.

  57. Kelly Rocks says:

    Of course Kelly rocks!
    Despite the smug, envious naysayers like Sammy who are obviously resentful that such an attractive young lady can have a prestigious job and be so good at it while getting better every day. This has nothing to do with who had a better upbringing or any other snotty, aloof remarks.
    Anyone who writes for WSJ rocks, as any journalist can attest.

  58. YoungLife says:

    She rocks – well shes hot and I read the story so CNN accoplished it’s goal… if they say she rocks tru dat.

  59. Jon says:

    Kelly, you rock!

  60. David says:

    What is the criteria for determining a young person who “rocks?” As an avid reader, it was my understanding that this column would be devoted to individuals (of a certain age range) that exemplify extraordinary qualities such as extreme participation in philanthropy or possess a creative spirit. Here, Ms. Walsh was employed by a national news organization upon her completion of her undergraduate studies. Does she have a background in equity research at an investment bank or was she employed at the Federal Reserve? How was she able to secure employment at the WSJ when almost all individuals in the financial media must start at news magazines (such as Insitutional Investor or Registered Rep.) or regional/local newspapers. Ms. Walsh “advises young people to focus on skills, rather than resume-building.” How did she land her job? What is it through on campus recruiting or networking? Isn’t working at the Wall Street Journal resume building?

    Finally, why is a Time Warner entity promoting an individual working at News Corporation? Are there any individuals that “rock” at Money Magazine?

  61. robato says:

    i melda- pay off your credit card debt and keep bulding your savings. there is no reason to buy an asset that is still depreciating when you can rent the same asset for less monthly than a mortgage payment.

  62. T-Boy says:

    Sammy: ‘…working with local governments…’, ‘helping them rebuild their country.’ I am guessing U presently are in a country other than the USA. I am wondering in what country U are helping ‘…generals and high-level diplomats…” become more cost-effective in the art of War … just curious.

  63. Denise says:

    Sammy – the article is about people doing remarkable things under the age of 30, by your posts this is obviously not you.
    Sounds like you may be a bit bitter regarding someone’s lack of acknowledging your own talent and hard work. I apologize for your pain but for that reason you should realize how important it is to give credit when credit is due.

    Keep shining Kelly – negativity is everywhere find your niche to continue in the face of adversity…..ROCK ON

  64. rubyshoes says:

    “she couldn’t possibly have the experience to really understand the things she’s writing about.” ??? Sure, she would need to be at least a 50 year-old guy to understand how to run a billion dollar company into the ground, get a multi-million dollar bonus, and then get the tax payers to clean up the mess. I agree – she couldn’t possibly know…

  65. CC says:

    This seems like quite an accomplishment to me! Sammy – judging by the way you chose to justify your rude comment by talking about your own accomplishments, I think you’re just jealous that they didn’t write the article about you! Quit raining on other people’s parades!

  66. Amy says:

    Listen to the haters. I support Kelly being profiled. Many young people find economy and finance to be a boring topic. Many middle-aged people just don’t understand the complex reports. To be willing to and good at conveying this information in a simplified fashion seemed rare for her age group. I’m with Kelly’s supporters on this.

    Sorry you aren’t getting enough kudos/attention, Sammy. Jealousy is not attractive.

  67. Thebigt says:

    I’m with Dave and Sammy; very underwhelming.

  68. Jon says:

    OMG. For all the people that are so critical- why don’t you see if you can get a job at the WSJ as a writer and correspondent? You think she just showed up with a headshot? Come on now! The ‘young’ vote allegedly helped Obama get elected …so why not hire a ‘young voice’ to translate economic data to these focus groups. Not really rocket science here folks.

  69. Thebigt says:

    And I don’t know who’s dumber, the people who think she rocks or the people who are asking her for financial advice… on some comment box she’ll never check.

  70. sb says:

    Somebody’s grapes are sour!

  71. Kevin says:

    Sammy, you rock dude! Dido for me about the two recessions, debt, steady job and of course no children out of wedlock. Got two kids and working on 18 years with the honey. Keep on keepin’ on my man!!!!

