Andrew McMahon

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caption=”Jack’s Mannequin frontman Andrew McMahon started a foundation to raise awareness for cancer research.”]
He hustled for years with his band and it finally paid off.

Andrew McMahon and his band Jack’s Mannequin had embarked on their first U.S. headlining tour. In the middle of the tour, Andrew checked into the hospital for what he originally thought was just exhaustion and laryngitis. It was worse. Andrew was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He was 22.

Despite being off the tour, his first album, “Everything in Transit” still sold 250,000 copies. Now, four years later, post stem-cell transplant and chemotherapy, Andrew is in remission and has a new album, “The Glass Passenger.” Now, he’s headlining a group he never thought he’d be fronting, the Dear Jack Foundation, to raise money and awareness for cancer research.

Update: Watch the Live interview

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  1. Lola says:

    He’s seriously hot.

  2. Sammy says:

    Now here’s a kid who has an up and coming career and gives back to the community or others less fortunate.

    Andrew McMahon, I haven’t heard your music, but your actions do Rock!

  3. Malinna Townsend (#1JMMom!) says:

    My daughter and I, along with many other (SoCo/JM) fans, are 100% behind everything/anything that Andrew wants to do in this world. The Pediatric Cancer and Dear Jack foundations are wonderful ways for all of us to give to those who may not be able to see beyond tomorrow. Andrew, you are living proof that with hope and research, a cure will be found soon. Keep up the amazing and beautiful work – we’re here for you!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Kudos to Andrew! As a cancer patient myself, I know this wasn’t an easy road to haul. You are truly an inspiration.

  5. Hannah Miller says:

    Andrew McMahon,
    I too am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at 13. I relapsed two months after treatment and had a stem cell transplant a few months later. I’m so glad to hear that you are giving back to help research and end this terrrible disease. Way to go Andrew, keep up the good work!

  6. cindy says:

    he rocks
    as a parent of a child with cancer (she was 4 months old–retinoblastoma-cancer of the eye) you can tell the best medicine is a positive attitude!!
    all of our 14 kids with retinoblastoma in the west valley of los angeles have all helped with fundraisers and raising awareness–because yes–cancer can happen to anybody–even babies and rock stars==
    may god bless you–and rock you onto raising awareness!!

    childhood cancer awareness!!

  7. Hannah says:

    As a Hodgkin’s Disease and two stem cell transplant survivor, I am very excited Jack is doing so well. I was wondering if Jack has lots of fatigue and how he deals with it and still is able to be successful in his career?

  8. Carolina Teniente says:

    Andrew is an inspiration; I will look for his music….and Lola is right, he is also hot.

  9. Andre Spidell says:

    May God continue to BLESS you . I just found out in 2008 that i have lymphoma. I’ve been doing chemo for 5 months now . It’s just good to see someone giving back. I plan on doing the same in someway. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  10. Nubia, DC says:

    Way to go man, its absolutely impressive and encouraging to hear success stories such as yours. My question is considering the fact your recovery was influenced by stem cell research, what is your take on the current stem-cell research issue?

  11. Francisco Wagner says:

    I just wanna say congratullations for his positive, and I think everybody should think that: as we are alive, it doesn´t matter how big is our sikness or problem, let´s enjoy life and do the best, the next just God knows.

  12. aj says:


    I wish you recover and do good work. But, I have some serious questions. Why did it take a cancer for you to do good work? If you wouldn’t have been afflicted by cancer, would you be like this (good man) or would you be like other popstars – indulging in pre-marital, extra-marital sex, drugs, alocohol, pompous life-style, little to less regard for non-whites, little to less regard for less privileged? I want your sincere answer. Also, for every good person like you, there are a few thousand jerks who just think their rich and privilged life will go on for ever and indulge in lots of atrocities and do too much mischief in the land.

  13. Herb Gilliland says:

    Randy Pausch was my friend. I am a cancer researcher and my mother was a victim of cancer. I’m convinced avoiding esophageal and lung cancers will be difficult for me, so I look at this out of the concern of both a researcher and a patient.

    Does it frustrate you that our society focuses more on commodities and material wealth, religion, sports, musicians and models than on scientists, doctors and engineers?

