Elena Hight

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2009/images/05/10/art.snowboard.jpg

caption=”Elena Hight, 19, is an Olympic snowboarder.”]
I didn’t know what a “backside 900” was before I started reading about how Elena Hight became the first female to land one in the 2007 Winter X-Games. Apparently, it’s trick where a snowboarder rotates 2½ times in the air with their back facing down the mountain. It’s probably one of the most difficult things in the sport, but when I saw Elena do it, it looked easy, like she was dancing or something.

Elena grew up in Hawaii, far away from any semblance of snow, much less a snowboard. When her family moved to Idaho, her dad got her one of the first snowboards for kids when she was 6 years old. She was one of the only girls doing it, but she was hooked.

“Making a career out of it is fairly recent thing,” Elena says of a sport that’s been around since the ’70s. Elena has done it though, with big-name sponsors and competing as the youngest member in her event in the 2006 Winter Olympics. As she looks to new, well, heights, she knows more people are watching the sport. “It’s a much bigger deal. A lot more pressure. But, I’ll be ready.”

Update: Watch the CNN.com Live interview

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5 Responses to Elena Hight

  1. glenn healy says:

    Around here (ontario) I’ve almost been seeing more girls than guys boarding the past couple seasons. Soon I think you’ll see a lot more girls competing with the boys. Girls now don’t have the mindset that they “can’t”.

    I also run a hockey training camp with a lot of kids and the number of girls signing up in the most recent ones was through the roof.

  2. myra hight says:

    I thought you guys would be happy to read this.

  3. Kirby Kiefer says:

    Yeah Girl!

  4. Meredith Hall says:

    Jordan is just as, if not more, amazing as she seems. The Lord is going to do great things through her as she continues to be a light in this world. Her passion for helping others is something we should all strive to have.

  5. Gary Hendricks says:

    I was young once. Young people get OLD to. Young is OVERRATED !

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