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caption=”Josh Shipp, 28, dishes out ‘advice with attitude’ to teens.”]
Our generation doesn’t have a “Dear Abby,” but we do have a “Hey, Josh.” Josh Shipp offers up “advice with attitude” to Generation Y. He says he reaches the audience too old for “Bob the Builder” and too young for Oprah and Dr. Phil.

In his 28 years, Josh has collected a lot of adventures to draw on for advice. He grew up as a foster kid, dealing with suicidal thoughts, abuse and general teenage angst. He got in trouble in class one day for talking. “When you make your friends laugh they’re listening to you. Now, what will you say to them?” Josh remembers his teacher saying to him. “It really struck a nerve with me,” he says.

Josh reached that captive peer audience with a Web site that generated 100,000 emails in the first year. He has written an advice column in CosmoGirl and slings advice on MTV’s TRL. “I want kids to know that it’s not about your past but it’s about your future. Past challenges don’t matter. Those things are part of your story but not your whole story. Life is about attitude and choices,” Josh says of the underlying message to all of his advice.

Update: Watch the Live interview

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48 Responses to Josh Shipp

  1. Courtney Russell says:

    Was there a defining moment in your life when you knew you wanted to influence teens?

  2. Dalton Gore says:

    Hey, Josh, Where does your information come from?

  3. Dalton Kock says:

    Who Is your Major Inspiration? Who Drives you To come up with new things to say and New ways to inspire young people?

  4. Alma says:

    Hey Josh, I am having a really hard time right now. I have no self-esteem after I was dumped by the man I am madly in love with who claims he just stopped loving me and a whole lot of other stuff. I am also watching my grandma slowly and painfully die while it may be weeks until she actually goes to heaven. I can’t handle or deal with my life right now and I truly need professional help…I feel like it would be unfair to rely on my friends for every need or problem. The problem is I don’t know how to tell or ask my parents about it because it’s embarrassing and I know they would help and be there for me but I just can’t talk to them about everything? How do I talk to them??
    Counting on you,
    Trying to find help (and hope)

  5. Andrew Gentry says:

    why do you care about teens so much it motivated you to motivate teens?

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  7. Dee Thompson says:

    Josh is an amazing young man. My teens LOVE watching him. I have watched dozens of his videos, and I agree with all his advice – and I am 46! He ROCKS!

  8. James Obright says:

    When does your TV show come out josh!????

  9. Justin says:

    Great Work Josh! I will gladly watch… you do rock.

  10. DK says:

    Josh is a great guy and we featured him in a 10 minute podcast here:


  11. Chelsea Steadle says:

    What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do in your life, and what great lesson have you taken from it that helped make you who you are today?

  12. Simon Fayad says:

    All adults say they were kids and teenagers once and they understand whats going on with us. But they don’t. How is it that you actually do know what teens go through?

  13. Rayne says:

    i like this 7th grader. but i have a problem. i cant get within 5 feet of him!! i’ve only talked to him once (saying sorry for hitting him in the head with a beach ball on accident) and i cant talk to him. im about to the point where im just going to have my friend sit by him on the bus and just say “just talk to my friend Rayne already!! she really likes you but is scared to talk to you just cause your older than her!!”
    should I?

    Rayne Taylor

  14. kyle young says:

    Hey Josh

    Heard you were shooting a pilot or something for an upcoming TV show…is that true…would be awesome…what’s it about? what channel will it be on?

    If you’re in it, I’m sure it’ll be awesome funny.


  15. Rhonda says:

    Do you ever doubt yourself when giving a piece of advice, or are you ever unsure of what to say? How do you deal with those types of issues?

  16. gm says:

    hi josh well i had commented on you on your site and you did not get back to me i think… well my problem is that im bi, and my parents are so so so close minded what do i do??

  17. Kristin Johnson says:

    How did you know you wanted to be a motivational speaker? One more question, How did you become such a famous motivational speaker?