  14. Nikki Bohman says:

    Andrew McMahon is my hero. I have never heard anyone with such raw talent and intensity and have such a compasionate and caring heart. The lyrics and messages in all of his songs help people make it through the day, no matter what’s going on in their lives. I stood in the rain, and hail for 3 hours to see Jack’s Mannequin, and I would totally do it all over again! 🙂

  15. Barrett McInnis says:

    I’ve been a Something Corporate/Jack’s Mannequin fan for a long time. I’ll be seeing them for the third time this May at The HOB Orlando and I can’t wait. Not only is Andrew an inspiration for all people affected by this disease, he puts on one heck of show! If you haven’t seen them live, go see them…and if you have heard them, buy them, you won’t be disappointed!

  16. katie says:

    andrew is my hero, and i absolutely LOVE jack’s and soco. his music has gotten me through so much, and i know the same is true for so many people. i commend him on his creativity, perseverence, strength, and positive outlook on life. seeing everything he’s gone through serves as an inspiration to us all. thank you for your music and your positive message!

    i feel like all the “heavy issues” have been addressed in every interview, so my question is on the lighter side: what’s up with your ever-changing hairstyles? 🙂

  17. Latina73V says:

    You are truly an inspiration…God Bless you!!

  18. Claire says:

    I have been a fan of Andrew’s forever and his music is amazing – Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin are my favorite bands (which everyone should listen to). I admire him so much for his charity work – he’s so dedicated to it, and he is such an inspiration to me. Thank you Andrew!!

  19. Natalie says:

    Hello Andrew,
    Been a fan for awhile, and was truly moved by “Everything In Transit”. It was the first album that I truly connected to and could not get enough of. I am blessed that you got well enough to continue to make music. My question is: When we will be able to see “Dear Jack”? Is it going into theaters or is there a way that we can purchase a copy of the documentary and perhaps even be able to donate the proceeds to the Dear Jack Foundation?
    Congrats on the success, and wishing that you would tour in my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, since you have a huge following there.
    Much love,

  20. Katie says:

    Andrew’s really something special for being able to turn something so painful into something beautiful. I’m wondering if the music in the new album reflects your life and your journey. Did you find that the music you played helped you tremendously through the hardest times? Also, are you single?

  21. Maria says:

    I think that I don’t have to write how amazing Andrew is? I hope that I’ll be able to watch your interview, Nicole.

    Few questions to Andrew:
    – Did you enjoyed the european tour? (I’m from Poland but I was in Berlin, it was the best night in my life, really! And how the band reminisce Berlin?)
    – Did you listen to my mixed CD which I gave you? :)) hehe

    greetings from PL

  22. M. says:

    Andrew is an amazing and extremely talented as well as caring person. His music has gotten me through a lot, especially songs that encourage you to live on and fight through everything like swim and watch the sky. I know this has been asked before, but I want to know and I know a lot of others do too, when will Dear Jack be out for us to see? And also, who is your inspiration and what was your first job? Thank you for doing what you do. 🙂

    p.s. to whoever doesn’t know, he’s married guys.

  23. Chloe says:

    Andrew, I’ve been a huge fan for a long time and you are my favorite musician, and I’m so thankful that you have recovered from the cancer and are still able to make music and help the world. I would love to know: when is Dear Jack is coming out?

    Also, I’m going to your concert on April 22 in NYC and I would LOVE it if you played Doris Day!!

  24. Franky says:

    Isn’t that nice, huh? Good for him…

  25. Alex says:

    I have always loved Andrew’s music and think it is amazing that he is using his voice to give back.

    Is it difficult for you to play some of the songs on tour that focus on your emotional battle with leukemia, like Caves?

  26. Evangeline says:

    Hi Andrew!

    I’m a HUGE fan of Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate. Your music and lyrics are amazing & you’re ridiculously talented. Thanks for being such an inspiration to so many people!

    My question is are you going to do a reunion tour or put out any music with Something Corporate in the near future? That would be awesome! Thanks =]

  27. Bailey says:

    Andrew I love your music! and definitely your tattoos… can you explain what they mean???

  28. Dawn says:

    I was gonna go to the constitution hall concert in DC but you cancelled bc of the whole thing with the fray! it’s ok… the fray’s cool and im going to the merriweather to see you guys!
    Will you ever come to the places that you missed from your farther from earth tour? And what about that “fan appreciation” thing you mentioned for the ticket-buyers in your e-mail about the cancellations?

