Stuart Holden

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caption=”Soccer superstar scores on and off the field- ask him how!”]

His teammates call him “the chameleon.” Stuart Holden, a member of the U.S. National Team in soccer, adapts to any of his surroundings. When he’s in Houston, he talks with a Texas accent. In his native Scotland, he speaks with a Scottish one.

But the nickname also tells you how he works on the field. His coaches say he “steps up” when needed. Last week, he stepped up to score the goal that tied the clincher between the U.S. and Haiti 2-2. Stuart is aiming for the Gold Cup, while playing for the Houston Dynamo. He was part of the U.S. Olympic team last summer and has his sights set on the World Cup.

Stuart was playing soccer before he could walk. Sports are in his blood- his father was a rugby coach, a soccer fan, and Stuart’s biggest supporter. Stuart’s dad passed away in the beginning of the year, but his words still motivate the 23-year-old. “My dad always told me that if you stay grounded and you work hard and keep doing the things that have helped you succeed in the past – you can’t go wrong.”

Update: Watch the Live interview

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6 Responses to Stuart Holden

  1. Brad Peart says:

    Stuart is a great soccer player AND a great person. CNN, you have chosen a great person for this feature!

  2. David says:

    How did it feel losing to Brasil in the finals of the Concaff World Cup?

  3. Evan says:

    Did you ever consider representing Scotland’s National Football team instead of playing for the United States?

  4. minisite says:

    You will be back on top again, the mini site formula

  5. Sam says:

    What does the name EL BATALLON mean to you and your teammates?

  6. Shannon says:

    congrats stu!!! bring home the cup!!! you know we love it when we beat mexico, dos a cero por favor!!!!

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