  18. Matias says:

    Nicole, I certainly doubt any of these guys rocks, but I am pretty sure you do !!!!!!!!!!! Best regards from Brazil,

  19. Kim says:

    What were you planning to do before you stumbled upon your motivational speaking skills?

  20. MJ says:

    You’re only 28 years old. Young. Still not very experienced. What possibly qualifies you to dispense advise, apart from the fact you’ve managed to get the media to notice you?

  21. 1eyedmonkee says:

    hey josh – why did you leave your running shoes in my guest room / office?

  22. Mona Frye says:

    Good job Josh – whew! That was fast! You need your own TV show.
    Seriously – you have a great message, and fresh approach to the situations we’re dealing with these days.
    I am very proud of you, and support you 100%.

    A friend in Vermont –
    Mona, Springfield Prevention Coalition

  23. Kaleb Rhoades says:

    Josh is really an amazing guy! He came to a teen conference that I attended, and it was the BEST speaker I have ever had. Kids usually tend to fall asleep during presentations, but Josh made it fun, because he made us all stand up and play Simon Says, but it wasn’t only that, it was just that way that he communicated.

  24. Shali Bashirian says:

    I had the privilege of hearing you speak last summer at the People to People leadership program in Boston, and you spoke of your troubled past so freely. What enabled your confidence to share such personal and private memories?

  25. Bob the Builder says:

    they are NOT to old for Bob the Builder

  26. E.M.S says:

    Hey Mr. Shipp. I am a tween and I do not think I need advice about attitude. I mean I have a great attitude towards most things and when I do have attitude it is just part of me!

    So thanks for the advice but I do not need it.

  27. J says:

    Your last name sounds funny and you are in creadidel and I love your blog it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Bob the Builder says:

    they should watch Dr.Phil

  29. Katie says:

    A Josh Shipp we do not need advie about at attitude thank you very much and by the way you suck.

  30. J says:

    It says increadible

  31. Peyton says:

    It is good you are helping teens!

  32. E.M.S says:

    Sorry to be so mean before but that is just how I feel and I hope no one judges me by that piece of info.

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox 😀 😦 🙂

  33. mystery person says:

    Hey! I like what your doing.

  34. ZeldaSuperstar says:


  35. Leah says:


    You do such great things. You are a great example for teens!

  36. Emily says:

    wow Josh you are so dedicated you are my hero You rock you are so awsome I really look up to you I mean how many kids in this world have a good attitude! 😀

  37. PEYTON says:

    Way to go Josh!(:


  38. PEYTON says:

    Way to go Josh! 🙂

  39. PEYTON says:

    Great Job Josh(:

  40. PEYTON says:

    Great Job Josh!!! 🙂

  41. PEYTON says:

    Great job Josh 🙂

  42. kayla says:

    hey josh,
    listen i think you are a great person [[seeing by what the things you have done]] you have influenced so many teens to do the right things and keep trying their hardest in life…i think you rock for that! nice job!


  43. Ryan says:


    I would like to apologize personally for the negative comments posted on June 22. I teach a difference-making class to a group of 5th and 6th graders. The majority of my class understands the positive influences people like you are making in this world, but there are a few who’s maturity falls way short. Thank you for making a difference!

  44. John says:

    Josh Shipp is my hero! I can’t wait for your TV Show Jump Shipp!!!

  45. Zen Girl says:

    Josh Shipp is my hero! He is the only person who I’ve seen that doesn’t speak down to my generation. But talks in a way that is so compelling you can’t help but listen to what he has to say.

  46. Brenda Paredes says:

    That was awesome!!!! Reading these stories prove that young people can make a difference in the lives of others. I hope to do the same in the near future. I plan on working with children who come from broken homes, if god gives me the opportunity. Congrats to those who are making a difference and to those who will be in the near future.

  47. Shirley Cress Dudley, MA LPC says:

    Hey Josh,
    What is your opinion on how teenagers feel about blended and step families?

    Have you talked with any teens who have successful experiences in their newly blended families?

    Shirley Cress Dudley
    Blended and Step Family Coach

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