  29. Rob says:

    Hey Andrew, your music is awesome and really helps me get through when I have bad days. I was just wondering, is there still a chance of a Something Corporate reunion tour? Also what’s your favorite song that you’ve ever wrote? Thanks!

  30. Holly Max says:

    Hi Andreww!!!
    I made a video, but i’m not sure if you’ll be able to see it or not, i was wondering if you plan on recording Katie, Dear Jack, or Dark Blue with the new intro?
    You have been one of the biggest inspirations in my life, and I appreciate you sharing your incredibly spectacular music!
    You are such an amazing hero, thank you soooo much for all you do!

    See you in Austin,TX May 10th!

    -Holly Max

  31. Tito says:

    As a Leukemia / Lymphona Society’s Team In Training participant, I thank you for your great attitude, your contribution to the Society and to cancer research. I have done a few events (Triathlons, Marathons, Century Rides) and fundraised for the Research. Keep up the good work. We’ll keep fighting blood cancer.

  32. Rachel says:

    I have met Andrew a couple of times…he is the kindest person. I have been following his music for years. I was heart broken when I found out he had cancer, but he is an amazing person and has become an inspiration to many. He will continue to be my favorite musician of all time!

  33. Ken Frazier says:

    To AJ

    Really…… doesn’t matter when or how this all came about ….only
    that it is being done…….I don’t know but I’ll bet you are a hypocrite …!

  34. andrew says:

    Call me a cynic, but people who raise awareness after they or someone close to them are affected by it does not qualify as someone who rocks. People who are raising awareness and is not even affected by the disease are the people that truly rock.

  35. Chris says:

    @ AJ

    Andrew McMahon would NOT have been some stuck up rich and wreckless rock star if he hadn’t got sick. He is an amazing person and makes amazing music. He may not have been the head of a cancer research organization, buthe wouldn’t have wasted away his talent by being wreckless. Some of those questions you posed were out of line in my opinion. He may or may not have created/donated to charity if he hadn’t got sick, but I think you should praise him for what he does now. Life is an experience and we base our decisions on what we experience in our lives. Currently he is at a place to be able to do something great for something he is interested in and devoted to.

    Continue making amazing music Andrew….and how about a SOCO reunion tour sometime;)

  36. Gabbie Rotella says:

    Dear Andrew,

    I have listened to jack’s mannequin since the first album came out. I was shocked when last year I found you were battling cancer. I would have never guessed. You always seem to have so much life, and always come off positive! I’m so proud to say I’m a fan of you and your band. You’ve inspired millions of people, and I’m sure you’ll inspire millions more. Stay strong.


  37. Kris says:

    Andrew is incredibly talented, dedicated to his charity work and also to his fans. I saw his band Something Corporate perform a few years ago at a college and the school cut their set short due to lack of time and poor planning on their part. To make it up to the fans he stayed after the show and met every single fan that wanted to talk to him after. He must have stayed an extra hour or two for that. He was so friendly and genuine, definitely one of the nicest “famous people” I’ve ever met, and took the time to take pictures and talk with each person. I’m happy to see he’s doing well and doing good in the world! I wish him all the best.

  38. Josh (Wisconsin) says:

    I have been a Something Corporate/Jack’s fan for 9 years. It is so amazing to see this kind of exposure for Andrew. I have seen over 13 shows and have tics to a few more this year. Andrew deserves everything he gets. And if you have nenver been to a show GO-it will be one of the best shows you will ever see…I promise

  39. Adam says:

    Andrew is incredibly talented and has many years of good music and ideas left in him. I applaud his research efforts and look forward to seeing JM on April 10

  40. Samantha says:

    Am soooo happy to see Jack’s Mannequin, and specifically Andrew McMahon getting the recognition they have deserved for so long.

    First, just in case he’s reading these, let me say Thank You! to Andrew. My now seventeen year old daughter and I both connected with the “Everything In Transit” album when it came out and as a result, connected with each other in a new and amazingly fun and truly blessed way. (she had been a fan of something corporate, but I was new to the scene).

    He is so talented and his musical is so actually musical that I was captivated by it. Then add the insightful and illustrative lyrics to that and it’s the total package.