  72. kahra says:

    amen, sammy. i at the age of 22/23 was freshly out of (a very good)school, and experiencing the predecessor to this recession/depression (early ’90s). i went to work in washington for a very prestigious organization and worked 40 hours a week only to change in the ladies room, ride the metro home to work for another 6-7 hours each evening waiting tables so i could save enough money to get married, buy a home and move at the governments’ whim while married to a marine. at the age of 38 i now own my second home, have 3 beautiful children and am still married to the same man…there are an awful lot of us who think that living responsibly is what is expected of us…not what we get kudos for. i’m not begrduging kelly her accomplishments, but i know an awful lot of people who were (and are) her age and decided to take all of their schooling and do things like serve their country, work in depressed communities to make them better, work abroad in 3rd word countries for the same reasons and genuinely help others. i was very fortunate to have a good upbringing as well but i am not unique. There are a great many people who are living responsibly and working hard to make a good life. good for you kelly, it looks like you’ve got a bright future, but it frightens me that we as a society would define anyone who goes to school, gets a job and actually does their job as someone who rocks…you’re right sammy – she may be nice but she definitely doesn’t rock.

  73. jack flash says:

    kelly, you don’t rock. I rock. I am terminally cool.

  74. BU says:

    i don’t get this…what was the ponit of this story…what has she actually done? there a kid named Jose who works at Jack In the Box works 7 days a week getting paid $8.00 an hour takin care of his single mother and 2 lil sisters…why not do a story on him?

  75. David says:

    I think the following question may resolve the debate. How did Ms. Evans secure her employment at the Wall Street Journal?

  76. Thebigt says:

    Please Jon, I don’t give a hoot in hell about what a “young person” thinks about the economy; right now the practices of my depression era relatives seem to have been the most sound. Own your own home, keep lots of cash and gold, and don’t give money to institutions who are likely to spend that money while mailing you yearly statements detailing a quaint little 10% paper return

  77. Ramone says:

    We need more of this CNN, spotlighting young people who have jobs. But I think I rock more, since I make over 250k and am a greedy, rich person, I get to support the rest of the nation who don’t pay taxes.

  78. David says:

    How was she able to work at Bank of America, Reuters, & the Wall Street Journal? She had connections in the securities industry.

  79. Ross says:

    I watched the interview with this young woman and was not impressed. As a former reporter, I know from experience that most reporters don’t know what they are talking about most of the time. That is because reporters are generalists like no other profession- you have to cover a ton of very, very different subjects, which makes it extremely difficult to understand, in depth, any one of them. That is not a knock on reporters, it’s just the nature of the job. I know. That is precisely why I left journalism. The job is such that you are a jack of all trades and a master of none.

    She had no insightful answers to any of the questions posed to her, and most of her responses were not even direct ones, but rather off-topic ramblings, for lack of a better word. She does seem somewhat intelligent, I will not say she comes off as a fool, because she doesn’t. But she didn’t “put things in perspective” for me at all. I learned nothing from her except for some vague personal information that is completely meaningless to me.

    Does she “rock” because she is actually special, or because she has a buddy across town at CNN who was able to get her profiled in this “Young People Who Rock” segment? I think, the later…

  80. My Take on this says:

    I just finished watching the video interview with Kelly Evans the person who made the CNN “People Who Rock.”

    I do want to congratulate her on being the youngest writer on the Wall Street Journal staff, a rare and commendable accomplishment personally and professional. She is an example of an American success story and through her work and achievements she is a role model for other youth and young professional that you can make a difference and be successful at anything that you set out to do.

    Interestingly, I don’t think she rocks and suprisingly to learned that the interview is more of a self-serving and ego-stroking opportunity for her and her position. You might think and conclude that I’m jealous and envy from her accomplishments, and I say to you…no need to.

    As a person of color, 1st generation Asian American and moved to the US legally from Thailand at the age of 10 and didnt speak a word of English. I had to learned how to speak English as a second language. Graduated from high school as valedictorian and was the student body president and senior class president. Awarded the the Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholarship, a very prestigious award for students’ achievements in excellence academics, leadership and community service. I still dont think I rock…

    Got accepted to ivy-league college and graduated with two degrees with a 3.9 GPA. Ran for student government and was elected President on the council and served as the Chief Executive Officer for the university student body and overseeing a 4.9 million dollar student’s budget. I still dont think I rock…

    Now, 25 years old, working an executive/manager for one of the biggest media networks and entertainment company in the world in Los Angeles overseeing operations. I’m also about one quarter away this year to completing my MBA.

