Jordan Foxworthy

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caption=”Jordan Foxworthy, 17, started the Bite Back campaign.”]
Her dad is the funny man, but Jordan Foxworthy is dealing with some serious issues. Jordan’s trip to Kenya when she was 14 years old inspired her to do what she could as a teen to fight malaria halfway across the world. After a trip to Kibera, Jordan teamed up with Compassion International to develop the Bite Back Campaign, an initiative that raises money and awareness for the disease.

Jordan, now 17, has raised $500,000 for the cause. She’s used Facebook and other social networking tools to challenge teens to donate $10 to purchase a mosquito net. Jordan encourages her peers “bite back” against the bug that kills more African children than HIV/AIDS.

On her famous father, Jeff Foxworthy, Jordan says, “He totally supports me and what I do with bite back but he doesn’t try to take over. He lets it be my thing.”

Update: Watch the Live interview

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27 Responses to Jordan Foxworthy

  1. Susan Harris says:

    I think Jordan Foxworthy should commended. I also believe that Jeff and his wife should also be commended. Good parents get the slap on the back they deserve. So rock on

  2. Sarah says:

    As a teen activist myself, i know there are issues you can run into as far as the sincerity with which people will take your cause; have you run into difficulties because of your age?

  3. Grace says:

    There’s been some discussion recently about Christian Children’s Fund removing the word Christian from their name. Is Compassion really a Christian organization? They have a statement of faith on their site at but was just wondering if it’s for real.

  4. Paul de Souza says:

    What a God send
    Great Job! Very inspiring!

    Keep biting back

  5. Banner Hero says:

    Hi friends:

    Is really sad to have Malaria cases when the world has one heal to this illness, the richest countries must spend less in war an invest more in health.

    Banner Hero

    Good Luck!

  6. Kate says:

    Grace: Yes, Compassion is a Christian Organization. Everything Compassion does is in the name of Jesus Christ and Jesus’ command to take care of the widows and orphans and people burdened by poverty. Their statement of faith is also completely genuine. Check out and for more…

  7. E.M.S says:

    Hey, that is such a loving story and BTW I LOVE your dad! He is so funny!
    xoxoxo -EMILY

  8. Scruphy says:

    I know what Jordan is doing is amazing because a ton of people die in Africa because of Malaria and AIDs.

    You rock Jordan

  9. Leah says:

    Wow. I wish I could go to Africa. I really want to help them. My friends family supports a child in Africa. This is really great! Keep doing what you are doing and keep biting back!

  10. Taco Taylor says:

    I think its great what your doing. Keep up the great work!

    Taco Taylor

  11. oilivia says:

    hi i think what your doing is very good i have learned alot about malaria and i really want to do something like you when im older .i am also a big fan of your dad i hwish u best luck with you future.

  12. Bill nye the science guy says:

    It is so nice that you care about Africa giving bed nets is a great way to make a diffrence maybe you should check out this great website they get over 100 nets a day! Good work!

  13. Mr. Mcmoron says:

    is she jeff foxwothy’s daughter

  14. Mary Jang says:

    Today,many people do not want to help others who are in need. Most of the people today, only think of themselves. Maybe, I will be one of them, too. It’s a very shy thing. Jordon-Foxworthy, she showed us what should we have to do and made us to think about us. Helping others is a very important to our lives,and she told us that true. We must take care of others sometimes, not only care about me. Sometimes, it is good to turn back to my past and examine myself.

  15. Mary Jang says:

    Dear Jordan-Foxworthy.
    Keep doing things what you did and do your best. Maybe sometime, you will save many children and they will feel very thankful to you. You did very good job. I am very happy to read your story.

  16. Julie Lee says:

    Hi I’m Julie.
    She is so nice because that Jordan-Foxworthy is care about Africa bed nets. Many of the people is not care about Africans, They just do their work. BUT she is cared about Africans. She has kind mind. I think she is very good. Jordan-Foxworthy, Keep up the great work!! I will see you everyday!!

    by Julie Lee

  17. mark yang says:

    my opinion is i’ll do only give a money, i’ll go to the kenya or kibera and helps people, but, idon’t have a medical knowledge, but, they happy for speaking fraind and help they. so, she choice is not very good, but, her’s nature is very nice.

  18. Julia Kim says:

    It is very good~~`

  19. Julie Lee says:

    I will promise I will see you.
    You are very kind.
    It is good for our earth.
    Good luck with you!!

  20. Ralph Sabio says:

    I think it is wonderful that such a young and mature girl has accomplished so much is such a little time. I wish her the best in her future endeavors.

  21. James says:

    Jordan is great girl. If we send only $10, African children can prevent the malaria. If we have a little bit more attention, they can live happy life.
    Jordan, good luck!

  22. jiwoo lim says:

    I think she’s so great and she did a very good thing. I never thought before to help African or North Korea and the others who need help.
    Also, my mom told me that you can do it too, so I’m gonna try helping who need a help around me. I want to see her and going with her and learn more particular. The last big thing I learned from her is when we give help to someone, it doesn;t matter who it is.

  23. Rily says:

    It is so beautiful happen to me and everyone.I feel impression this issue and so sad…Because malaria is so bad to people. I want recovery health and have a smile..Relly i want………
    And then, feel the good for this story.

  24. Lisa Park says:

    In my view, Jordan has courage.
    Because, This work is hard and some dangerous.
    I want, many people know her honorable work.
    And, I want they help the other people, too,
    A any rate, Jordan did trying, good!

  25. Marie Kim says:

    I like you Jordan~!!!!!
    See you soon~!^^

  26. Lily kim says:

    I think it is so good for many people. Also, people think different ways each other. But, i think this is great happen. I’m same mind to Jordan.
    Really, i want protect the many children. I’m 14 years old and i’m very healthy. But African children are different. So i’m so sad and i’m help them together. The fast, African children have a big smile. I wish you!

  27. Michael Yieary says:

    I think what Jordan is doing is simply splendid!

    Keep up the good work, Jordan.

    Take care and good luck,

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