    Jack’s Mannequin played at the Memphis in May music festival in 2006 and she and I went together, along with some of her other friends. I felt like a teenager again myself (am only 39, so wasn’t actually so long ago) and she and I shared an incredible experience and made an incredible, non-forgettable memory together. Our relationship since then has been much closer and Andrew’s music has a lot to do with that. And yes, Andrew, we both screamed out the “dirty” word in “Holiday from Real” together, gleefully, and laughed about it so much later on.

    This time around, he’s coming back to Memphis this May and I’m going to see him with my other daughter, now 13. She loves his newest album and I’ll be given yet another opportunity to connect and make more memories.

    Thank you Andrew, for the joy that you’ve brought to me and my daughters and the hope that I know you’ll offer to so many people through your foundation.

    Can’t wait to see you in May!!

  41. Jim in Nashville says:

    What a great young man! My wife has been diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer and is about to start chemo. She’ll be inspired by this story.

  42. ramelle says:

    he is such an amazing human being, and a talented musician. i’ve been following him since the beginning of something corporate. this really is a positive message for people to read.

  43. Robby Z says:

    Andrew is such an amazing person. He is INCREDIBLY talented and such an inspiration to so many. I am in love with everything he makes. I really want to see him play!

  44. David White says:

    It’s interesting how our lives can change so quickly, without warning. We take for granted our health and well-being as almost a right, instead of remembering it is a gift. When we are (sometimes abruptly) reminded of our frailty, we take more stock in time. Time it is said is like a coin, and how we spend it determines our values. Until a motivating event enters into our lives that changes our values, we are not (by nature) philanthropic individuals behaving in such a way as to treat every breath as potentially our last. Andrew, you were awakened by the wind, and have generously and lovingly adjusted your sails.
    God bless you and your family.

  45. Patricia Peters says:

    I too am a cancer survivor, and I wholeheartedly agree that a positive attitude is a ‘must’ if a cancer patient is to even come close to winning the battle.

    I was diagnosed in October of 2007 and still going strong. I am still on Chemo, but tolerating it well and feeling great.

    Andrew, keep up the good work and Kudos to you and your family.

  46. Cheryl says:

    What a great idea.
    Jack’s Mannequin is one of my favorite groups. I have been listening for years (I loved Something Corporate). So glad you can keep going and putting out great music.

  47. Julie says:

    met him. love him. truly inspirational.

  48. Tommy says:

    Andrew’s music got me through a divorce and changing times in my life. Even though I’m old enough to be his father, his music is still appealing to us “old folks”.

  49. Doug Fieger says:

    As a fellow musician who also has cancer, all I can say is “keep rockin’ ” !
    Doug Fieger

  50. Mina says:

    Amazing voice. Amazing person.
    Andrew is really a great person to look up to.

  51. Bhuwan Thapaliya says:

    Dear Andrew…..Keep up the great work you are doing my brother….cheers…love n luck….BHUWAN!!

  52. Derek says:

    I heard Andrew has a shoe, where the proceeds go to the Dear Jack Foundation, coming out with Macbeth Footwear. I know they have done shoes in the past to benefit cancer research.

  53. Regina Nagle says:

    My husbands brother had Leukemia at 16 and passed away. My middle son who is healthy and never knew his uncle is doing a campaine starting July 6, 2009 to ride 48 states in 48 days with a goal to raise 48 k for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.Reference

  54. Nowa says:

    To AJ…

    You are way out of line and your post doesnt belong on this message board. Seriously, you need to grow up. As a follower of Andrew’s music for the last 10 years, I can tell you he has always been a stand up guy and great to his fans.. Andrew has always shown appreciation for his fans and to question his motives and place him in a stereotype with probably 10% of the indie music scene is just stupid. Some of your questions are just childish.. little regard for non-whites, less priviledged.. Give me a break! First of all, Indie musicians tend to have the most regard for all types of people because they themselves are doing something independent.. There is no valid reasoning or facts to back up your ridiculous statements. Second, less priveledged?? Are you kidding me?? Most indie bands are struggling just to get to their next gig or barely have enough money to live normally.. Andrew is finally just breaking into the main stream now with Jack’s but before that it was his band Something Corporate who had one major label release if that.. Also, you sound like a fool calling Andrew out, asking if he wouldve done all this if he had not had cancer. People do what they do and are motivated by what effects themselves and people in their in their lives. You should just appreciate that someone in his position is giving back and stepping up to the plate… CONGRATS AJ TO ONE OF THE MOST IDIOTIC POSTS IN MESSAGE BOARD HISTORY.