    I still dont think I rock.

  81. Fred says:

    Brittany said on March 23rd, 2009 4:20 pm ET: “FYI Dave, even if she turned 23 the day this article was published, there’s no way she could possibly have been 21 18 months ago when she started with the WSJ… …Not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you Dave?”

    HMMMM. If she turned 23 on the day the article published then that would mean that exactly 12 months prior she turned 22, which means that 12 months and one day before she was 21. I am not sure but the last time I checked 18 months was longer than 12 months plus one day. Maybe it is that new math they teach kids today.

    Before you comment on how sharp someone else is you should check how dull your own blade is you moron!

  82. Sammy does not rock says:

    Kelly got an undergraduate degree then got a job. This does not make her rock. She is a woman working at the newspaper, does that make her rock? If there is a guy at the job, would CNN say he rocks? I find nothing fantastic about this article. I have a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering, and I work on cutting edge technology everyday defending our country. (I am also in my 20’s, like Kelly). Do I rock? I have taught over 2 thousand students how to use technology while in college. Do I rock like Kelly?

    The truth is that neither of us (myself or Kelly) are doing anything so fantastic as to say we “rock” by CNN. Some of us have higher expectations (those that don’t believe Kelly is anything too special) and those who say she rocks because she is a pretty girl writing about the economy, and that’s it.

    The only post here that rocks is the one by the troop commander who helped defend our country.

  83. Jim says:

    I’m still not convinced that Kelly Evans or some of her fellow “Rock” laureates are impressive. I saw the video, Kelly reutered the same old crap we’ve been hearing and been knowing for the past months. I also went back to many of the featured articles and realized that there isn’t a scientist or engineer in this whole “young ppl who rock” thing. I am bias because I’m software engineer. I personally know the people (who are definitely under 30) who is doing something that could change this world for the better. BUT, they’re not cool or not as cool as that dude who won “Project Runway”, a television contest or some guy who kept hustling for his mediocre music, etc…. I guess people think fashion is more important than science. I will dread for the day when a kid would rather become a fashion designer than an astronomer.

  84. tom says:

    I have to agree with the jman on this. Most of the negative comments I have read about this young lady are going towards the “I don’t like her because she thinks she’s smarter than me” area. I personally think it’s about time a younger person took interest in what is going on these days. We need more like her around. My suggestion to those of you who are whining about what she lacks in experience is to shut yor mouths because, obviously you don’t have ANY experience in that area or you might be working at some prestigious paper as well. Your problem lies within people. Get some balls and do something with your lives besides putting down others for doing something with theirs. Kelly, keep up what you’re doing. ROCK ON KID!!!!

  85. Tim says:

    I don’t know who she is or anything about her, but a lot of these “people that rock” articles showing good looking women don’t really have me thinking it’s all that impressive. She could be the most qualified person in the world, but I’m thinking a lot of this has to do with her looks, just like I’ve observed with a lot of these articles.

  86. LucasJackson says:

    She’s hot. That’s why you all think she rocks, which is stupid btw. She’s gotten a big break at a young age largely because she’s hot. That’s not her fault and I have nothing against her, in fact I hope she’s real successful. I’d rather watch her than Bartiromo that’s for sure. Anyone else notice how the photo is courtesy Kelly Evans? I’m sure she fumbled through her Macbook Air to find just the right sexy work look. Again, she’s hot, she knows it and it works to her advantage. Good for her.

  87. Donavon in a New America says:

    I would simply ask the question why must we dumb everything down for the masses? Why not help citizens – both young and old -understand what the jargon means so that they may speak intelligently about the subject and make more informed decisions when discussing finances? At some point this “dumbification” of America has got to stop.

    What Ms. Evans should explain is that the only reason your cousin doesn’t have a job isn’t the fact that he or she works on a manufacturing line and the world isn’t buying U.S. products. It’s also because he most likely didn’t go to college or perhaps didn’t school and is working in that plant with instead of a paid position made possible through higher education. I’m not truly sure how she “rocks” either.

  88. AF Corona says:

    I wouldn’t bet that Kelly is anymore object that the rest of the Wall Street homes that work for the WSJ.

    Ramone writes like he needs to pay someone, who knows grammer, to write his retorts.

