Kyle Taylor

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caption=”Kyle Taylor swam the English Channel to raise money for a disabled runner.”]
Like a lot of little boys, Kyle Taylor loved to swim. He was an avid swimmer until he blew out his shoulders during his first year of college. Once he started grad school in London, Kyle wanted to take up swimming again, slowly. But the “take it easy” approach lasted only until he met a boy named Harvey Perry.

Harvey was also trying to use athletics to overcome adversity, having had lost both of his legs to meningitis, he wanted to get running prosthetic legs. Even though Kyle was in pain, he pushed himself to swim the English Channel to raise money for Harvey. He trained day and night, finally swimming the the length of the coast (due to weather concerns) and raising $10,000 for Harvey to get his legs.

Kyle’s advice to other young people: “Identify what you love to do and what problems there are in your community. Try to link what you love with solving one of those problems. Stop waiting for someone else to do it. No one is coming.”

Update: Watch the Live interview

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11 Responses to Kyle Taylor

  1. Jeff says:

    Kyle, good work, man. You have a big heart, mind and spirit. You have done something very special for a deserving person, and you have inspired me and I’m sure, other people as well.

  2. Cyrus says:

    Kyle, I’m very proud of you and your accomplishments. Keep it up. Lets catch-up next time you are in LA.

  3. Brad says:

    Kyle, you did something amazing. I hope other people are inspired by your accomplishment. What was the biggest problem you had to deal while preparing for your swim?

  4. Joan Taylor says:

    Dear Kyle, we have watched you grow up, and you have been a true delight since you were born. Always thinking of other people who need your help. All the great things you did when you were a spokesperson for Youth Venture. So many countries, so many young people, so many children. At 25 you have had a life a person our age would be happy with.
    Off you go now on even more adventures. We will be watching, and waiting for you to come home. If only for a few weeks. Love as always Nana and Papa

  5. Mindyf says:

    Kyle what you did was so charitable and giving. Have you heard about the American Bible Society’s Bible challenge for kids? It’s perfect for others like you who want to do something charitable. The goal is to raise money for the U.S. military to have Bibles. Check out this website: for ideas on how to give back.

  6. veena thaker says:

    Fantastic job KYLE award winning performance best of luck for your life. God Bless you 🙂

  7. Bill Bartmann says:

    Cool site, love the info.

  8. George says:

    Being a swimmer my self i think that that is the most wonderfull thing that any one with the passion for the sport has done and i am really proud to know that you did it threw swimming.

  9. dig bands says:

    ,Kyle you are the inspiration for other. you proved strong determination can beat what behind you.

  10. jerrod says:

    training to give his friend a 2nd chance to walk again is amazing, it takes true dedication to accomplish a goal like that

  11. Patsy Shaw says:

    Kyle i whole heartedly appreciate ur generosity. With all ur short commings u still didn’t give up that’s the beauty ……….

    God Bless U ……. Good Luck

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