Zach Bonner

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caption=”Zach Bonner, 11, is walking to the White House to raise awareness of homless children in the U.S.”]

It all started during Hurricane Charlie. Zach Bonner, then just 6 years old, took his little red wagon door to door in his neighborhood to collect clean water for the victims. After four months, Zach had collected 27 truck loads of supplies.

“Some boys like football or baseball, Zach likes doing charity work,” his mom says. He liked it so much by the time hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit, Zach’s family needed to set up a foundation because of the amount of monetary donations he was taking in. They named it Little Red Wagon Foundation, after the moniker he received around town during Charlie.

His latest mission doesn’t include the wagon, just his feet, and a 1,225-mile journey of the “My House to the White House” project. This is the last walk he is doing to raise money and awareness for the 1.3 million homeless kids in the United States. The money is going to setting up apartments for them. “It’s really hard not to help. Once you’ve met them and heard their stories, it’s hard not to want to help,” Zach, now 11, tells us.

Update: Watch the Live interview

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32 Responses to Zach Bonner

  1. World Travelar says:

    Hay, great job Zach, i hope all your hard work really goes to people that need it. It has been my experiance that not to often the people that really need help get nothing.

    I never seemed to qualify for any help, not poor enough, not smart or dumb enough, wrong color of skin, wrong gender, wrong everything.

  2. Don Richardson says:

    I have question for Zach. What do you want to do when you are out of school? Do you want a career in public service or charity work? Keep up the great work, you remind me of my son. He is 8 years old and is always thinking of others.

  3. Marine says:

    It give me hope for humanity to see great qualities are still out there. We should all try to emulate this young hero. Keep up the good work, Zach.

    We do our part. Have you done yours today? I hope this inspires you to go do something to help those in need. Dont let this end with a small boy.

  4. eric says:

    your an amazing child…. keep going kid! you will be an amazing man if you keep doing this.

  5. Greg says:

    Great job Zach..

    I teach kids the same age in a middle school in NY. Im sharing your story with them. I really hope your hardwork and compassion will resonate in some of them. Thank you for your hard work and great leadership.

  6. Mrs. Weber's Current Event's Class says:

    We have 2 questions for Zach:
    1-Do you ever get overwhelmed by all the work you do at such a young age?

    2-Did you expect so many people to be willing to help with your charities?

    Thanks and good luck on the walk!

  7. Hotel Hell says:

    Hay, great job Zach, i hope all your hard work really goes to people that need it. It has been my experiance that not to often the people that really need help get nothing.

    I never seemed to qualify for any help, not poor enough, not smart or dumb enough, wrong color of skin, wrong gender, wrong everything

    you are white, male, high school drop out, and live in america u dont qualify for any thing ure.

  8. Christine Evans says:

    great job zach, but i’d love to know where he’s walking from…you only tell us how far his journey is going to be…

  9. irocksm says:

    are you seriously going to waste your time walking to the white house?

  10. Marty says:

    How long would it take to walk that far I wonder?

  11. wonderful!!!! says:

    I love to give as you do! I was taught as a young girl to always share, now it is my life’s work. I know that people get the resouces when you track it properly. I praise God for these type of children. I teach and I know from experience that children have a love and desire to help and give. I pray that you will reach your goals and shatter all expectations. I am sending my contribution to your efforts. May God bless and protect you as you walk from your house to the White House. It is amazing what one person can do to make a difference.

  12. D.W says:


  13. terry stimens says:

    Hi zac hows it going your a good kid keep up the good work your doing a good thing.

  14. Fatima Juwara says:

    i always want to do as you do ! To help my fellow its very sad to some homeless. Great Job Zach and i hope all your good job goes to those in needed of it . Thanks and i wish u good luck.Please Help him

  15. Fatima Juwara says:

    Thank U Zack!

  16. Lou says:

    Very cool and original idea Zach. I was wondering if this is the furthest distance a kid under 12 has ever walked to raise awareness for a charity?
    Do you plan on doing more walks?

  17. Marissa Hesselgrave says:

    I think what Zach is doing is just Soooooo generous and shows how much power even kids can have if they try hard to help people who need it!!!! 🙂

  18. Unc B & Aunt P says:

    Hey Zach, Great interview! Your a naturl!
    Don’t listen to any of those critivcs ther’re just hypocrits.
    Hope everything is going well.
    Keep on Truckin’

  19. Maddie says:

    Zach, wow! for suck a young boy you have really inspired many people to do such good things. Keep up the good work, I’ll keep you in my prayers. Stay true to your heart.

  20. Helder says:

    Your an amazing child…
    I hope that you will reach your goals and shatter all expectations.

  21. Tammen says:

    Great job, Zach. Good luck on the walk.

    If you, or anyone out there, is in the D.C. area July 31 to August 2, you should come check out the Street Soccer USA Cup. Teams of homeless men, women, and youths from across the country will be competing in our annual street soccer tournament.

    Admission is free, and you can check us out on the web at :

    Hopefully see you in July!

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  23. Philanthropy Project says:

    Follow Zach Bonner’s walk though our exclusive reality series:

    Philanthropy Project, the AOL News philanthropy hub, will follow Zach every step of the way. While you’re there, check out our one-of-a-kind “GlowMeter” and find out just how philanthropic you are.

  24. savannah says:

    i think it is so awesome that you do this for people in need!! keep up the great work!

  25. Leah says:


    You are truly a great person. I can’t believe how many homes you are providing for the homeless. Wow. Keep up the good work!


  26. R Smithers says:

    I am a little disappointed with CNN over this story. I initially thought oh cool, but then I went and looked up this walk and found the website and journal written by the kid. It was all about the donated food, RV and new car he and his family have gotten. Anything for the homeless someone else paid for. Why not let some of the homeless kids walk to promote their needs and let them get the free cars, RV to sleep in and free meals? I looked at all of his stuff and it seemed like he and his mom and sister are getting a lot more out of this than the homeless kids are. I also searched for papers on their non-profit and found the tax ID number, but could not find any copies of the filings for each year. When I called the IRS, they told me if you make under $20,000 in the year, you do not have to file. Wouldn’t a car donation be valued at more than that?

  27. J beckmann says:

    I’m 60, guess I have nothing to say!

  28. caroline says:

    he came into zaxbys in asheboro nc where i work and ate with his mom and sister im glad he made it ti washington safe he was a nice kid

  29. Jackie says:

    Amazing story! So young and achieving big things! 🙂

  30. Larry Touchon Homes LLC says:

    Nice going guy.
    Ross Perot , said one time, “If people would get off their butt and go to work, we can change the world.” You have done that. Thanks.Larry T

    My project is to build homes for the homeless. I call them ,”Little Green Homes” @ INC. A little green home is better than an apartment. In an apartment, they have to pay rent that they can not afford. Build them a home and give it to the homeless person.

    One of these days we can get together and solve the world’s homeless problem. Home, work, income and helping the needed kids. I love what you are doing and keep it up. Larry Touchon Amarillo, TX

  31. Larry Touchon Homes LLC says:

    Nice going Zack!
    You are a top banana.
    Larry T

  32. Andrea says:

    things like this make my day. im 18 and i want to help like this guy does! one day i will. good job!!

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