  89. Imelda Vera says:

    Thank you for the advice from those who responded to my posting…

  90. frank d tank says:

    this is a joke, being a registered rep. myself and having left that position and now teaching HS students about money, gives me the right to break these terms down for my students.

    Kelly at 22, working at the WSJ, just graduating from college with no experience in the field, should not be breaking down financials for anyone. Just like every other rep. (aka salesperson) she says put money in a retirement plan, diversify, and keep investing no matter what the economic forecasts and indicators say. In other words please keep sending your check this way I can collect my comission. Great industry.

  91. Derek Fales. says:

    Seriously, you are fighting over this…..too much time on one’s hands. Must be unemployed and jealous.

  92. Sammy says:

    Thanks for all the inquries and just to give a little bit about myself…I’m only 27. I’m not old, but I’m not that young anymore. After this last year, everything physically hurts.

  93. Sammy says:

    As for those that say I’m jealous and have a chip on my shoulder… Maybe I do and I’ll tell you why.

    Ms. Kelly seems to be an upstanding member of society but she does not rock. I have known local Pastors that take an active stance in the community holding rallies against drugs, gangs and unemployment, they take in the homeless and find help/jobs/food for the poor. Those Pastors Rock! I’ve know a 21 yr old kid who worked full time to pay his way through college, managed to go to school full time and maintain a 4.0 average and still have the time and energy to setup a, although small, college fund for other students less fortunate than him. He Rocks! And last but not least, I’ve know many 18-25 year old kids who have shown more potential and courage as the bullets are flying and mortars landing than some seasons veterans who have been in going on 15 yrs. Those young kids who enlisted knowing full well they could be called upon to serve their country, they all Rock!

    Kelly who graduated from college, landed a position at a prestigeous paper, holds down a steady job and gives financial advice to her family/friends and strangers…she is an upstanding member of society and we desperately need more like her, but she still does not rock.

  94. MARK says:


  95. KH says:

    I hear a lot of tearing down, anger and insecurity. Is this just the nature of anonymous internet commentaries? Or is this a function of the economic downturn rendering us into killjoy sourpusses?

    I think she rocks. The Wall Street Journal is a killer first job.

  96. Febs says:

    Sammy and Kram, you cracked me up!

    Totally agree with you. Maybe CNN should redefine the term ‘rock’.

  97. Dwayne says:

    I just read a couple of Kelly’s articles on the WSJ site, and actually they were pretty good. Really pretty good depth of thought for a youngster. I take back what I said, she does kind of rock.

  98. Ron S says:

    Congratulatons Sammy on staying out of jail. Nothing like setting your goals high

  99. Fred says:

    Its a CNN profiling, based on opinions by a group of individuals. Its all perspective. I agree with Sammy for the part where there are amazing individuals that manage time and give a lot more than they take. These are the unsung heroes that need to be talked about as well.

    Kelly is definitely amazing, economics isn’t something trivial. However, it sits on the fence where it depends on what you define as rock. As mentioned, its all about perspective. She rocks as being a successful youth and thats what the article is suppose to entail; Youth being made known. If better individuals are thought to be more fitted for this column, perhaps its up to you to recommend these to CNN perhaps?

    P.S. no need to boo just because others have an opinion.

  100. John R. Hoge says:

    I’ve never heard of Kelly before, but, since I will soon be 56 years old, I’m not all that surprised. As far as Sammy’s comment is concerned., My Uncle Jerry is a retired financial columnist. He wrote a financial column for other financial people. Which is why, while I’m a way above average reader, I didn’t understand it. My wife is a retired tax accountant. She to, tried to explain things, like taxes, to her clients. With, at best, mixed results. Writing about something as specialized as finance, for non-finance people (like me) is a lot like writing a children’ s book. Explaining a complex issue, simply, without insulting the reader, is a gift. Kelly obviously possesses that gift. That’s what makes her a “Rock Star,” knowing how to connect to a lot of different people, all at the same time.
    Good for Kelly


  101. wjk says:

    Age is hardly irrelevant, nevertheless it is certainly not a determining factor in qualifications. On the newspaper industry: yes, it is failing; no, it’s not worthless. To say that the WSJ is publishing less-than-qualified writters because the industry is having a rough time is both niave and somewhat self-righteous. Sounds like envy to me.