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  56. Nancy says:

    Andrew’s an amazing musician but most importantly an incredible human being. He’s what his peers aspire to be. His strength is awesome.

  57. Carmen says:

    Hey what happened to his mustache??

  58. Sarah says:

    My best friend and I have followed Andrew’s music and career for roughly 8 years now and he has touched both of our lives in such an amazing way. He is one of the most inspirational people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, through both his music and his personal struggles. We’ve always felt weirdly connected to him and when we first heard about his leukemia diagnosis, we were torn apart and terrified. Until we actually saw him in person following his remission and could SEE that he was healthy and well, he was always in our worrisome thoughts. We were even inspired to get matching tattoos representing lyrics to a favorite SoCo song in support of his fight. I am so proud of all that he has accomplished and the efforts he has made to give back and fight for awareness and a cure and I look forward to all that he has to offer this world in the future!

  59. Briana Chernak says:

    Andrew is an inspiration to all. His voice is absolutely astonishing. Something Corporate is beyond amazing. And Jack’s Mannequin keeps getting better. Andrew surely never disappoints. But aside from his celebrity status that is on the rise, he is still a normal guy which is why all of his fans love him so much. What he does for cancer foundations and other foundations is just incredible. I can not wait till Dear Jack comes out. This man is the most talented person whom I have ever seen. Andrew, you never fail to disappoint! I love you!
    Oh and it also helps that he is totally hot.

  60. Briana says:

    Andrew is an inspiration to all. His voice is absolutely astonishing. Something Corporate is beyond amazing. And Jack’s Mannequin keeps getting better. Andrew surely never disappoints. But aside from his celebrity status that is on the rise, he is still a normal guy which is why all of his fans love him so much. What he does for cancer foundations and other foundations is just incredible. I can not wait till Dear Jack comes out. This man is the most talented person whom I have ever seen. Andrew, you never fail to disappoint! I love you!
    Oh and it also helps that he is totally hot.

  61. michelle says:

    I just stumbled across this site, never heard of the guy or music. I have a 14 yr. old with ALL and I think what this guy is doing is fantastic. We need a celebrity to be our children’s voices to help find a cure for this disease.
    Our government doesn’t think that childhood cancer is important enough to fund like lung cancer(which has a lower death rate than childhood cancer), or breast cancer or any other cancer for that matter.
    We get very little funding.
    It’s just heartbreaking. Thank you Andrew for taking your illness and doing something good with it.
    My son is an Andrew also, right now he doesn’t like to talk about his illness(just diagnosed 2 days before Christmas) But, someday I hope he will want to help others and be an inspiration like it seems this Andrew is doing.

    I am going out tomorrow and find his music and buy it for my son. Inspriation therapy……..

  62. Bren says:

    andrew you are such an inspiration. i’ve listened to your music for over two years now and youve been my favorite band since i heard you. your a great person too and i really hope i can meet you one day because you rockkk. keep up the amazing work andrew! thanks for inspiring.

  63. kim says:

    I recently had the honor and privilege of listening to Andrew perform in a very intimate setting and a “meet-and-greet” afterward. Andrew was truly amazing and so incredibly talented, you have no idea. His performance was strictly on keyboard with no backup band, synthesizers, etc. – it was absolutely amazing! Meeting him afterward was also a treat. He is so kind and polite. This guy has it going on. I wish him all the success in the world with his career.

  64. Irene says:

    I listened to Jack’s Mannequin about 2 years ago. When I just got into indie music, Jack’s Mannequin was my top 5 bands and Something Corporate was plain awesome. I had no idea about Andrew’s cancer. A great musician battling such illness. I feel privileged and inspired by Andrew for going through such distress of cancer and now giving back to society by making a foundation called “Dear Jack Foundation”. I’m proud of Andrew and all his efforts in his music and going through cancer. Andrew’s an encouragement to all and I hope he has influenced everyone like myself to keep doing what you want even if you have to battle cancer.

  65. jo says:

    the more you give , the more you get.
    awesome story, carry on 🙂

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