    On all the negativity here, and how willing everyone is to post it, it is simply amazing how the anomnity of the internet makes everyone outspoken. I wonder if we would ever see them say simular things face to face!

    Does Kelly rock? She has quite a few influential and “qualified” people saying she does. I trust them more than nameless, persona-less internet bloggers, who (like myself) have time on their hands to waste reading and responding to endless discussions. Who am I to judge?

  102. She rocks? says:

    I can explain this phenomenon; there are alot more ignorant people walking around today that need “inaccessible” financial information spoon-fed to them by an attractive 23 year old woman. I mean can you imagine a well respected publication like the WSJ hiring a bimbo, er I mean an attractive 23 year old, 25 years ago to regurgitate heady economic headlines? IE: “People are losing jobs because people are’nt buying our products” Are you kidding me? This should be a piece about how collectively stupid we are then carrying on and celebrating about what an “awesome” girl she is and how much she “rocks”.

  103. Mary says:

    Kelly, you do rock!!!!! Congrats!

  104. Pat says:

    Adding to this thread … you see I’m like all of you guys … have time to waste since I got laid off.
    Kelly, hope I won’t see you next to me in the unemployment line…
    Keep the faith.

  105. Crispin says:

    Sammy- you suck. Will, you suck…and well everyone you all suck too. Kelly, let’s face it… you got lucky. Period. I mean, do you play board games? Dominoes? The economy is like one big dominoes game. If one pillar of the economy falls, well whoopie doopie! They all fall down! Gosh… If I had a dollar for every time some one said, “Well, if no one buys my whip waps, then I can’t afford to pay my employees to make the whip waps, and then I can’t afford to maintain the whippin wappin machines, land-sakes! I can’t stay in business to promote whip waps, holy whip! I’m outta the job!” Gaaaw! Get over your “going above and beyond.” If you were to go above an beyond, take over as secretary of treasury and FIX IT! FIX…. IT! Now… that is going above an beyond.

    But hey, good write up, it’s cute… like your eyes. Keep it real home slice.


  106. Sene says:

    Sammy and Dave are just expressing their opinions like the rest of us and I think their beef is with Nicole Lapin for not digging deeper for someone who “Rocks” to their standards. They’ve obviously seen the grittier side of life and have a different standard for measuring achievements.

    The decision to spotlight Kelly is really more of a reflection of what CNN believes will attract audiences. And c’mon, it worked didn’t it? We all wanted to see what this pretty girl had to say and depending on what spectrum of the working wheel you’re on, you get to admire her or dismiss her.

    The thing is- Kelly’s info. is wasted on the WSJ, so what would really “Rock” is spotlighting the teachers who are working hard to educate children to understand the economics of the world they are about to enter. The children whose parent(s) are too busy working and worrying about having enough money to get by. But those people are seriously underpaid and overworked so where’s the glam in that.

    And no I’m not a teacher. Just someone who really appreciates them!

  107. Intabus says:

    Sammy, you said

    “Ms. Kelly seems to be an upstanding member of society but she does not rock. I have known local Pastors that take an active stance in the community holding rallies against drugs, gangs and unemployment, they take in the homeless and find help/jobs/food for the poor. Those Pastors Rock! I’ve know a 21 yr old kid who worked full time to pay his way through college, managed to go to school full time and maintain a 4.0 average and still have the time and energy to setup a, although small, college fund for other students less fortunate than him. He Rocks! And last but not least, I’ve know many 18-25 year old kids who have shown more potential and courage as the bullets are flying and mortars landing than some seasons veterans who have been in going on 15 yrs. Those young kids who enlisted knowing full well they could be called upon to serve their country, they all Rock! ”

    All that you have done there is detail people who help others. soem in a different way than the others, yet they still help others. At the end of the same comment you said

    “Kelly who graduated from college, landed a position at a prestigeous paper, holds down a steady job and gives financial advice to her family/friends and strangers…she is an upstanding member of society and we desperately need more like her, but she still does not rock.”

    Essentially you are saying because kelly is someone who you do not know personally, that makes the way she helps other people irrelevant in your eyes. How do you know that her advice has not saved hundres or maybe thousands of peoples homes and lives? Is that not just as good of a thing as giving a homeless person a place to stay? You do not know all of the facts behind her life. Maybe she worked just as hard as the College student you profiled in your comment. Would that meet your standard? Im not sure what you are trying to say, but all i can see here so far is you are saying she is insignificant because you dont know her.

    I myself and 23, I have a wife and a 2yr old son. I work full time to support my family with food, shelter, clothes, as well as entertainment in the way of television and toys and games. All the while i am supporting my wife’s decision to go to school for a business managment degree. She goes to school full time and watches our son so she holds no job. Do i rock? I dont know. I find myself way too busy in life to worry about if i rock or not or what other people think of me.

    In summary, spend your time worrying about your own life, not about if somebody who you know only a fraction of the story of, “rocks” or not. In my opinion, everyone who holds a job or does something to better society rocks. And they obviously cant profile everybody.

    Keep it up everyone.

  108. dean says:

    I think Kelly is brainwashed and she has to do what those people in charge order her to say so. It’s the big pleasure to work for Wall Street Journal. It’s not the point that nobody wants to buy the U.S. goods, the point is that the previous administration in the Oval Office had spend almost all the money on the war. Also, they have printed a very much money. Every a dollar bill printed, there is increase in a debt for America.

  109. Soni says:

    Greetings …

    Whats all the fuss about !!! A girl does herself good is that a problem , go ahead and get a life each one is going to look at it in thier own perspective , those who see it in the optimistic way move forward those who seem to see it in the same old pessimisticway well keep whining about it …

    God Bless ya !!! and Kelly keep going girl !!!! U’r good at what you are doing and as long as you happy KEEP ROCKIN !!!

  110. Christopher Davis says:

    The people who will get ahead are the ones that get the existing jobs Or Compete with other businesses they would otherwise work for as employee and now are willing to put themselves in the Bosses seat (that is start their own business and get out there and compete).
    Change that others do makes change for them- but if You don’t do something to change your situation , you will be right where you were in the first place. Don’t what for some hair-brained political mumbo-change-jumbo to get the job done, depend on yourself and get a hold of all resources available to get yourself where you want to be . The economy isn’t going to “turn” itself around– you have to labor some to get a profit–“Steady plodding- not hasty speculation” is the way to achieve your goals. Henry Ford didn’t build cars by just thinking about them– he actual put them together and did machine work, assembly and tinkering until he accomplished satisfactory results. This is what Americans will have to do– wet-backs picking your fruit puts fruit on the farmers truck– it Does Not put it in your grocery cart and then on your table ! You’ll have to earn it by labor.

  111. dean says:

    Kelly is talking about an economy that failed as result of mess that are caused by folks in the top of the big companies like one she is working for. Hej job is tell us where should we invest our money? Americans are sick and tired of those investment companies. Many people who have the money are less likely to invest,because they can’t trust those big giant firms. It’s the problem we have to be aware that almost all the profits of those firms are used for skyrocketing salaries of the top executives and closers. That’s no wonder why AIG asks the big brother for a bailout. For companies to stay healthy, those people who are overpaid to make few phone calls a day and walk to Starbucks to get the coffee should cut down their salaries.

  112. David says:

    There’s nothing to suggest her complete accomplishments other than the fact that she advises young people, and that she writes and does work for the wall street journal.

    Of course, writing fr WSJ is a pretty good accomplishment at the age of 23. Name brand, intelligent ecomonic analysts, etc. But how does this fit into the category of “people who rock”?

    There are people out there who’ve received their PhD in physics by the age of 23, started multiple companies by 23, recorded platium music albums by 23… I think that’s pretty impressive.

    Anyone who’s born with a silver spoon in the mouth and is constantly spoon fed on the way up to a nice education and have good family connections can get a job in a prestigious instituation such as the WSJ, that’s not impressive.

    What impresses me is how much you have overcome, how much you have accomplished in the face of adversity, and how much motivation you have to keep striving to become a better person.

    Kelly’s accomplishments are good, but she most certainly does not “rock”, without further evidence of her accomplishments.

    My $0.02

  113. Relly from IN says:

    She’s attractive in the face, wonder what the body looks like…. just based on the headshot, I’d say she probably rocks. Nice job CNN.

  114. John says:

    Yes Kelly, you do rock and Sammy is an idiot.

  115. Jack says:

    “‘No one is ordering U.S. products. So that’s why U.S. manufacturing jobs are being cut…'”

    How about: “There’s no manufacturing base in the US anymore since they outsourced and went abroad. So you can’t find anything American made if you wanted to buy it anyway. But big business cares about money, not your cousin’s way of life.”
    That would be truth in reporting. That is worth reading. That would get you fired from the WSJ.

  116. ha says:

    As someone who knows Kelly (though I haven’t seen her for over a year), she’s ridiculously impressive. The bio they offer is pretty shallow.

    The hate and jealously evident here is just sad.

  117. Brittany says:

    @ Fred – Thank you for taking the time to correct my mathematical error. I am gracious enough to admit when I’ve made a mistake, math has never been a strong suit of mine.

    I will also thank you not to pick and choose text from my posts in order to suit your whims. In calling Dave “dull” I was referring to his remark that newspapers are failing due to young reporters. I wonder if you had anything worthwhile to add to the comment box, or were you just feeding your ego?

    I am still of the opinion that one should not judge a person’s qualifications on age. God forbid should one of you injure yourselves, would you turn away a paramedic because he is in his early twenties? How many years must a person be on this earth before you deem them worthy of their chosen profession? I have come across many “morons” decades older than I.

  118. ochuko says:

    You totally rock Kelly!!
    A lot of jargons and “quickly-coined-self-centered-financial terminologies” are all over the place; their authors don’t even totally understand the meanings…
    Keep doing your thing. It’s called adding value.

  119. AFan says:

    Thumbs up, CNN – Kelly rocks!

  120. Franky says:

    Well…will you look at that, here we have a smart, intelligent and beautiful woman who’s 23 years old and has a good job…here I am looking at the boys do…to tell you the truth, I have no idea, LOL!!

    Some are watching T.V, a game show and other stuff…

  121. Mooncock says:

    We all Rock if we’re giving 100%. Sorry if you didn’t get on CNN for your efforts.
    Who cares about jargon anyway though?
    Buy low, sell high.
    Even drop-out drug dealers understand capitalism.
    Buy stock in small companies with huge growth potential. Like the ones who are building wind farms or researching oscillation.

    Newspapers rock too. I happen to enjoy receiving my copy of the WSJ, holding it in my hands instead of glaring into computer screen that’s bad for my eyes, and drinking a nice cup of coffee or tea while I read about important things. I’m 22.

  122. elispLine says:

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  124. dreannib says:

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  125. zorronot says:

    I guess it is the evidence of current leftist mentality to try and besmirch a young person who is intelligent and goes the extra distance. This young lady is on track to a bright future and we will see a lot of her in the future. I just finished an interview with her regarding retirees trying to make it in this economy. Her questions and demenor to me and my wife were polite, professional and thought provoking. She is young in years, but more mature than most young adults I have witnessed trying to game the system. Many I suspect writing here. She works hard for her successes and to belittle that effort and achievment is just juvenile.

  126. Joseph says:

    It’s nice to see great achievements like this. Any body can be successful if they choose to do so, like myself, I have an online business recently changed to Annie Mae Excetera’s. I have been doing this since 2007. Let me tell you, I make pretty good at it. It hasn’t made me a Millionare yet but, I can tell you one thing, when you have a good marketing strategy and know how to treat people, they will remember you when it is time to buy something they need. Any way, if you want to get a glimpse of my site and the best products I have to offer, I am at, I have basically alomst any and everything you/ you and your family need. Again, I would like to say hats off to the Journalist and many more great successed in life.

  127. John says:

    Saw Kelly on the WSJ online, and I asked myself, “who is this young lady who rocks so much”?

  128. Sherry Jarrell says:

    Kelly — What you do is important. I’ve been fairly disappointed with the conversations I’ve had with reporters from AP, Reuters, Bloomberg and others over the years about all things economics and finance, though there have been some exceptions. That is why I started my blog:, to try to explain current issues in economics, finance, and policy in plain English. I’d love it if you’d have a look and let me know what you think. Also, feel free to contact me any time if you think I could help shed some light. Thanks! Keep up the good work.

    Sherry Jarrell, Ph.D.
    Clinical Professor
    Wake Forest Schools of Business

  129. Jose says:

    Right on Sammy!

  130. Rick says:

    Kelly rocks alright. That’s why WSJ has her anchoring their AM Report. She has exceptional poise for anyone at any age.

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